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(any pronouns) I’m 15 years old and uhhhh yeah I like music. i make mashups and i should be releasing a little b side thing soon. 1/6 of @boofbois

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@verypalehipster the surprise drop tonight is yo mama @txkyon i really don’t knowwhen’s trump gonna come out as a femboy @elliotaphrodite tatami galaxy, bebop, monogatari, violet evergarden???? this isn’t really a top four i just thou… @KateyTheRatGirl @elliotaphrodite do it now @BirdsInOurNests wow
@Emerald_mp3 me too it’s a 10/10 frfrSarah Bonito feature????????!!!!! @Emerald_mp3 amazing album imo @spvked oh you said send them lol my bad @spvked hioh try Genshin Impact tonight and see what the hype is about. know absolutely nothing about the game this should be fun hopefullyyea
@thekingoftimbs newest single was really good frfr @verypalehipster @artisntdeadyet listen to the album too it’s just as good as the covershe kinda like 😳😳😳 @verypalehipster these my favorites personally @DeckardTheGecko listened to the first 6 songs and stopped since bandcamp was being weird but i really like what i heard! @DeckardTheGecko listening in class lol @DeckardTheGecko sickkk. he really loves to make his albums long huh @DeckardTheGecko these 4. not any solo projects basically sure which one yetprobably gonna listen to another t e l e p a t h album sometime today hopefully haha @SiroxviAiste @KuraKuraBonito thank you!!!! @KuraKuraBonito yea same with mine haha @Dumbfish97 Do The Astral Plane by Flying Lotus be like @SiroxviAiste woah @Emerald_mp3 yeeeeeee. those are the ones i go back to the most @glaiv3 very weird to see some of the people she’s playing with haha @Emerald_mp3 probably 1. Fruitcake and Cookies 2. Chocolate Matter 3. Pro: Lov: Ad @Emerald_mp3 Sept’s my least favorite whoops @Emerald_mp3 it’s fuckin greatttt!!!! don’t know if i’ve already asked this or not but favorite tracks? @Emerald_mp3 @Emerald_mp3 yoooo me too let’s gooolet’s not lie this is one of Flying Lotus’s best songs
Two new records!!!!!!!! SO insanely pumped to officially announce this… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ K.G. AND… Live In Sa…
Retweeted by Sarah Willsit’s cool to see Corpse Husband get bigger i’ve known about him for a really long time (since somewhere around 2015… 😳 @txkyon *air @txkyon i can imagine myself listening to something from Phil Elverum or Mid Ait Thief if i was there @GeraldJA3 i like ichiko aoba @Emerald_mp3 the ichiko aoba album @JackBoris8 @verypalehipster don’t think he’s ever gonna change his pfp tbh @verypalehipster face reveal @allgroovybro i disagree but he does have some fuckin hits. 24K Magic such a good good songi’m becoming a stan it’s pretty cooli love you sufjan stevensWOAAHHHHHHH MY GOD THIS WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! the mixing on this album sounds so so good. i loved and am very excited… mixing on this albun oh my godfkfifidi listen wanna buy me a kiki’s delivery service kiki outfit for halloween even tho i’m not going anymore because gotta stay safe
i never make these actually look like me but yo it’s cute so who cares i’m fuckin cute huh @regular_takes nyaaaaaaa @ghsttwn i’m a bit of a phil elverum fan maybe possibly hes my favorite artist of all time maybe probably most likely maybeeverybody like this so i can make it in his video that would be funny i think it might be maybe not who knows just… @theneedledrop alright sure famous music critic anthony fantano Records presents 2R0I2P0, the brand new collaborative album from @Borisheavyrocks and @MerzbowOfficial! Wa…
Retweeted by Sarah Wills @GeraldJA3 it’s been off there for megoodnight @GeraldJA3 no actually ichiko aoba @GeraldJA3 phil elverum probablywhat the fuck
@txkyon @EndSpectrum WILL TOLEDO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄 @chimezieiii she’s adorable!!!!!!! @noellesucks i don’t usually have much money since i’m 15 but i try to when i get the chance hahajust watched jacksepticeye’s stream. was pretty fun. i’m feeling alright today. not really a eventful dayhow is everybody doing today? @blonded__ivy this been my wallpaper for a little bit now haha is prob one of the best sounding live albums i’ve heard haha @Emerald_mp3 good morning nvm but this video is really funny @Emerald_mp3 oh sick!!!! might listen in a bit not sure haha @Emerald_mp3 he’s probably just taking a break or something idk haha. i don’t really pay attention to what he does… @Emerald_mp3 i have a feeling the album could become one of my favorites of all time in the future. heard they’re r… @Emerald_mp3 oh yea International is sickkk. love the middle part of Pro: Lov: Ad too @Emerald_mp3 *perfectly @Emerald_mp3 would also like to say i love the cover art and it personally represents how the albums sounds hahah @Emerald_mp3 ah yea that makes sense. i just love crazy shit like that but the shoegazy parts are fuckin awesome to… songs a classic let’s not lie @Emerald_mp3 i wanna listen to their 2009 album soon @Emerald_mp3 shits crazzzyyy. finally got the whole album not too long ago and fuccckkk its really good. took me a… @MirrorKissesVA hiwhen the bass kick in this song i just fucjfurifurvevxyuccusjbwuwuebd @Emerald_mp3 one of my 10’s @Emerald_mp3 you’re welcome!!!! if you need anymore let me know hahathis fucjcinnhs song @GeraldJA3 lmaooooooGriselda album covers be like
Retweeted by Sarah Wills @Emerald_mp3 alright ima do more than one haha. like three lol The Glow, Pt.2 by The Microphones Slide by George Clanton qp by Ichiko Aoba @Emerald_mp3 didn’t like this album at first but it grew on me. sampling is really creative especially on the third track @Emerald_mp3 am i allowed to give album rec?