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slon @itsasalon somewhere w/ mariel

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idk what i’d do without mariel like how tf was i living life before her 🥺🥺🥺💖💖This tik tok has serious vine energy and I love it
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easy..: blink, panic & fob FOLKS ARE COVIDIOTS
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Retweeted by slonbitch OH my GOD
Retweeted by slon"This is called cross-contamination." A Michigan nurse used paint to show how easy it is to spread germs even whil…
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Well...that's one way to go downstairs🤣 (Gina Creuz / FB)
Retweeted by slonGoodFellas, Pulp Fiction, Dark Knight i fell asleep, that @gjonesbass set was fucking stupid and that Shades (@eprombeats x @AlixPerez) set was so dumb wtf
timmy and tommy seeing me show up to nook's cranny in the morning with 32 tarantulas
Retweeted by slonme and @woolimusic have the same bday, drop that melodic ep on ophelia pls
Retweeted by slon @wkndrex thanks broo!!I can do my meth in the comfort of my own home. I do not need a festival for that. NEXT
Retweeted by slonNATURAL SELECTION BOUTA BE WORKING OVERTIME SMFH"Woah nice cock" 🤣🤣 #nakedchallenge
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Retweeted by slonSo. Say. It. (Stares in I wish a mfer would)
Retweeted by sloni think about this a lot
Retweeted by slonthis took me OUTTTT😂😂😭
Retweeted by slon- - PSA 🗣 Don’t say you wanna eat KBBQ with me if you’re only gonna last 1 fckin round ! I don’t fck with those ki…
Retweeted by slondrinking wit da boiz on group ft 👌👌👌 thy queen is sleep, the PS4 shall beep Niggalations 3:16
Retweeted by slon @viacarrie thanks mamas!!I’m weak lmaoo
Retweeted by slonslushii is playing dnb what the fuckI deserved to see this.
Retweeted by slonthe four horsemen of quarantine
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@xalexiskylex thanks lexi!!!BIIIIIIITCH YOU AINT GOTTA BE SO LOUD!!! @miekooh thanks mieko!!! @itsasalon Aw happy birthday Sloan !!!!!! FUCK CORONA hope you have a gr8 birthday 🎂
Retweeted by slonI LOVE YOU TOO BABY, BUT I AM FUCKED UP RN GDI basically already 22 wtf is up i hate life i feel oldi am fucking dyingthis @JasonRossOfc set is so damn good wtfWe’ll give $5,000 total to 25 people ($200 each) who retweet this tweet within the next 72 hours. Must be following…
Retweeted by slonHow you know it’s cold outside?
Retweeted by slonHis lace is LAID okay?!
Retweeted by slondis midnight city x where’d you go mashup is sooo fire wtf @joviexolei but now your justifying that racism isn’t that bad when it should be at the same level of seriousness @joviexolei but if being racists is a joke then surely that can be too right @joviexolei alright then datsik raping girls and calling them sluts are a joke @joviexolei racist jokes and running away from a black dude are two completely different things @joviexolei tragic, she should’ve just not been racist @woolimusic drop it on ophelia pls @angieebee_ u know what that means. come to vegas
when Mitis played Shattered me and mariel started bawling @Subtronics @jayteemonstah @WUBZDUCTED @jayvreed i want to win pls, u were supposed to be my bday show tomorrow but… SAVER GIVE AWAY CONTEST WIN A FREE FACE MASK AND FLAG all ya gotta do is like and repost this, tag 3 hom…
Retweeted by sloni not alone
Retweeted by slonBOTH OF MYEDC EXPERIENCES WILL BE COLD WEATHER THANK THE LORDD R’s: rap, riddim, r&b’ve been laughing at this shit for atleast 30 minutes 😭😭😭
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@hukaedubz ID @ 13:00 makes me shit myselfu fuckin lying, so i cant even get drunk for my birthday 😐😐😐
@charmaine_ultra lol fuk off charminI love tiktok
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Retweeted by slonBRUH WHO DA FUK stay in the house so my nephew can go back to school. Quesadilla***
Retweeted by slonLMAOOO
Retweeted by slon*Sean Paul checks his temperature*
Retweeted by slonthis video will forever be iconic
2020 Rent All never fails
Retweeted by slon @TheCxdy beat sounding like
Retweeted by slonwish he went this hard on the cave but his episode still fire store by my house funny asf 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by slonmy birthday eventus no longer my bday event i wanna die @akeos_ @PhaseOneAU 🥵🥵🥵 @akeos_ arenu also announcing ur phaseone remix plsss
jUSt tOok mY teMPeRatUrE face ass
Retweeted by slonnvm my mom said she dont wanna get sick or get anyone in trouble for not being at home @djshiverz do itthe line at target today was fucking ridiculous, it went from the registers all the way to the grocery section. fo… think i just found my fav tiktok
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@PasqualeRotella bassrush massivebass rush massive virtual rave-a-thon would be sick @bassrush @PasqualeRotellathe ID @ 13:00 on the @hukaedubz showcase is fucked 🤯🤯
Guys I did it
Retweeted by slonTHIS @Ookay TRAP SET IS FUCKING
Don’t let nobody treat you like a bag of weed. YOU ARE COCAINE
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Retweeted by slonseriously tho if yall need a haircut dm me and i’ll talk to my mom about it, just dont be coming around all sick i… gets so excited talking about animal crossing i could listen to her talk about it all day even though idk what shes talking aboutpain
Retweeted by slon @QUIX @ArknightsEN @YostarGlobal YOU SHOULD RELEASE THE ORIGINAL FUTURE BASS VERSION AS A VIP 🔥🔥🔥day 208 of quarantine
Retweeted by slonA tac on titan
Retweeted by slonEVERYONE needs to see this
Retweeted by slonthinking of her
Retweeted by slon @joviexolei @j_rillest @trinidaddy808 @iheartjeniley @larguigui @jayvreed @WUBZDUCTED @808onTHErun jesus christ, we just getting drunk @joviexolei @trinidaddy808 @j_rillest @iheartjeniley @larguigui @jayvreed @WUBZDUCTED @808onTHErun group facetime t…