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@rawswrld @PlaIism V @SuvuxDL @skipbtw that's the point50 likes in 1 min for a face reveal ong @avenalol so I'm not fire? @avenalol nba youngboy, lil tjay, DL Chi @drklver post it @drklver nah @allixeliz babe
@TakkFL @DLGrinders @TeamDelirium @SuvuxDL u ass bro @DLGrinders @TeamDelirium who would want to be in this?! ๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŽญ @iamredus @DLGrinders @TeamDelirium u ass @ufwexpo you're not making faze @FlikkzBTW @cIeeoh @dieyuhs @dieyuhs STOP this ratio @FlikkzBTW @cIeeoh bro get off this ratio @FlikkzBTW @cIeeoh nah @cIeeoh @FlikkzBTW assist @FlikkzBTW @cIeeoh stop this ratio @FlikkzBTW @cIeeoh @cIeeoh this ratio @FlikkzBTW so is this ratio @FlikkzBTW Ratio @Goldwydd @TeamAssaultGG W @allixeliz hey @slyuvz ya mom's place @allixeliz yes @Teyxly @ilylyai yes it is @wtfacres @NotRyft ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ @RodlinOT omgggBorn A Star ๐ŸŒŸ
Retweeted by DL Chi @LiquefyFN My bad bruh @AresSound nah but do you know ratio? @MindOfFatal @ZitoFN_ W @SuvuxDL @ZitoFN_ ^ @bluffnwtf @TeamDelirium THIS FIREreply right now or unfollowed. @ZitoFN_ THANK YOU FOR THE FB BRO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @TeamDelirium who else got excited but then saw it was fake:( since they won't add you I will. @RodlinOT it's 12pm go outside @MorganFETV LOL @ZitoFN_ ilym @_lolnvck top 5 favorite rappers @ZitoFN_ you just weren't speaking english bro @SuvuxDL @arloo1x who datshoutout to the best fucking manager @arloo1x went from averaging 500 views to averaging 2000+ @CashuaIy u can delete now @ZuerioDL hbd beo @jensuckz @YoWaybes jen bro @drklver really @ihybrittany ty I really appreciate you @ZitoFN_ I love you too I really need this rn @_Galxies_ @btwscarlet I appreciate you too broโค๏ธ @btwscarlet I appreciate you sm scarlet @btwscarlet tired @ihybrittany no @wyablu noI hate when I'm actually being serious and they don't take me serious like bro I wanna d!e @KickerFN @alqsiana @spi6rit @alqsyy @FRChronic you got this bro @KickerFN @alqsiana @spi6rit @alqsyy @FRChronic you will make it #bhkicker ONG @KickerFN @alqsiana @spi6rit @alqsyy @FRChronic join team bh kid @spi6rit @alqsyy @alqsiana @FRChronic Joined @FRChronic ๐ŸŒŸunfollowing ppl I don't interact with idc who you are I'm going through it @z69004 don't let other niggas get to u @IoInat @wrovve what she said @wrovve . @jensuckz noti @SuvuxDL im so happy all day then at night I have nothing to do but think @wrovve @IoInat @SuvuxDL @74mxko @SuvuxDL @IoInat @74mxko @wrovve I just wanna be happy. @IoInat @74mxko @wrovve @74mxko @IoInat @wrovve @74mxko @wrovve @IoInat it could be us but u playin @SuvuxDL we the same fr @zachologylol sexy @HayateFN ily @YoFayde I'm so sorry that happened bro wish the best for u @drklver who @slyuvz I love you @coldhrs Hbdthis is your sign to do it now before it's to late @wtfluid my bad @J4H7I @Goldwydd damn @IoInat @ilyynina u hurt me. @IoInat @ilyynina u won't do shit fuck up @IoInat @ilyynina noto @ilyynina noti @ZitoFN_ hey lol @ebankslolss who's that @ZitoFN_ MEMEMEMMEME @shlmpy @skuuttiiee send me a monke bid on insta and I will @shlmpy @skuuttiiee ?? @ZitoFN_ came back to this @BryceHall @FaZeSway wya๐Ÿ˜ข @ZH6V1CS @TeamAssaultGG W @sissybaeloll word @Kenpaiwyd u not making it bro @Dzggy @OutcastRegion WAIT I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THIS WTF CONGRATS @wyablu @Jinxzd "can we have esex?" @FNZito_ @ZitoFN_ I thought this was zito๐Ÿ˜ข @drklver xxxtentacion @ZitoFN_ Fb + handsome