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Son of two superheroes (immigrant parents). Student loan beneficiary @lsegovernment & @qmul. I like Sneakers, HipHop & Poker. Work in digital @publicismedia

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Bad Blood was NOT a good book.Reminder Tracey is a legendTekkers 🔥🔥🔥, caretaker, undertaker Greenwood has scored more Premier League goals in nine days than Alexis Sanchez managed in two seasons for Man Utd [@ESPNFC]
Retweeted by Andrew Jude @jdaykin @ajasjahazad Again it’s jingoism unless someone breakdown the security risks in detail vs all other apps @ajasjahazad @jdaykin Pixel re targeting @jdaykin @ajasjahazad US jingoism I think @TheHonorableAT One of my fave artists (also Most don’t know who he is)AJ the U.K. tourism Czar
Here’s a pro-tip. If your employees have anxiety about going back into the office and you’re forcing them to unnece…
Retweeted by Andrew JudeBuffet is the G.O.A.T @Whatleydude I’m still trying to read up and get an indie view about this, at present it sounds like weird jingoism… can give me a proper lay down of the security risks the TikTok app poses? Generally interested but not a info s… to work on this product day to day "busy" is my light workPaul Pogba has been directly involved in 20 goals (11⚽️ & 9🅰️) in 33 Premier League appearances under Ole Gunnar So…
Retweeted by Andrew JudeKeane made a valid underlying point but to say Pogba isn't a leader I don't agree with. Watch the video excellence of lessons to be learnt on who you partner with
Mason Greenwood!!From 25th July the following can reopen safely: - Indoor Gyms - Fitness and Dance Studios - Leisure Centres - Indo…
Retweeted by Andrew JudeAbout fucking time Coronavirus: Gyms, indoor pools and leisure centres in England to reopen from 25 July… IN @alex it will defo happen although could see them being acquired still...Open the gyms, please. is a seed I put in my chickenGlobal Business director @itsandrewjude discusses what a move to a subscription model means for @Twitter
Retweeted by Andrew JudePost-lockdown clientele in my local cafe @TheSmarmyBum Ugh I wish I lived in LAThe surge of info ops a startup that only you and your mates have heard of isn’t the same as having a reputation for being excell…
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@karissabe 😭Soho house > Annabels5) Competitor to substack Enable email newsletter or content creators and add features to help them raise awarene… Upgrading the product Better search (esp in DMs), better image / video quality, no ads for paying suscribers, n… Content Creators / IP Rev share, original content, investing in influencers / talent producers. This would rais… Sports content Experimentation with sports rights is a derivative of point 1 but also a massive massive area to… Twitter subs pay for paywalls. I consistently get my news hear but I hit pay walls - I can’t pay for all of them…[THREAD] Twitter subscription ideas I have some ideasMadness $TWTR is going to do subscriptions maybe? in an office today, interesting.Holy fuck!
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Giving two 60+ year olds $2bn for a media company is never going to work and never has done historically... can’t be the only person that is disappointed at the lack of diversity here? You go for the peer group, professors, experience and above all else the brand name. Unless you have a… I can say is I'm glad my parents told me to study hard and use my brain.Facts @saranormous I use an open source whiteboard software for Mac I never save a thing it’s used to do digital training… @saranormous Get a digital whiteboard pen & whiteboard software - it’s amazing!I can’t wait to go to the office tomorrowCan’t wait to go to the office tomorrowFacts from Aidan, y’all need to educate yourself on the idea of “self made” I’ve dressed far worse to these places including the time I went to Nobu in jeans and a tshirt (scruffily!) and…'ve dressed far worse to fancier places in London - its weak snobbery - lets be honest.“Successful” @ronan_shields @AndrewBlustein No wayFor an immigrant child it is about economic security. That brand becomes a life raft to carry them right throguh t…👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾’t agree, change takes longer than people realise. If it happens it’ll be 50-100 years away. Always happy to b… @sallycop @bloomuk Applied
The lesson I’m taking from this is don’t give two old white people $2 billion to make something cool.
Retweeted by Andrew Jude👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 stuff also tastes quite bad lol so quite the pipe dream of people will do this for the Harvard brand (you’d be foolish not to) unless your brilliant enough to succeed… @markpollard If agencies did that we wouldn’t produce any outputCherry picked results don’t make things correct or indeed accurate. Also, have seen contrary data to this from dec… has “no class system” can all make a spreadsheet do anything we want it to. @Robertc1970 @BrixtonFSchool fantastically diverse!! @jdaykin @bloomuk Definitely in a position to influence (and have done) esp since I have hired diverse teams and ha…
@JulianGumbo PoliticsYeah but we can’t have gyms open is still alive @BennettDBennett 💯 @Myles_Younger Listen it’s worth the money and effort to go to those unis, no doubt. But when I look at my very bes… @BennettDBennett It’s not just brand it’s also confidence, ease of getting interviews, different kind of peer group… however, these fancy degrees give you confidence, brands, more international / ambitious friends and more focus on life after uni.4) I met smarter friends at Queen Mary then LSE (although the latter had former job prospects despite this fact). I… What an elite student (in most cases is) is from a better home situation ie where education is valued and sacrif… what also interesting in a lot of ways there is insane grade inflation at the very best schools which I definite… I hate classist shit like this. It’s also simply untrue you are “smarter” for going to an elite school which is… @AndrewLolk 💯We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am runni…
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Binge watching The Politician tonight on NetflixPaul Pogba made more recoveries (10) and won more duels (8) than any other player on the pitch.
Retweeted by Andrew Judeif y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
Retweeted by Andrew JudeWe still need Sancho btwGareth Southgate needs to call up Greenwood ASAPYou can’t put Martinelli in the same sentence as a Foden and GreenwoodMason Greenwood needs to be in the England XI for the next match.Oh my word Anthony Martial that is special 😍 He has now hit 20 goals in an individual season for the first time in…
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