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Until he turned twelve, Nimrod was a shitty person. The kind of whiner that, if he wasn’t your best friend, you’d h…
There were lots of lies along the way in life. Lies without arms, lies that were ill, lies that did harm, lies that…
What is cancer, he thought to himself, if not a terrorist attack from above? What is it that God is doing, if not t…
2018 live is to suffer, to live is to sweat, to live is an ache you can’t fucking forget.Experience has taught me that there are some situations in which it's better to keep quiet. That is, I tried to kee… felt full of a dense and sour substance that was blocking his chest, and it wasn't grief. After all those years,…
After Ronit and I split up I swore I wouldn’t let anyone get close enough to hurt me like that, but then Abigail ca… as a very young man, I knew that my family is like a plant. Uproot it, and it will wilt. Pluck away at it, and…
To vanquish the emptiness, I have strategems. I listen to music for countless hours. The music fills not only me, b…
If we’d had a fight or something, maybe I’d have been more prepared, but we’d had a really great evening. The movie…
A beautiful girl—you know what, not even beautiful, just charming, an ordinary looking girl with an entrancing smil…
It began with a kiss. It almost always begins with a kiss.
If she knew herself and her feelings so well, I believe she would have chosen a more pragmatic hobby than writing.
I really do believe in certain objective values. I think that there is something in nature that we can never articu…
I want to tell him that I know exactly how he feels and that, if he doesn’t flatten himself like a pizza on the sidewalk, it’ll pass.
There are two kinds of people, those who like to sleep next to the wall, and those who like to sleep next to the pe… to Gur's theory of boredom, everything that happens in the world today is because of boredom: love, war,… are played. Nowadays it's all about the turtles. Tell them it's a ninja, they'll freak.
In the general scheme of things he couldn't find any meaning in life, but on a smaller scale it was okay. Not always, but a lot of the timeIf you want to learn how to be happy, you have to know what is sadness firstLife gives me good advice, but sometimes I refuse to take itDon't you go and dump reality on us like a garbage truck
We may be looking at thinner screens, but we’re still wearing the same old underpants.Asking someone to a movie can mean only one thing; it’s basically like saying, “I want you.”Sometimes I even manage to make her laugh. And when she laughs it does me good.
And it got me so excited that I woke up all wet, the way only a woman can.When he hiccupped, the whole house used to shake. “Don’t be a pig,” I’d tell him, and he’d laugh.It's amazing how people can sound like retards when they're talking to their girlfriend, especially if they really love her a lot.I don't need art to tell me people are assholes. I can just go into the streets.Hebrew was frozen, like frozen peas, fresh out of the bible.The one who swallows cactuses with spines should not complain about hemorrhoids.Life is one heck of an invention. It is better than the iPhone 4S and Coke Zero combined.My stories are very compact. I want them to say the most complex things in the simplest way.If you want to learn how to be happy, you have to know what is sadness first.Translators are like ninjas. If you notice them, they’re no good.