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soft IRL but constantly furious online

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@ashc0des I love this analogy LOLman I hate white people who are self proclaimed “history buffs” they’re never interested in cool things like Mesopo…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMtrump got muted and i saw god
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@niviachanta This is stress inducing LOL @PallaviGunalan Girl we love it 2 !! I feel seen!!
Retweeted by Pooj BLMBolivia’s socialist party now gets to do (1) coup on the US government it’s only fair
Retweeted by Pooj BLMROTC students be like i got war due at 11:59pm
Retweeted by Pooj BLMPeople from Fremont be like “I know a spot” and take you here
Retweeted by Pooj BLMThis is all the same man? Idgi rlly be like ‘I do not vibe with this dirt’ and die
Retweeted by Pooj BLMShe’s like John Wick.
Retweeted by Pooj BLMthis is beautiful #endSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
Retweeted by Pooj BLM @PallaviGunalan Hm. VibeReal talk... how do shufflers w big tiddies shuffle in cute ass outfits without 3 sports bras on....asking 4 a friend
Slavery was SO MUCH worse than people imagine. I wrote my dissertation on slavery and it is incredibly traumatizin…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMIt will cost you Nothing to share what we have been facing in Nigeria.
Retweeted by Pooj BLMI know ppl who do this and it makes ppl feel so excluded like... why would you do that? It hurts peoples feelings are #BLM rioters arrested this week. Notice anything odd?
Retweeted by Pooj BLMIma sit this right here ! Yup look
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RT if you think we need a new Congress.
Retweeted by Pooj BLMBoring/Ignorable: "I just wanted to check in..." More Accurate/Unavoidable: "My anxiety compels me to follow up..."
Retweeted by Pooj BLM @PallaviGunalan They really thought they found something with that Analogy....... @ashc0des I want 2 hear them!!!
@gabydunn just wanted to share in your pod on LGBTQ and religion you mentioned all organized religion hates gay ppl… just saw a rap video about Jesus and I’ve never cringed so hard
@nopoweradeinusa Can I just say how fucked up it is that when you have your iud replaced or out in they don't even…
Retweeted by Pooj BLM @lmoroney @pujaarajan He was the best! I love his and Seri’s dynamicWatching crash landing on you feels like the 7th grade when I was obsessed with twilight and got in a fight with my… @sweet_n_spice83 @kshering So because he has a pre existing condition he deserves to die? 🙄Crash landing on you is solely responsible for my new unrealistic expectations of m*n....Ri Jeong Hyeok if you’re other there... @RLGRIME I need Halloween ix ASAP ROCKY PLS
I think most billionaires are men Bc they have no empathy lmao
Jeff Bezos could give each of his employees $105,000 and he would have exactly as much money as he did pre-pandemic…
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@JayKayEl_ 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️
@JayKayEl_ 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 @JayKayEl_ U
i’m here to announce that another announcement will be incoming soon ✨like & rt this post if you wanna be informed!…
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Hard to describe in words how offensive it is to say “Rest in power” about a dead SCOTUS justice.
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Good content very weird set of social expectations have set in our politics in which absolute kindness & decorum is expected f…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMMen hating women is far more common and dangerous than women hating men. Give me a break.
Retweeted by Pooj BLMGood time to remind everyone that the USPS wanted to send every address free masks and the Trump Administration said no.
Retweeted by Pooj BLMSeeing women push for the inclusivity of plus-sized men, in a way men never do for plus sized women, is very interesting to observe.
