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Sussed with 790 followers for saying Cov1d rip @itsdavid6564 🔭𖨆

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@mahxfn @StableRonaldo Ronalda @StableRonaldo i’m so sad that you didn’t do a hot tub stream today. actually considering unsubbing ☹️ @blicenn @king_flame701 @zyfaFN you literally have a mental hospital escapee as your banner
@king_flame701 @zyfaFN lowsky or whatever the fuck his name was @manishie_ sounds like another cat incoming to me @BeMaqueda @manishie_ both @theestallion @Snapchat who cares you’re IRRELEVANT BOZO 🤡 👎 @ShiinaBR y’all really got nothing else to post huh @FortniteGame @DCCOMIC i didn’t get mine 😐 @ThisIsITalk @FortniteStatus Thank you for this RATIOOOO! @xxskull_kingxx @PokeMario17 @GhostOpsFN @FortniteStatus hand me your girthy cock @FortniteStatus nvm didn’t know they already had one @FortniteStatus are we able to get his parents as skins? Preferably what the look like now? @FortniteStatus Yeah i do have batman questions. Why was the first crew bonus such a disappointment @StableRonaldo que? @IAmAstra___ @iFireMonkey I’m just gonna assume you can’t read @iFireMonkey is epic aware of this RATIOOOOO @ClixHimself @G2Coop ohh you said @ItsDavid6564alt? @FortniteGame bro what @StableRonaldo when are the hot tub body painting streams starting today? @ClixHimself fhree owe clock @Ryandude5678 @ElitefourSeb @bnwkr @GxdlyEnder this you? @bnwkr @GxdlyEnder @FortniteGame we get it you want your own skin you can stop sucking epics dick for a loading screen nowThe family you make is one of nature’s finest masterpieces.
Retweeted by ItsDavid6564 @CrunchIsWeird here it is @CrunchIsWeird i’ll try and find it, but here’s one with 2 million 😂 @CrunchIsWeird same, and a kpop tweet with 50k likes 😂 @Lazarbeam Ok billionaire @notifnr @FtWs_Jashaun111 @NRGgg holy shit i’m actually so stupid for posting that, my last account got suspended w… @ShiinaBR who cares about the loading screen second biggest disappointment today
@jakepaul 1st one and i already knew this was an L list @AmirrezaKhosra2 @ArlexPandal @iFireMonkey nope @FaZeSway @StableRonaldo who’s turning gay? @VergFN @StableRonaldo HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAB OMG LOOOOOOOOOOOL 😐 @NRGgg @StableRonaldo blah blah blah who cares when are you going to announce me joining nrg @NicoVenetsanak1 @SungoDaFirst they’d have to offer a refund to all the people that bought it before because it’s l… @CuhrqlyOk @titanfnx @mahxfn @StableRonaldo ^ @VastBlastt you’re kidding @StableRonaldo well if it’s that big i’ll see it on my twitter feed later on so i’m good @FtWs_Jashaun111 @NRGgg covid @sitelmao @Kenshin3k1 @p4cerz @imbibze @StableRonaldo after the dream hack @StableRonaldo i actually wanna see this @ThisIsITalk @ShiinaBR huh @ArifAbrar1 @VastBlastt k thx buddy @VastBlastt someone pls tell me what shadow strike is @angelz_kid @XTigerHyperX i hope the bonus is worth it lmfao @SammyLara20 @XTigerHyperX on the day season 7 starts @XTigerHyperX i was going to do that but i wanted the crew bonus @iFireMonkey has 19.00 been added to the staging servers yet? @terminatortaco @Froste @Twitch nvm it was a woman that tweeted this. so we shouldn’t give them a suspension @StableRonaldo @MrSavage He won’t notice you bro 😂 irrelevant mf 😂 🤡👎 @StableRonaldo same time as this RATIOOOO @MikeDulaimi i’ll give a harley quinn code to someone who doesn’t upvote that post, shows proof they didn’t. Leaves… @ThatsLinnithor @iFireMonkey 😂 @FortniteGame at this point do u guys even want ppl to play it? i mean just look at the rewards 😂 @iFireMonkey epic games go brrrr @ShiinaBR sometimes i wonder if epic really doesn’t want us playing these, i mean just look at the rewards @iFireMonkey wat @ShiinaBR lmfao
@KEEMSTAR @triller the whole fight should be free tbh, didn’t even last a minute @YpfDOdVyEWIvwln fine @HappyPower only the attorney can handle the rock in his true form 😍 @Lucas7yoshi Only the attorney can harness the power of seeing the rock himself @FortniteStatus WWWWWWWWWW @FortniteStatus IN COMP THO? @iFireMonkey ew @GothGirlsRCute @VastBlastt @TimSweeneyEpic Where is the court cam video quality @VastBlastt @TimSweeneyEpic yes i can totally understand everything he is saying @HappyPower “dead game” @ZvukFBSkeaqi994 Test Failed. Please try again later. @MikeDulaimi even with iOS unplayable, they somehow manage to still beat google 😂 @MikeDulaimi ofc we already knew playstation players were on top @Gamer_Javi24 @MikeDulaimi bro you literally have “chicken nuggies” and Baby Yoda in your PFP. You’re obviously the weird one here @SizzyLeaks looks amazing @Bl4azePT @FortTory the bozos want us to like their tweets then once they’ve tweeted it out i’m sure they will link it 😂 @FortTory who’s that? @RealLinnithor @iFireMonkey Neymar and soccer sucks, i'm sorry @RealLinnithor @iFireMonkey I'm Sorry, i'm from America😭😭😭 Pls dont kill me for doesnt like soccer😔 @TSM_ZexRow @BuckeFPS . @MikeDulaimi Who is “Naruto Uzumaki”?? 😂 @FortTory @Lucas7yoshi I agree, This model was most likely scrapped @Lucas7yoshi BASKET BALLAnnouncing PlayStation’s new partnership with Discord:
Retweeted by ItsDavid6564 @FortTory YO @SizzyLeaks YO @RealLinnithor @iFireMonkey alright mexican kid shut up @PlayStation OH MY GOD FINALLY @iFireMonkey should’ve done lebron instead of neymar @ShiinaBR @FNinformation hopefully in comp :( @ShiinaBR gimme gimme @iFireMonkey pog @iFireMonkey yeah kratos or master chief hasn’t happened either i forgot @iFireMonkey oh yeah sarah conner and terminator haven’t happened.. right? @ShiinaBR it better happen i’m not kidding @ShiinaBR @Guille_GAG can you post copy’s of the documents? @ShiinaBR are there any early concepts of C2S2? also can you post copy’s of the documents? @_fvxq @iFireMonkey *67% jumps to 98%* @WeirdFN @iFireMonkey Barge @iFireMonkey bro these are dope wth, especially 2020 plan of record @Lucas7yoshi LMAO