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Japantown trip 🤍✨ so many new Rilakkuma masks and sanitizer holders are at Daiso!!! one yet #BernieSanders
Retweeted by 🍰 shelby 🍓 @pokimanelol @CashApp $itsBehri #CashAppPoki meet the Snowbelle 🥺❤️ @nekokoo_ I havent! Im so new to Webtoons 😆 Is it good?
@BadFawn PROUD OF U BB!!! first day is next week for me! Have a good semester ❤️❤️❤️Ok I love romance Webtoons ;; I’ve been reading nonstop since I caught up with True Beauty,, AGE MATTERS IS SO GOOD N STEAMY 😭❤️❤️❤️ @kycifer YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
@kawaiixriceball This is so cute! Is this on Amazon? 🍄✨ @louisvuitthanh Ya girl just bought the Supergoop unseen sunscreen from Sephora 😆 @louisvuitthanh It is fragrance free, but mainly to help with moisturizing! 🤍 @louisvuitthanh I absolutely love Nècessaire lotion! I like to spray Avène thermal spring water after I’m done show… @iM2Korean We must ban all bullies bc they r unnecessary!
@lolhizoe I said I’m going to report u all for being dumbasses 😂
If only y’all could see my reaction to reading True Beauty like my heart is going CRAZY 💓 @syanne77 Syanne do not apologize!! U r valid and some incompetent imbeciles need to read a tweet to realize they’re gross af @ProMaleah WAAAAT 🧡🧡🧡 such perfection such beauty @ninaxye That would be cool 🥺🤍 I’m always look for new friends to play with!Really got asked if I could be someone’s e-girl/e-thot on Valorant then got followed around the map hebdjsnsnj bruh 🤦🏻‍♀️ @jessicahkim I luv you forever sweet angel ❤️ @ToriPareno Rested, healthy, & back at work 💪🏻😆 miss u 🤍 @ProMaleah ya Maleah we all know u r cute all the time read me a shrek story to sleep ty 🥰🥰🥰 @oakusu Ahhhh ty love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @mangomahal blessed bc your existence ty 🥺❤️Hope u have a good day 🤍✨
My two moods
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@lolhizoe bruh you and Michael would’ve made her cry 😂 @kwistenkim new balances ❤️I’m officially chipped, just kidding 😜💉✨I’m really grateful to get the vaccine prior to seeing family & meeting new… @kycifer Wish u were there 🥺❤️ I can’t wait for your PC to be done! I do like thank god Raphael flamed and put her… @irisgoaway Nah with the gals 🥴❤️ hahaha @irisgoaway This is the fucking vibes I need thisBruh at first I thought they were being nice, but she consistently was harassing in the most disgusting tone. Justi… like getting harassed on voice chat from a try-hard “gamer” girl in front of her guy friends bc I had a bad…
We manifesting good health, abundance, & self-love 2021 🦋💋🤍✨ @kycifer manifest that energy and love you deserve! 🤍🤍 @enlunalol OMFGGGGG ANNIE CONGRATS!!! SO PROUD OF U!!! I would literally blush if u were my nurse ; 3 ; ❤️
@kycifer omg!! are you reading it, too? @ProMaleah IT'S RELATABLE LIKE no makeup n 10000% degen vs how i looked omg reminded me of me in hs LOLOLIT'S ACTUALLY REALLY CUTE and meme-y I love it kekI never really read WebToon until my gals told me to get on True Beauty omg I feel like a teenager reading this shit LOL @filthywhore420 u r telling me,, i bought the nike jacket bc why not it's SO cold in sf and treat yo self ://
Seeing so many tweets & Tiktoks about living up your 20s 🦋💋✨mermaid melody is my childhood!!!!
