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What’s good is sitting alone in your room. Black Lives Matter. he/him

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@BarbotRobot a week that has been rife with really bad, regressive, & harmful takes from the sportswriting establishment, as…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער @mikerhoneTM j/k @mikerhoneTM I’m at 60 words, I need three points, and I’m going to bed before I find them because I am sleepy and…’ve found 58 words and I’m not at genius yet but there are at least two Pokémon that would, combined, put me over the threshold.
If Spelling Bee would add all the Pokemon names to their dictionary, I would reach Genius so much faster.Less than one week in, and a pro-labor, pro-worker President Biden is on the job: - Swiftly ousted anti-union NLR…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטערBreaking: Bob Avian, the Tony-winning co-choreographer of "A Chorus Line" and "Ballroom," has died at 83. Well afte…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער @BernardWelt Absolutely not.
@farfromchirpy yeahhhhhh @farfromchirpy I struggle with the divide between the cathartic, useful therapy of my fantasy and the actual experi… @farfromchirpy true for pretty much all of us, i imagine @jshetinx Have you recently reached your 30s? I feel like this was my signature revelation of my 30s.Follow @WHCOVIDResponse for the latest updates on the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to contain COVID-19.
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער @earbox @texaninnyc there's always Idina but that pairing feels even weirder than SuttonThe Equal Employment Opportunity Committee and Actors’ Equity are now accepting nominations for the 2020 EEOC Award…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער @texaninnyc @earbox I feel strongly that Audra should be paired with a belter.Seconding Andi's thread here. I was a woman who felt it, thought about it, talked about it, and went so far as to w…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער"Their words challenge Biden, Dems and the country to see this month’s attack at the Capitol not as an isolated rio… @bamoon I'm having a hard time imagining Kendrick conjuring the variety show energy this sort of thing requires, bu… @Weegee It's listed as "Everybody Rejoice" on the Broadway cast recording and as "A Brand New Day" on the film and… @akakarenwilson I think part of the problem is that I'm trying to slot Audra into the Julie role, when really she's… @BurtonJM If there really are reasonable center-right conservatives, they already know that Biden is not aligned wi… @BurtonJM I don't think siding with the people doing war crimes against people who broke some windows and sprayed s… @BurtonJM I think it's sweet that you think people you describe as making "crazy right-wing accusations" would be d… @akakarenwilson I saw Audra and Patti together roughly 20 years ago at the Hollywood Bowl. Audra so clearly won the… @BurtonJM This would be a great opportunity for our new administration to denounce the use of tear gas, a type of c… @ryan__donovan I love Donna, and she absolutely is the right level of artist, but I don't think they have equivalen… @ryan__donovan I feel like her career has been on screen for so long, she's sort of in a different category.I'm not sure who could pull off this generation's version of Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall, but my gut says it's A… Mandy Patinkin as Cyril Ritchard.When it's safe to return to theaters and concert halls, Patti LuPone and Bernadette Peters should team up to give u… executive order seeks stronger workplace safety guidance from OSHA
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטערNEW: White House official confirmed for me that Joe Biden just fired Peter Robb after he refused to resign as NLRB general counsel.
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטערNobody is above the law and @nypd police officers must be held accountable for their actions, especially when they…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער
@GratuitousV I didn’t recognize their name, but the minute the song started I immediately remembered it. It has str… @disneyplus now casting Encore season 2 @kevinddaly I'd write you a letter of reference if it would help. @kevinddaly It's your fault that I'm listening to this album now, and I am sorry to report it hasn't improved with age.Essential thread of Bernie at shul...
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער @mckeldinb But why music from the turn of the last century? It’s a relatively random moment in American culture to freeze in amber.Wait since there’s no formal luncheon, do they not get to each? Somebody get them a pack of Powerbars!NYPD’s PR move predictably backfires, as cops have ignored mask compliance all year.
