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Dani Carr @ItsDaniCarr Los Angeles, CA

Critical Role Production Coordinator & Wearer of Assorted Hats | Writer | Voice Actress | Lover of John Constantine and Other Comic Book Sad Boys | She/Her 🌸

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@justwesley This is already so good! Your final look is gonna kill me @justwesley Wes!!! @ConroyForReal @ArtofNickRobles Press A to belly rub!! I can soothe my horse but I can’t pet this dog?? The game’s only flaw!! @ConroyForReal @ArtofNickRobles Okay but also to properly pet them.In the BREATH OF THE WILD sequel it is absolutely imperative that they program it so that the dogs at the stables c…
Retweeted by Dani Carr @TheChaseConley helpSelf care is doing the dishes while listening to the Josie & the Pussycats soundtrack. @Maxxjenga I am giving you so much love and hugs and hope that he gets better. @Maxxjenga Oh no! Baby!!! @erinmorgenstern @NotLikeFreddy You’re both doing amazing!! I’m proud of you both!! @TheMattKey Be excellent to each other, Matt Key.
@TheMattKey Clearly Sartre meant ‘Hell is other people who don’t know that Bill & Ted almost had an opening dance sequence’ @TheMattKey Now we must live our lives having seen too much beyond the veil, and be plagued by the knowledge of wha… @TheMattKey This would have only made the movie more powerful. It might have destroyed the world. @TheMattKey Not to knock the jock stuff we got, but they definitely would have made those pieces feel more full cir… @TheMattKey I’m desperate to know more about this bus scene that we didn’t get @TheMattKey Oh my GOD. They’re BEAUTIFUL. The BABIES!!!One year ago today I started this journey. I’m circling the end but still not there yet. But it’s been a year of… @NotLikeFreddy Noooooooo @ArtofNickRobles Witch. Magic pours out of you. But it's yet to be seen if it's good or bad... 😈 @sunnyseeley Do we have the same diary?? @sunnyseeley I. Will. DIE. And I will THANK THEM. @juliaereck Yeah, you're absolutely fae. I think pixie is the best of the options, but fae one hundred percent. @erikaishii @yoshisquared @NotLikeFreddy Ahh Erika, we need to set a book club date so we can finish it! @leanilopez Truly, this is our doing. @kelly_knox I love herOh dang. Circle of the Stars and Fey Wanderer are both DEEPLY my shit. RYAN IS VOICING JOHN AGAIN FOR JLD APOKOLIPS I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON THIS NEWS FOR *MONTHS* I'M SO HAPPY @jeans4925 @SEAHOconnect Yay!! I've stayed in an Omni hotel before, too! Have fun! @NotLikeFreddy No pet should be!!!! @NotLikeFreddy @erinmorgenstern 💕💕💕💕 @NotLikeFreddy True Plantser??? I think??? @erinmorgenstern That's totally valid. I had a similar moment of crisis with my MC's name due to feeling like the n… @erinmorgenstern What did you nearly change it to??
Probably Stephen King? He would be the biggest one that made me want to write when I was younger. But I grew up wit… @SamSykesSwears boo-dee @dearHadrian @gaygeeknerd There is a very specific divide in my life from the person I might have been if I had kep… @gaygeeknerd No. Never. Absolutely not. History classes, though? Ooh baby. @babsdraws @AustenMarieTV Just gonna be over here singing about the cold @TiniHoward Tini this would have been everything to me @AustenMarieTV I’m so excited. Gimme that cold shit.You really gotta watch what you say to people. There are people walking around replaying a years-old comment about…
Retweeted by Dani Carr @kendrawcandraw This is incredible @ItsDaniCarr "You can't keep burning the candle at both ends"
Retweeted by Dani Carr @tay_o_tot I’m going to print this out and put it on my desk. @NotLikeFreddy There’s a time and a place for sure. I crave them in fantasy. @NotLikeFreddy Bad bitches love a prologue! Where my bad bitches!!I just grabbed my PS4 controller and tried to use it to play on my Switch. Am I a Real Gamer™️ now? @kingcael This game keeps fjuckin me upThis is my literal only response when people talk to me about children. ‘Oh they’re five’ ‘such a good age!’ No f… @kingcael It’s not *that* bad or anything but it’s a quick heart punch for sure.How *dare* the weapon connoisseur quest end with that reveal? How DARE this game hurt my heart so much and so often! #BotW @kendrawcandraw I’m sorry. What. What. What is happening. @hottestsingles @kateleth “The fish was me! Shhhhhhhhh!” @potatocleric He’s right and he should say it @kateleth One hundred percent
@babsdraws Hahahaha 💕💕💕💕Avatar Vibes Poll! What vibes do I give off? 🌱 Earth: agreeable, trustworthy, balanced, sincere. 🌊Water: candid… through the entire Forbidden Temple without needing to be resurrected. I have found 119 shrines. It’s time to go to the castle. #BotW @SamSykesSwears @deva_marie @erikaishii One of my favorite spots fuck yes @deva_marie @SamSykesSwears @erikaishii I’m so pleased. @SamSykesSwears @erikaishii @deva_marie The only rule of ramen club is that you have to talk about ramen club fuckin constantly. @SamSykesSwears @erikaishii Ponyo loves Sasuke AND ramen @erikaishii @SamSykesSwears This could be us... @SamSykesSwears @erikaishii -gasp- my one weakness @erikaishii @SamSykesSwears Oh no our fight club is already too cool. where do we go from here?? @SamSykesSwears ‘kay. @Gingerhazing NOELLE!!! NOELLE!!!! @erinmorgenstern Their hair is filled with trauma and it just makes them so much more beautiful. @erinmorgenstern Oh man. I’m probably not far behind you and I am both excited and filled with trepidation for the… @NotLikeFreddy Story of my life
@ChrisLockey Amazing job, buddy! @SamSykesSwears @MaryEMcGlynn We refuse to be bound by magic regulations.Yes. @VoiceOfOBrien Oh my heart. @kendrawcandraw Aggressive pride is the best pride of all @kendrawcandraw Yay friends! 😭😭 @kendrawcandraw 😭😭😭Oh boy oh boy you guys here we goooooooo @juliaereck Hell yes hell yes gimme that good shit @juliaereck Deeply entrenched in the 90s, and running the gamut from The Craft vibes to grunge to Baby Spice. Short… @juliaereck This is my love language
@kateleth That's fair. @kateleth Oh jeez I don't know how you restrained yourself. @DisneylandAP omgAh ahaha yay 🐴 from last year
Retweeted by Dani Carr @CaitCorrain 100%Bloomberg: H- Elizabeth Warren:
Retweeted by Dani Carr @ArtofNickRobles Give me the romance comic, give me ALL the romance comics.It’s #LoveYourPetDay and my bibi girl Pepper is in Memphis with my mom and I miss her all the time, look at how bea… @AustenMarieTV It'll happen at some point! Don't put too much pressure on yourself <3 <3 @AustenMarieTV @rays__helll Yasha looks *so* sweet, I love it @MsFeatherWeight The best dashThis speaks to me @NordicNinja Oh shit @LauraBaileyVO I love you. What a good buddy. What a good life.Watching The Two Towers and lemme tell y’all, Aragorn can still get it. @matthewmercer @lickthecowhappy @TalksMachina @CriticalRole This was in the questions. Unfortunately we ran out of…