@filthywhore420 the sherpa is so cute!! @Senpai_Des FORREAL!!! 2020 was dog shit 🥲I genuinely believe 2020 was an alternate universe 🥲 @Senpai_Des I truly believe 2020 was an alternate universe 😂 days are definitely blending for me too hahah @Senpai_Des Your hair is SO cute!! Hi ❤️❤️❤️ hope you’re doing well 💫「おいベア子、その絵面はやばいって」
Retweeted by 🍰 shelby 🍓'Howl & Sophie' ✨ out on a date. This was one of my favorite shots of the town from howl's moving castle! 🌿Live wal…
Retweeted by 🍰 shelby 🍓 @ReiUNLOCKED She’s so clear omg the progress 🤍🤍🤍 @louisvuitthanh Yes! I’ve been eyeing the eye cream and lotion for so long. I’ll definitely let u know 🤍Treat yo self 2021 💫🤍🎀
do not. and i repeat, do not save people's photos (selfies etc.) without their permission and in general. it's fuck…
Retweeted by 🍰 shelby 🍓Time for Stardew Valley! 💫🪴❤️
@nekokoo_ That’s what I’m saying! :’( I’m definitely improving and just got a PCR test done this morning.Made lemon chicken cream soup for the first time ✨❤️ really be on my “main character” vibes lately. It’s that or life just hitting me a little too hard lately. @ProMaleah YESSSS ❤️❤️❤️The best last min decision to purchase & play Stardew Valley with the gals 💫🌱🎣 I’ll be streaming tomorrow around 5 PM 😉❤️Low key felt like it was an “inconvenience” for me to take another test & not come into work bc I wasn’t given instructions 😞
To be real, I am very concerned considering how I safe I am in public & at work. ; - ;I still have a low grade fever & started to lose my sense of taste even tho I tested negative. :-( a bih took a 2 h… @mangomahal Omg I would identify with Piglet the most (also bc pink is my favorite color) 🥲💗 it all makes sense!Nvm!! I’m starting the semester with OB/peds 👶 can’t wait to take care of the babies and new families!! ❤️ @jessflourish Thank you, Buckboo 🥺❤️❤️❤️ luckily got a covid rapid test done at my job. I am negative!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻MAGA TWITTER: “The cops shouldn’t have used lethal force on an unarmed woman!” Me:
Retweeted by 🍰 shelby 🍓 @jessflourish Before my vaccine 😔 I woke up at 4 am with symptoms and now I have a low grade fever 💔 ya girl has on… everything and started to feel symptomatic 😞
Just scheduled my COVID-19 vaccine for tomorrow 💉✨
JUST NOW: protestors charging the media
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Tbh sometimes it’s tough to find reliable edu or MD / RD research or resources, but to read more, change perspectiv…, let’s do the whole morning routine of journaling and building my to-do list 💡💪🏻✨**My statement of adding bone broth as collagen consumption is contraindicative! Id like to retract that with bette… @lol_meowwimacat I agree tbh!! It’s definitely effective with joint and bone strength, but not so much for anti-aging purposes 😞Basically, there’s small evidence that collagen will survive during digestion process and let alone exist in your b…✨ key products ✨ Vitamin C in the AM helps with collagen synthesis and retinoid at PM helps increase collagen production. 🤍🤍🤍It’s honestly interesting to find out that collagen drinks / powder actually do not work. There isn’t enough human… was super wholesome and relaxing 🤍 playing games & streaming again was super fun! DBD is anxiety-driven and I… TIME WITH @ProMaleah ❤️❤️❤️❤️ SPOOPY stweammmm @amandatthi u r crazy!!! 🥲❤️ @reinacilla Hahahaha bruh they always ditch like calm down 🥲
@macawcaw123 You reminded me all that I need to doI love when people are like "are you high rn, are you on drugs?!?" I'm like no I'm on ADHD y'all WISH you could be…
Retweeted by 🍰 shelby 🍓 @jessicahkim fuck those dumbasses dude 🤮 no brain cells whatsoever. btw you’re gorgeous Jessica!!! ❤️❤️❤️
@peachroll happy new year!! 💗💗Adventuring as much as we can before I go to work ❤️ 📸
Happy New Year 🎊 may we all enjoy 2021 and treat it like our best despite the limitations we have right now. ❤️ @Crunchyroll I’m going to make this!!! 🤍Ending the year with being notified that we’re being withheld from in-person clinical rotation 😞 definitely for our…
My favorite snack lately ❤️ on mushrooms :’(
Retweeted by 🍰 shelby 🍓Mini earthquake? I’m just awake for no reason and I feel the building shake 😳 @ToriPareno @Crunchyroll The one week stayed over summer and took over my brother’s room to watch Shugo Chara 🥲💗💗💗…
@Haolifornia You know what, I laugh when I remember how y’all see me without makeup in full gombit mode 😂😂😂Ok I’m finally on season 4 of The Crown 👑 Princess Diana is everything to me 🥺It’s that time where new year resolutions start early ✨🤍 the fitness journey starts again LOL 😝 @ProMaleah Thank u and I luv u, smol bb ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @sinfulcacti Oatly is the besssssst 🤍🤍🤍