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neko succubus mama.. sounds about right // 18+ SFW acc // 20 y/o // Artist // NSFW: @emiliakinz // #VTuber #ENVTuber

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@ItsHanakyo Aaa thank you ;w;
What's making her smile like that? @NicoVtuber AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TY ;W;So proud with the progress so far!! I've been learning a lot, made a few mistakes, but im getting closer to being d… probably won't be using this model on stream until I get an iPhone for ARkit. So, I have until then to perfect it!Been working on the blendshapes for the VRChat version of the model, obviously WIP but I figured out the speaking a… kinda wanna be like, alone this morning. I'll see how I feel around 1pm estWell, im awake. Should stream today, but I kinda like.. don't have a personality rn. May just be the tiredness thou…
@emiliana_vt Good to know, thanks!How do I get shaders to work for vrm or in VSeeFace 😭 it looks fine in Blender but won't carry over in vrm. I reall… live now! AM AWAKE I'm ready to do some 3D modeling today!! Stream in 2 hours!! Here's me making biscuits in excitement need fixing like hell, BUT I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MOVE!! Tomorrow will be streaming some body adjustments and…
WIP of new model so far! Did some work after taking screenshot, but thought I'd share the progress @LycheeDayou HewwoSo, im trying to get the base model looking nice without subdivision, so I can put it into VRChat possibly. Have a… I suck with schedules, I dont wanna stream today so I can work on my model more. Plus stardew seems boring r… did I put my schedule to 10am 😭 welp, stream in about 2 hours @BriAtCookiebox Unity is ez Just follow tutorials all the time until you memorize the stepsSo, the body I did on stream today, imma scrap it and redo it in my free time. Will try to have something better by next blender stream
@panpan_vt Even if you're an artist, it's expensive in time creating all those assets, learning 3D modeling, riggin… live!! in about an hour!! Gonna be working on my body #Vtuber #VTuberEN #ENVtuber something that connects well with me is hard. 3D modeling has been connecting so well with me lately and it's great!!As said in a previous qrt, I postponed yesterday's stream until today! Will be streaming blender at 1pm EST!
My comms are now opened! I have more details on my Carrd, such as pricing and etc. Feel free to dm me here or on my… today's stream, need to catch up on some things I didn't finish yesterday. Will stream tomorrow instead a…
Having a lot of brain fog and spaciness today, not sure if I'll get much done. I'll see about opening comms today,… depending on how I feel tomorrow, since today my throat is dry as hell, I may need to cancel streamsSo uhm, my sister is going to urgent care this morning for covid testing and probably some other tests. Aha, let's…
Schedule for next week! Gonna start doing days a bit earlier just to experiment a bit! #Vtuber #ENVtuber #VTuberEN @WooHooLad DeadNice @PlushKingRassk It's np! Just lemme know when you start @PlushKingRassk Alright cool!! I'll try to catch it then! @WooHooLad Who needs sleep Only game @PlushKingRassk What platform? @PlushKingRassk I'm glad im not the only one Old account had over 2K, but most of them were f4f. Twitter is hardAm I the only VTuber who struggles with actual Twitter content but can do just fine with stream or tiktok 😭 idk how… @Real_Sokka Tyyyy, it's gotten better already though from tonight. Been slowly adjusting'm finally understanding blendshapes and I think I understand armatures in Blender 😭😭 I'm learning!! Still saving…
Old vs new, new one still looking a bit rough since it's a WIP but I can see the progress progress I made on stream today! Still needs a lot of work, but im happy with this so far now!! Come watch 💕 a few videos on face topology, will try to translate that onto my face today as I make it! Stream at 1pm EST~WHY DID TWITTER CHANGE THE DRAFT POPUP?? tomorrow imma try to model a face in Blender! Will probably watch some topology videos and such beforehand to…
@BriAtCookiebox I reccomend @Kyublitz !! His editing is really well done!If you saw yesterday's tweet...