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטערThe livestream from JCCIC is now running a video about how all the previous presidents have traditionally stayed th… Amanda Gorman and Ella Emhoff it’s a big day for gays in search of new icons. @sarahw Someone needs to duct tape Bill Clinton’s to the bridge of his nose. It keeps slipping down live on camera. @jamesdean4aday No, I took an oath when I was a low brass player.No disrespect to Sousa, but why have we decided that the sound of our national pomp and circumstance is frozen more… just screamed “THERE’S A FUCKING SPACE FORCE FLAG!” @texaninnyc The British edition seems inappropriate.This is the best audition for the Mame remake I’ve seen yet. @jamesholod I have spent years pressuring Keith to become a diplomat for this reason (among others). @rmbryer Now I'm wondering what presidents' tombs I have seen. I've been to Lincoln's tomb and Kennedy's grave... a… @evanmaltby I also can't get over the planned glass floor so everyone would be able to see the coffin. @yonitrose I want to read an entire series of novels about her. @yonitrose I love this so much.Today I learned about the fascinating history of George Washington's on-again/off-again relationship with Washingto…, get that mask up over your nose! WTF? just keep thinking about when Col. Blake left the 4077. @alison_cherry @theames @LaserMWebber You rang? @JPhillipsMoore Celeste is a great game to play alongside one of the other two, since it’s such a different style a… @Vmarshmellow Wait til you get to the Pesach episode! @Musicalsbrah Don’t Look At Me, Waiting for the Girls Upstairs, Rain on the Roof/Ah Paris/Broadway Baby trio. @luxurytrash_ You would deny Sam the Eagle the role he was born to play?Today I also reached genius with a salacious word.(It was toilet.)
Research shows health facilities with unions have had lower COVID-19 mortality rates, better access to PPE and stro…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער @treygraham find us a sponsor and it could be? @kevinasarobot The world isn't ready for my bonus mini-series on Little Muppet Monsters.oh no i am thinking about doing a muppet show rewatch podcast quick somebody stop me @Caecilius @JoseSPiano Here's the list: @Caecilius @JoseSPiano This site is pretty thorough: @adam807 Even when Grace Jones sings it? @speradactyl That's a particularly good one! @kingduncan42 Saving Jerry for tomorrow, when it's today. @DaniB301 even when Barbra sings it? has a good one too but it's more filled with dread and while appropriate that's not the kind of energy i'… miz is not the only broadway show with a song about looking ahead to the day to come) of honoring MLK’s legacy and work to fight for a living wage for all, @NYPDnews came in to break up a peace…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטערThe Trump presidency is 99.9% over.
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטערAll five original seasons of THE MUPPET SHOW coming to Disney+ on February 19.
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטערGoing to spend some time being sad about Duolingo’s choice to have him call himself “Paul” for their audio lessons.Realized today that “Paul” is Ngofeen Nputubwele, whose journalism I had previously encountered on NPR’s Rough Tran… I learned that Grandmama on the tv version of The Addams Family was played by Jeanette MacDonald’s sister.’m so embarrassed by the word that put me over, too. I definitely should have found it much, much earlier.I feel like I clawed my way to this moment one point at a time. INLAND EMPIRE really makes me wonder what David Lynch could do with FOLLIES. @StevyB If you tap on your point total, it tells you the breakdown for today’s levels. got the g-d pangram. (Still fifteen points shy of genius though.)
@CafeMuscato Given some of the solutions earlier this week, I’m just smashing every pair of words together I can im… @BCDreyer I am so relieved to know that I'm not alone at struggling with today's pangram (which I still have yet to find).Follow CAG & Retweet for A Chance to Win a Code for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker + Special Episode DLC Bundle (Sw…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטערOnly two Black women, Kamala Harris and Carol Moseley Braun, have ever served in the U.S. Senate, for a combined to…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער @mikerhoneTM The eye roll was “phat.” The infuriation was “captcha.”FWIW: The AP story is still alarming, but the story makes clear the breaking alert was as aggressively worded as co…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער
Those of you who saw/read #SinceUBeenGone know I love a quick change - but who knew cakes had gotten in on the act…
Retweeted by David Levy בלעק לײַװס מעטער @mikerhoneTM I have two - one that is more of an eyeroll and the other that feels like it stretches the rules. @ASoloski I couldn’t believe earlier this week they took Diwali but not Holi.