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4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred 0.62mi NE of South San Gabriel, California. Details: Map:
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊yes that was an earthquakeTraveling... #OneDay I'll go here. @Akitallama @MisterMinor @MisterMinor <--- almost forgot that @DrVishalVaria Thank you. Just having some fun. :)Yeah I do what I love. #KidAtHeart my goodness!!! thank you kind anonymous human being for this gift sub to @TAOesports I love #esports 🤟 🦄… Trump calls "patriotic education" is racist education.
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊 @benwithem @AngryWarkocki thats his choice. Whatever. I keep doing what I know is best for my students. Thanks. @DavidPKey🙏🏽 Justice Ginsburg lived a phenomenal life of Leadership, impact, change, and service. This is Legacy.
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊 @Devynnjcr he will never listen. its fine. let him do his thing. im out @BradShreffler all good. got it covered.This dude says no. haha I gave em the framework . Still doesnt think so. #GoodRiddanceIs esports a sport? Go!Best advice I ever got came from my Dad. you have collections under collections ... need sub collections @MicrosoftEdge #MinecraftEdu @MckRoxi Thanks! ;)Indigenous Foods TedX History @MrJosephHamer At least you are at the time to recognize self care is important. Wait, in about 1-2 weeks you'll fe… second you find out your brother in law now works at @Tesla @StephenReidEdu @susietinker5 @PlayCraftLearn Thanks Friends! I did it! WOOT! Thanks for the help
UniKittyModelExport SUCCESS! @MyEdTechLife I LOVE IT! Had to stop myself from buying more ... yet.. lol @6thmoon I win! Where's yours? @StephenReidEdu @susietinker5 @PlayCraftLearn #BrotherFromAnotherMother @DavidFraser123 and ban TikTok @jimohagan @misterwashburn @mr_isaacs @NASEFedu @GSEsportsorg @NASEFeduFlorida @laylah @Professor_Erik have some Oreos? I just found this in my reading and seeking innovative ideas from #SailThe7Cs "Let's Play:… @thelivingbeard Thanks friend. I think I got this covered with others who reached out a few minutes ago. I apprecia… @susietinker5 @PlayCraftLearn Thanks my friend. Loving our new community and the Engagement team with… This afternoon for PD/ pedagogy. If you are a @MicrosoftEDU district. This book has the best Good Teach…'s FriYay and I am finally taking a break. Luckily I have this lolipop from my friends @wakelet Thanks Community… like I'll finally make it to #FETC this year! Register for free to attend this all-virtual conference:…
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊 @j1999t Nothing. LOL Thanks! @RCCS_MrMock #Boom Thanks! @thezolon Thanks! @DanLauraCurtis Thanks! @inc_yv Thank you!Anyone want to help me with something?Thank you @GeriGillespy! #boom
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊Watch PlayMatters with me on Twitch! #LunchtimeLearning👇👇👇👇This! what some of my students are working on collaboratively from home during #distancelearning #remotelearning
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊I don’t just surf the web. I #Surfboard the web. Hop into Microsoft Edge’s new surfing game and ride the wave with me. to those 🙈awkward middle school years at our Sequoia Middle School @Sequoia_Eagles! FOLLOW US! 🗳…
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊 @MyEdTechLife @teespring woohoo! got me some swag. #everyday @BradShreffler Feel like coding kinda. you agree? Read for 7 more classroom management tips rooted in mutual respect and unders… @BradShreffler @PlayCraftLearn Thanks I learned from an 8 year old how to start it lol. @TrPatel20 and @AdeleT75 ! @TrPatel20 way to go @FontanaUnified @FUSDTandL ! @BBTNB @MicrosoftTeams @mtholfsen @MicrosoftEduCA legit !In 16 years of teaching I have never been able to evaluate & return student work submissions as fast as I can now w…
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊 @ObiWanNICKobi @GoNoodle Yay ! Blazer Fresh is my fave! Also 💜 and PopSeeKo & Indoor Recess. I tracked down Flappy… can't rain all the time. #Unicorn almost complete. Who can help me export this asset so I can 3d print? Help?… @BradShreffler I just love everyone. I dunno. I'm the 🦄 @jimohagan @TAOesports Thanks Jim. 🙏I am just humbled to know I am not the only one seeking to make a difference fo… @BradShreffler sorry I can't even look at his face. @jimohagan @TAOesports Excellent Chat. Looking forward to the next one.Thank goodness bc we need you! @k_shelton speechless. 😔 @iheartmissjohnson @thechocmoojoo you rocked! #Teamuniquorn Why - #esportsedu #WakeletWave #ShareWakelet
@jimohagan ;) #TeamUniquorn Check out this clip! TAoEsports streaming Talk Shows & Podcasts! #Edusplain This!Watch TAoEsports with me on Twitch! @TechTeacher1381 @TeachersOnFire @6thmoon you should join us.You won't want to miss this Opportunity from @i2eEDU . Especially if you teach. 💞 really useful frameworks and approaches coming out of the #PlayMatters community collaboration with…
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊 @HeyListenGames_ Thats way cool! happy for you @inc_yv @wakelet @JBDbiz #Twinzies @teachermarija @BrickerCoaching @RobynHrivnatz #Cohort2 !! #MIEExpert #Cohort2 Representin' w/ @RobynHrivnatz & @BrickerCoaching you know you can save your emails directly into @OneNote ? Yup. It's true. #MIEExpertI'm an Educator.💞 7 years ago I wrote this. 🦄 #ThoughtsForThursday to "EPISODE 285 : My Furry Console!" by TechtalkRadio via #spreaker replay from @Participate (7min) video showing how teachers can harness just a few features of the incredible power offered in OneNote…
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊 @cgerrard02 @IanStuart66 I vote you go outside and see which student can lift you highest @IanStuart66 I'll join. Current view from the home gym/office space @inc_yv Oh I think theres a lot of blank space on my laptops to fill. @TechTeacher1381 my colleague @6thmoon found your @MyEdTechLife sticker in the back of a book I sent him. He said… @ObiWanNICKobi 8:15 ... still tired thoJust earned my OneNote Teacher Academy on the Microsoft Educator Center! You can check out free PD courses too.… @Devynnjcr @oculus tag me when u do ♥️To say I am excited about these badges is an understatement. 🌟🦄 #LevelUp #OneDerful #MIEExpert @Devynnjcr @oculus demo! i need a video unboxing and the use on Twitch.Stories are Important. Will you share yours? @playcraftlearn #MIEExpert #MEETrainer in case you haven't heard it in a while, you matter.
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊 @StephenReidEdu Are you using screen to gif?Love these New Badges from @MicrosoftEDU in @MicrosoftTeams & @OneNoteEDU ! #SEL is important! We were just discus…"Be you" is the best start after a 'Dot' don't you think? Thank you so much for inspiring event Perter Reynolds!…
Retweeted by 🎮Amanda Macias🦄Change Maker🌊I will not be buying a new gaming system. I'd rather improve on the old ones or make my own games @MSMakeCode @TinaR_Starks yes. and a relevant one tied to time, health, science of filtration, pollution, SDGs, and history o…! Thank you, Ms. Muñoz for getting the Celebration started! #NHHM Sept 15 - Oct…
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