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@1kotaaa LOL what if i was a puppy @1kotaaa its like that. @1kotaaa what if i was a worm kota would u still be my friend @lolmoola LMAO ? tell me why his meow was so good... has he been practicing LMAO @dehnnii i love you bae @neekojulz baby girl πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« @untoldszn i love YOU <3 :D @edgarsbread edgar :DDDD @EbnetFPS helloooo :) @kaytea_xp HI BFF <3 :D @careertwitch late but happy birthday career lyhi
people suck lol
@godlyaudrey lemme do both bae 😍 happy birthday ❀️
@chief_keith916 nope ur just wrong here @chief_keith916 cutting toxic ppl off >new setup hardstuck ascendant // !pp // !discord // !banned // !rank//
Retweeted by Asniadeleting the conversation so u dont have to see their name anymore >> @pdxsonny @godlyaudrey @Henrytr999 happy birthday sonny :D @lolmoola i have but idk something about it only hits sometimes. has to be in the mood for it yk? @urboyandee i made it heyyy @littlegoku_ always do @__oklol i miss uong pomegranate is the best fruit
@amutauki @cooki0s HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
@untoldsspam SEXYYYYY @strafeNA_ absolutely @zeronaVAL GM GM GM @Luxi3st NOO ALL U I LOVE U @Luxi3st haiii you are so cute ❀️ @knighterFPS rip @itachiclouds fr dude, women supremacy @TearFPS do better son @itachiclouds ong u get itfacts @AK_valorant sowwy πŸ₯Ί @AK_valorant 1 @cooki0s haii beautiful @ayeTop_ vouch
@dekii444 deki WHY 😭 @Sheyras HI CUTIE @watermhelenn my king n queen fr @reprive_ pain @2503__m really??? i haven’t seen anything about that before im about to use blue only LOLOL @_NicKage_ u know what thats fairdo u guys prefer blue black or red pens lol @AK_valorant post more cat pics plz @bbygemz BEAUTIFUL AS USUAL MY QUEEN
@zurcfps @LitecoinEsports @litecoin @LTCFoundation LETS GO CRUZ!!! WJoined @LitecoinEsports // @litecoin // @LTCFoundation πŸ₯Ά
Retweeted by Asnia @hvnniez you are so pretty im glad u blessed the tl today 😍 @kaytea_xp omg daddy i made u a card and bought u a gift πŸ₯° @kaytea_xp happy fathers day πŸ₯° @ahad the lighting in this pic is so nice king @1EDEN_ banger honestly @diirttt_ MORNING <3 @urboyandee i hope it gets even better :D @EbnetFPS HELLO HARRISON I HOPE U HAVE A GREAT DAY @Diablo24k_ thank u ur a real one @zeronaVAL jay..... please touch some grass and get off the internet today @Diablo24k_ manifest good for me now @celeeeeeo GOOD MORNING MY BBY I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY !!! ❀️ @RSolosW sending thoughts and prayers watson. here for you always ❀️ @Diablo24k_ UR ALWAYS PRAYING ON MY DOWNFALL WHY @chefhomiekwon GM MY KING HAVE A GREAT DAY ILY @urboyandee its been good so far :P wbu? @zeronaVAL HAVE SAFE TRIP @urboyandee MORNING ANDY!!! @y0w0u buenos dΓ­as mi amor, espero que tengas un buen dΓ­a, te adoro <3 @dehnnii GOOD MORNING QUEEN HAVE A GREAT DAY BBY @SleepyBear_7892 yes i am ash i hope you are too πŸ₯Ί i hope you have the best day πŸ₯° @cooki0s GMGMGMGMGMGM πŸ’™ @SleepyBear_7892 morning my love ❀️ @luvcilla MORNING BBY GIRL @DiamondBack_185 have a good day!! @marmarpits HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAR ❀️GOOD MORNING pls say it back :D @alvarxz have fun jd be safe :D @reprive_ king πŸ‘‘ @untoldszn MY HANDSOME BESTIE 😍at the hello kitty cafe bar πŸ˜³πŸ‘‰πŸ½πŸ‘ˆπŸ½ gonna let loose tonight
Retweeted by Asnia @baby_skiz good morning bae but its like 10 pm
@des_valo YESS BADDIE ON A BUDGET I LOVE TO SEE IT im about to order some stuff :3 @des_valo THANK U omg actually i was just thinking abt that LMFAO @kiwiramune this is the cutest packaging ever omg @Subreeezy my bad lol @NaniSmalls15 girl i needa knowww @celeeeeeo bro ik 😭 @mulancholy1 YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL <3Hi <3
Retweeted by Asnia @abotofu_ BEAUTIFUL <3whiff girl summer has begun
Retweeted by Asnia @mulancholy1 MINE <33 @krnnguyen_ HEYYYY *louder than everyone else* @godlyaudrey 36 @untoldszn ok so i use the two faced better than sex waterproof as my final one but ive heard GREAT things abt roller lashdoes anyone who wears makeup have any good mascara recommendations? mine always runs under my eyes @AK_valorant i hope she dms u king πŸ™