Retweeted by Pooj BLMWOOOOOF who aren’t trash don’t give a shit if you call men trash
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ugh rih really cancelled victoria’s secret and did it with body, race, gender, self identity diversity. we love to…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMI lost family and friends to this virus. I'm not the one to talk to about being crass. he said "it is what it is" s…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMTo the hospital
Retweeted by Pooj BLMI love this song! would argue that wishing a fascist a speedy recovery is actually NOT the moral high ground
Retweeted by Pooj BLMCall me a radical lefty, but I can’t accept a system that spends $115,000,000,000 a year on police but forces 94% o…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMdoes america know our “radical left” is everywhere else’s “reasonable middle”
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Retweeted by Pooj BLMI know Dr. Fauci's groupchat going off right now
Retweeted by Pooj BLMWhat's the likely outcome? A. Trump and his followers now realize the severity of the disease. B. His symptoms a…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMi know Biden family groupchat bussin rn
Retweeted by Pooj BLMTrump says he doesn’t believe in Socialism but he’s about to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of public healt…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMtrump supporters yesterday: covid isn’t a big deal, wake up! trump supporters now: i can’t believe how sick the dem…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMthe lettuce from his big macs trying to provide his body with its sole source of vitamins and minerals right now
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Retweeted by Pooj BLMTrump getting COVID right after making fun of Biden for wearing masks is so 2020
Retweeted by Pooj BLMCovid, stand back and stand by.
Retweeted by Pooj BLMcorona walking into the white house one month before the election
Retweeted by Pooj BLMI love to laugh
Retweeted by Pooj BLMI can’t wait for him to die :) CANT BELIEVE TRUMP HAS CORONA FUCK YES
Every man in his 20’s goes through a fake reflective/woke phase where he decides to annoy every girl he’s ever fuck…
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You know what, fuck it. Idc if I get “cancelled” for this. I don’t understand how some of you ravers are trump supp…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMpresidents shouldn’t be this old
Retweeted by Pooj BLMi smile everytime i look up at an apartment window and see a cat or dog staring down at me. serotonin straight to t…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMJust confirmed, debate #2 is a just a fist fight in a Chili's parking lot
Retweeted by Pooj BLMSelf care is skipping the debate to go to therapy
@ashc0des He set up a picnic and made a salad which was nice but..... Nike’s.....while I’m dressed to the 9s... the audacityI can’t wait for Mitch McConnell to roll over and dieTell me why I showed up to my date full face of make up, cute ass top, hair did, accessorized only for him to show…
@breier_t It 90 degrees outside so I was thinking of wearing flip flops... socks + flip flops is a look thoWhat do people wear on dates 😭😭
@JayKayEl_ @cszhu Did she get the Taco Bell @cszhuGoing p crazy tonight had some Taco Bell and had to take tums right after
I love rice so much 😭😭😭I straight up eat handfuls of white rice as a snack idgafPosting this so we can see the faces of the murders who will be freely walking the streets amongst us
Retweeted by Pooj BLMDo not lose hope or fall into cynicism. That's what Trump is counting on. The next weeks are the testing time of ou…
Retweeted by Pooj BLM @PallaviGunalan Braver than the MarinesI am deeply afraid Congress Dems are not prepared for what will happen after November 3rd and are not willing to do…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMNo white person could EVER
At this point I don’t even see this as radical..... apparently caring for human beings and the dignity of human lif…! Happy #BiVisibilityDay 💜💙 You are valid and we appreciate every single one of you!
Retweeted by Pooj BLMShe was used for everything. Used to promote everything. Used to make people look good and socially conscious. Used…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMITS LIBRA SZN BABYYYYY MY TIME 2 SHINE HAS ARRIVEDAssume the best about individuals. Assume the worst about institutions.
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Good morning everyone capitalism is a lie and we should all eat the rich
water is like the oldest beverage ever and somehow has no nickname. no one is ever like "sure could go for a cup of…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMYou know what to do for RBG: @lisamurkowski Phone: (202)-224-6665 @SenatorCollins Main: (202)224-2523…
Retweeted by Pooj BLMit's weird how old rich white men are trying to get rid of abortion when they're always begging me to get one
Retweeted by Pooj BLMI think about this A LOT
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I have a hard time trusting ppl who are only friends with light skinned ppl lolH&M has more balls than the entire NBA.
Retweeted by Pooj BLMImagine you’re the VP Eng at Tiktok who has to tell everyone you’re switching from AWS to Oracle Cloud
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