Retweeted by Emilia ♡ ENVTuberYknow what, I agree
It costs $400,000 to have the Mickey Mouse keychain on screen... for twelve seconds.
Retweeted by Emilia ♡ ENVTuberStreaming stardew valley at 1pm EST!! Hope to see you all there~~ else have a thing specifically for pink hair anime girls?? They just always cute 😭 @GabbuThe Aaaaa idk anymore, I know I used to play a dark magician themed deck, but I might go through my cards and… @Zibeth032 Our brains don't wanna do only one thing, must do everythingI blame my mom for buying me a Labrodite bracelet and my dad buying me a new yugioh tin smhPerks of having random asf interests is that im for some reason heavily into Witchcraft, Yugioh, and 3D modeling all at the same time rn
@Kon_zetsu Possibly I know I need to aha..Good morning everynyan!! No stream today, but imma be working on some stuff! I may open comms this weekend, so look…
@KivaaraVT Another VTuber program like VSeeFace. Its better for more motions and thumbnails and such rather than ac… @PlushKingRassk Yep! Also custom motions, poses, etc. I believe can use phone camera capture but idk about full iPh… this microphone on stream today!! Added the outline afterwards before importing it into VUP. Idk if there's a… now!! Come say hi 💕 live messing around with Blender today at 1pm EST! Hope to see you all there 💕 #Vtuber #ENVtuber
If someone blocks you, the last fucking thing you should do is DM them from another account. Someone drawing a lin…
Retweeted by Emilia ♡ ENVTuber @WooHooLad Happy early birthAt least for me. I was finally able to look in a mirror and build myself up when I was wearing clothing I havent re… going to therapy again just helps remember tips from therapy sessions years ago. Even if it's just one se… @AvionnaVT Thanks!! Your eyes are pretty too 💕 @AvionnaVT Eyes @YuliveeV Only way to improve is to keep on practicing!! You got this 💕 @YuliveeV Imo, keep trying CSP. I did the switch over from Sai to CSP last year and lemme say it's a godsend for so…
I have an idea for a simple free or cheap 3D model that I may try to make on stream at some point, idk if before or… in case 10/4 - 10/8 Monday 1pm - Blender Wednesday 1pm - Stardew Valley Friday 1pm - Blender Times are in ESTQuick schedule for next week! In the future imma try to schedule some night streams and have a variety of times!… @Deldee_ Hmph, baka @PlushKingRassk Aaa ty!!Can't use other outfit atm since it has some custom accessories, but I got this one in! Only had to remove tail for… yesterday was fun! Also got the notif I'm able to upload custom models to VRChat! So, imma start off with upl…
I'm live!! Please come join ❤ mins!! ❤❤ today!!! I hope you'll all be there ❤❤
Reminder this is tomorrow!! Please share and boost ❤ mouse drawings ft. @Kyublitz emotes!! Reminder my debut is tomorrow at 1pm EST! #Vtuber #ENVtuber @GabbuThe Will send request when I get back online tomorrow! @GabbuThe Hell yeah!! @LadyRoseNoireVT Hair buns!! They're adorableWorking on getting that 10 hours in VRChat so I can upload custom models, might do VRChat streams as a Just Chattin…
@YABOIKENGU Sndhfb thanks!! @Deldee_ Baka🥺👉👈 please? @TripleQ_VT Colors! I find it really satisfying to look at just bc of the mix of colors2 emotes down, 1 left to go before debut! I'll make more emotes after debut, I just wanted to have at least enough to fill Tier 1 sub 💕Teaching mom how to use VRChat and well...
Retweeted by Emilia ♡ ENVTuber @Keikei203 I finally have a mom @Keikei203 I read the question as "do you like my design" and just reread it, either way answered the question @Keikei203 Yes, brown to any color gradient hair is top tier designHere's tiktok link as well my voice (may need to turn up volume)