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Asherz 🌙 @itsasherz Kettering, OH

Weirdo from Ohio. Creator of dreams. #Horror Slut. Mythical #Monster Hunter. #MoonChild #Model Content Creator. Let's change the world together. IG: itsasherz

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@heyambeee You’re not. If you’re gonna walk out, don’t you dare look back at me because my Queen ass has already wr…
Doing one card pulls again today! You’ll have to be patient with me as I’ve got other obligations going on today bu…
Retweeted by Asherz 🌙And if you would like a more in depth reading, you may book one. The full moon is coming up and I will and can do f… one card pulls again today! You’ll have to be patient with me as I’ve got other obligations going on today bu… @BigDillThrill It looks like there was some type of rock formation left where it was. I’m so invested in this lol.… monolith has disappeared and nobody knows where it went. handsome! 😍
Best photoshoot partner ever!😍 took my trash to the dumpster in my apartment complex and someone had thrown out a dresser with a PS3 and a monit… @astupidpers0n She’s beautiful 😊First Tuxie of the day! 😊😊 Caturday! Show me your kitties! #Caturday #CatsOfTwitter #cats #pets @GameBangersShow @musicntats How tf did that happen? @GameBangersShow @musicntats That’s real, unfortunately. @Tinker422855 Same lol. Debating whether or not if it’s too late to start a movie 😅 @chelsiewrath I’ve been holding onto this bottle of wine forever lol. But rum is pretty regular around here. @jackthebossni I feel it @chelsiewrath Doesn’t sound too hateful! I just drank a bit of rum and I’m just vibing at the moment 😊 Might throw on a movie. @GameBangersShow Checking it now 😊Hi twitter! How’s your Friday night going? @HorrorHello Oh, for sure 😊
@HorrorHello It’s been held up due to Covid 😔 But it will definitely happen in the near future!Happy Follow Friday! Enjoy these beautiful people. @AnneRosetti @theajawhite @InsideNutshell @BigDillThrill @Frost2112Jack @KingMobCast @thepeoplesjoker @15thAveAdult @boysbiblestudy @MikeVanderbilt @HOLLY_ROBBY @surfcombat if I told you that for the low price of $35, you could have eternal salvation and your own pleasure craft? Lis…
Retweeted by Asherz 🌙 @Jettsette1 @kinky_horror @therealjoebob 💯 @bunnyt3rr0r Thanks Bunny 😊 @opticblast81 @kinky_horror @therealjoebob Maybe Thankskilling 3? @Art_Grub Well it looks like you can watch Thankskilling 3 on Tubi. And then there’s apparently a musical that tours. @bunnyt3rr0r I’m not surprised about the flirting lol. That’s typical. It’s the approach that I’m disgusted with 😂 @opticblast81 @kinky_horror @therealjoebob What movie did you see? Lol @MyrrahGrey @kinky_horror @therealjoebob ThankskillingI really can’t get enough of this turkey 😂 @kinky_horror @therealjoebob #Thankskilling #MutantFam you’re not watching #Thankskilling with @kinky_horror and @therealjoebob right now, you’re missing out 😎 dude is trying to flirt with me and sends me a meme that he thinks is funny...that’s a direct blow to girls wi… @kinky_horror When the WiFi breaks and you’re supposed to be watching Thankskilling with the Mutant Fam @AnneRosetti told me to watch Alien Xmas so that’s what I’m doing.
🥰🥰🥰 @ZombieButch I mean more along the lines of extraterrestrial life and technology lol. The 40s-60s were happening an… @ZombieButch Oh, I’m sure of it! You know. You really don’t hear much about the 70s as far as government involvemen… @bunnyt3rr0r Space Bunny! @MadridFederer You too Julie! 😊Yes...I’m aware it’s not an actual “ufo”. It’s a VZ-9 Avrocar. While not unidentified, it is a flying saucer. went to the Air Force Museum yesterday, saw a UFO, and i walked in a real space shuttle. The museum is pretty n… @OnurbRag Thanks. I haven’t seen any of their documentaries. Maybe I’ll have to check them out. @langis941 You too 😊 @Ashy_slashee My kinda table! 🖤 @CharsieLuxxx Thanks Darling 🖤 @OnurbRag Thank you 🖤Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you 😊 @WednesdaysTalk But the answer is obviously Army of Darkness 😜Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!
