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I 2nd that, this shit ain’t that bad💀🤍
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Forget Disney plus, they need to have Cartoon Network plus
Retweeted by krisWhy does he sound exactly like him lol 😂
Retweeted by krisMfs in the Middle East cannot drive at all💀
Homies ain’t homies @bobehuncho619 @its_khandy
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This shit unhealthyI got a fuckin headachethe tl is.... something rn
Retweeted by kris @ANDimMaarz IM OUTTA HERElife tip: do you.
Retweeted by krislmaaaaaoooo
Retweeted by kris @TheJonathonDyer Somebody has to have a video of this shit💀To this day... top 3 funniest moments of my life
Retweeted by krisBitch I just didn’t know how to dress yet😭 uniform lifestyle remember when Dyer snatched Ashanti clip on ponytail off😭 @its_khandy @K_Scales1116 wanna be surfer boy headass with your necklace haha
Retweeted by kris @its_khandy Y’all have me dead with these pics 💀
Retweeted by kris @vaaallg Pull yours out💀 @vaaallg @K_Scales1116 😭😭😭Y’all niggas ain’t have tisa snapbacks tho
Retweeted by kris#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by krisWho wasn’t plankin??
Retweeted by krisWhen she tells you to get in that baccseat
Retweeted by kris @ANDimMaarz Tyler the creator headass😂Niggas really had a bald fade bro💀Like my status if you want a message from me >.<
Retweeted by krisI haven’t laughed this hard for so long
Retweeted by krisNot the kiss😭
Retweeted by krisMy chest hurt💀AYOOOO WTF😂😂😂 need my moms computer😭 @bobehuncho619 Don’t try me bitch, everybody see that clean bald fade fohCaught slippin
Retweeted by krisYOOOOO’d niggas love trippin the brim so much😂😂😂I’m on yo ass boi😂😂 picture don’t even look like Jeff 😂😂
Retweeted by krisOkay, this what we doin tonight? Today I got time cuhz💀😭😭😭 I was ugly but at least I was fresh 😂
Retweeted by krisFuckin rhino head😂😂 nigga I’m dead😂😂 change your avi to your MySpace profile pic
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Retweeted by kris“That was real gay my nigga” @K_Scales1116 Bitch I’ll kill you😂“ Uncle Bernie , Uncle Bernie “
Retweeted by krisAfter being in quarantine ion see how people never go outside??? Like niggas is real life psychopathsNiggas really hated on puka shells @kentuckyB213 If you get em I gotta take you out😂#NewProfilePic @kentuckyB213 I need your luck w these 12s💀Bro 😂😂😂
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Is that mf suede????
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Louisiana man granted parole after 23 years in prison for stealing hedge clippers. Taxpayers spent $519,000 to keep…
Retweeted by krisI honestly don’t remember stomp the yard being this ridiculous 😂😂
Retweeted by krisI can’t wait to get the fuck outta quarantine.
Lmfaooo the California stamp of disrespect
Retweeted by krisThese are a must ain’t gone start with y’all tonight but y’all can’t convince me it ain’t a whole civilization of “mermaids” under…
Retweeted by krisWorld Series bound ⚾️ 💯
Retweeted by krisThis is still hilarious
Retweeted by krisBro I forgot this was in MW3 LMFAOOOO
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Im convinced these mfs cook w laxatives💀 my asshole ain’t used to thisBeer is disgustingI can’t even enjoy the cod beta this WiFi so trashWho tf raised y’all poor asses 😂😂
Retweeted by krisPaul George every year
Retweeted by krisDay 3 of quarantine: starting to lose my shit.
On both phones
Retweeted by krisEzra dumbass on the mic “yeah she ugly now”😂😂 @luke_hicks4 Hunter X Hunter if you haven’t watched that one
im fucking crying💀💀
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I’m a true crackhead bro💀Scumbag Kevv
Retweeted by krisYo this night was comedy😂 @its_khandy @_zayre this was it
Retweeted by kris @_zayre @its_khandy
Retweeted by kris @K_Scales1116 @its_khandy Yoooo hella 😂😭 take me back
Retweeted by krisBro this weekend was comedy 😭😭😭@_zayre @its_khandy
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Yo wtf video will forever live rent free in my head 🥴🥴🥴🥴
Retweeted by kris @bobehuncho619 I wouldn’t doubt it “lemme hit that Mf, you seen that sorry nigga Danny green” @bobehuncho619 Bron finna go home and roll up with him💀Don’t nobody give af about Vegas Lmaoo
Retweeted by krisYou can tell yt people grow up in different sane black person would run up on a nigga with his hand in h…
Retweeted by krisFOR KOBE!! ❤️
Retweeted by krisI love this @MiamiHEAT team!
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"How do you watch Anime and read subtitles at the same time" Me:
Retweeted by krisI’m dying inside💀Just in case y’all forgot who is JENNIFER HUDSON
Retweeted by krisTop of the Top! 🏁 @NipseyHussle
Retweeted by krisAfter I carry all my groceries inside in one trip.
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@bobehuncho619 Aye man🤷🏾‍♂️ @its_khandy Bro delete this 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by krisI’m convinced niggas be rubbing dookie flakes on they face to make they hair grow faster🤔