Retweeted by Asherz 🌙 @Squ33q Right? Haha. She could’ve at least commented on one with my nipples showing.Here’s the picture in question, btw. Enjoy 😘😘😘 People are so nice 😊 @ZombieButch @IvanStang @RealSubgenius Gotta have slack!What if I told you that for the low price of $35, you could have eternal salvation and your own pleasure craft? Lis… @vanguardcdk I appreciate ya 😊 I will get it out when I can, for sure. It’s a damn good one, too.Come get lost in the Dill Hole. The stream is live @BigDillThrill @GameBangersShow @thasadistpriest Feel free to send me a dm. @BigDillThrill @RyanTremblay18 @buckmaster_eli1 Bruh...June 🙄I’m sorry there hasn’t been a podcast upload yet today. Anchor has been down all day long which means we can’t di… @craiglayton07 😂😂😂 Oh no. I didn’t know that was something your grow out of. Man, my future looks bleak! @CharsieLuxxx I don’t know who did it and I live in an apartment ☹️ @craiglayton07 WHY did this stop? 😂 @PBI_Crypto Burn down the whole neighborhood! I’m so mad. I think it’s time to get a PO Box. @GameBangersShow @thasadistpriest Aw 😘 You’re too nice!
The podcast will be out later today. But first, I’m taking a field trip to Wright Patterson Air Force base. Oh, you… @MadridFederer It’s raining here. I don’t see a reason to watch my hair juuusssttt yet lol. It’s also a wonderful… Dry shampoo is my lord and savior. @pulte Merry Christmas! It’s a different type of Christmas this year. But my family is counting our blessings and… @Mythical Mine was shipped and delivered...and apparently stolen because it’s not here ☹️I’m livid. I ordered a specific product that was part of a giveaway. Whether or not you won the giveaway was contin… @mrmike6543 @HorrorH0und @BrittniiSundae @SSeeley92 @Spooky_veronica @VictoriaMallag1 @SpookySiren31 @RyanTremblay18 They’re the ones that are “nice guys” that no one ever gives a chance lol. @BigDillThrill Oh no. I liked you 😭 @RyanTremblay18 Unfortunately, a lot. And I could forgive it in casual conversation. Its when they get defensive li… @CharsieLuxxx Dawh. I mean, at least I have make up on 😂 But investigating is draining work on the spirit. And I believe it shows haha
@craiglayton07 It looks awesome haha @craiglayton07 That’s fine lol.I’ve got so many twitter crushes lol. I think they all know. I hope they all know. I try to tell them lol @craiglayton07 If you’ve got vaulted videos, put them on a Patreon account so I can rightfully pay to see them 😂 @MadridFederer Haha I appreciate ya.I’m not very cute on the field. Sorry. #selfie #exploration #Documentary #documentaryfilm #SyncingTheMothman @jayburke Then you might like this one! It’s free on Tubi 😊We solved a mystery yesterday. We’ve been searching the TNT area for these babies for awhile. #Documentary @jayburke Eh. I’d say I Spit On Your Grave is the best in the genre. But this one was rape and revenge without the… It’s gonna be HAWT 😎 Especially with @AnneRosetti as the cohost. @HeroesDoExist66 @RR_EVERYTHING @abandonedTrain6 @MMortemm @JestScreen @BamTubeTV @InsideNutshell @p @thasadistpriest Lol I think you’re at the neighbors house. I don’t have bushes.And that right there shouldn’t have ever happened. Ugh. @millerwriter @CassThomps13 Sorry, I haven’t been on Twitter lately. But you should do songs that you like 😊 You pr… @jayburke It was actually pretty good! @RyanTremblay18 @BigDillThrill @buckmaster_eli1 @MadridFederer The bullet left behind a wife and two kids.
It’s Mothman Monday! We’ve got some things to explore and also some new leads to research. The rabbit hole gets dee… you for saying it. Guys still won’t listen but 🤷🏻‍♀️ @RyanTremblay18 anything I need to be concerned about? Aka whose ass do I need to kick?