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Husband. Father. Educator. Blessed. In #HigherEd but not of it. Retweets ≠ endorsements. Tweets = mine. #TweetsFromProsperityAve = good news

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My spirit is ready for a Kendrick album.
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDEvery word of this is worth your time. Salute to @Dame_Lillard
@BJWilliams316 I'm with you, and definitely on that last part, too. Weekend has this generation's ear but I just fe… Blaze Organized Noize Pimp C Kanye Dre @BJWilliams316 Will folks be cherishing his music in 20 years? It just sounds forgettable to me. He has his lane, b… @BJWilliams316 I hear you and I'm hating a little bit, but nothing about his music screams "timeless" to me. Good a… ocean is dark and full of terrors @BJWilliams316 I mean, I agree MJ only has 2 classics. But the Weekend's music has never moved me. Ever. Vocal simi… can't believe there are people on Mahalia Jackson's internet that are unironically comparing The Weakend's music… you think you peaked, find a new mountain.
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD @meredithdclark Coffee is my "vice" since I don't drink alcohol. Every time I think about cutting coffee from my di…, Don’t let this be you! Good luck with finals! 😂
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDNO. WEDNESDAY. FORMED. AGAINST. US. SHALL. PROSPER!!!!!There was just so much denim at the Bulls parade
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD @Jvfarrer90 Love her album!Well NPR Tiny Desk just featured Raveena Aurora. I expect everyone to be on her wave in 2020.
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDthis video of cats reacting to cat face filter has me crying.
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDThis and the 2 songs it's between on #2014ForestHillsDrive are what made me love this album when it came out. @LetaX #HolidayHotepery or #HolidayHotepping should be a hashtag @Da_Insanehype Another good rap voice. I like his energy, too.
I will always RT this. A few things... 1. Otis Redding was 25 and had the voice/soul of a 78 year old sharecropper…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD#TweetsFromProsperityAve congrats, brother! damian lillard piece legit made me cry. it's so black and loving and beautiful. and i don't even watch basketb…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD#TweetsFromProsperityAve this is one of my mentees, y'all. Proud of you! @ItsDrLittle MC Lyte
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD @Jerrel_Wade Good one!I was wondering this the other day. Certain voices are distinct in a way that cuts *clearly* through any instrument… Educators, Everyone does not celebrate Christmas...
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD @KiaSpeaks The opening line in "Shoulder Lean" is one of my favorites of all time.
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDIn case you ever wanted a gif of me coming out of the floor with George R.R. Martin, please enjoy
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD @TrenitaC @raveena_aurora Anytime! I love putting folks on to good music. @deejay0784 😂😂😂noooopeYou know the vibes cannot understand the present moment without understanding whiteness & the lengths to which some will go to protect the idea of it.
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD @MsSlatonTHES Nice! I just assumed there isn't much of a way to avoid it all lol
Dear brown skinned girl, your dreams are valid.
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD#TweetsFromProsperityAve 🔥🔥🔥 peep this. @raveena_aurora's album "Lucid" was one of the better ones of 2019 for me. Dreamlike. @jitterbug212 I'm really sorry about this. Love and light to you and your family.#TweetsFromProsperityAve @DiSTinctive_Mae Whew @DiSTinctive_Mae Do you basically leave 2 hrs earlier for any appointment? That's what I do whenever I have ATL business. LOL @hersheda @blkoutloud 😂😂 @blkoutloud @hersheda would be proudATL folks, my prayers are with you. God bess you for dealing with that traffic every day.I'd like to do some reading on the experiences of Black women who work in higher education, but aren't faculty or a…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD
Random: They need to find a way to get Kamasi Washington on the film score for Black Panther 2Looks like some good reading in this thread a cake with the family
Wow, didn't realize he was my age. Assumed he was in his early 20s.’ve seen many academics of color, at the margins, agonize over terrorism in the academy. We must decide which we v…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD @NyashaJunior Very on- brand😂😂😂 @KiaSpeaks @KiaSpeaks Do it. I released SEVERAL mixtapes in a not-so-distant past life 😂😂 so if I can, you got thisGreat video from 2003 before Carmelo and LeBron were drafted. Two kids about to take the NBA by storm. Melo says th…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD#TweetsFromProsperityAve 🔥🔥🔥 - All I Got Is You T.I. - I Still Luv U Scarface - Now I Feel Ya Jay-Z - You Must Love Me #HipHopEd @JustinTinsley Put this cover in the BlacksonianThe sports equivalent of “The Solo Beyoncé: She’s No Ashanti.”
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD @KieseLaymon Bruh😂Pineapple/spinach/banana/ raw black maca/mango/apple smoothie Cup of coffee Cheese grits, eggs and bacon Brunch…’s a song for you… The Ways (with Swae Lee) by Khalid had me at "Sonic the Hedgehog 3." Will read. took me for coffee, to talk. Him: Wife and I are having a baby. Your kids seem cool. Parenting--how do you…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhD#TweetsFromProsperityAve well done if your debit/credit card had a yearly wrap up like Spotify. “You bought 243 Crunchwrap supremes in 2019” “…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDVery very important was all about K. Dot. No surprise there. Not sure I've connected more with any album this decade. Jack Swing and Prince are basically my favorite genres. Yes, Prince is a whole genre in my opinion of these are my wife's top songs/artists, but I stand by it @blkfootwhtfoot is the TROOF. on this. Queen Bey was my most listened-to artist of 2019, because of #Homecoming, obviously. Wife shares our…
@Lbriana12 Mantis shrimp ftwThis might be the best corporate tweet thread ever.
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDI just came out to my straight best friend today. He cried. He told me that he doesn’t care and that he’s glad I to…
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Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDthis scene alone should be somewhere looping in the african american museum
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDThis is AMAZING used to read all the multiple pages of acknowledgments in books & be like "wow, this is a lot." then i started wr…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDTime to revisit his album. Liked it a lot but for lost in my shuffle after summer ended. @KiaSpeaks 😂😂😂
@KiaSpeaks Kia. Pls.A million views 9 hours after launching. Huge thanks to everyone who supported our animated short film #HairLove. H…
Retweeted by C.E. Little, PhDLast class of the semester is a wrap. Teaching Pre-Ed students has been exhausting but fun at the same time. Help… is awesome lol top 10 artists in the 8 years I've been on @Spotify: 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. D'angelo 3. Tame Impala 4. T.I. 5.…, at the tender age of 4, has already learned the importance of dresses with pockets. Any time I lay out… @ReignOfApril First time was horrible. I had tears coming out my eyes lol. But after a couple tries and once they w… @Da_Insanehype I'm really proud of you for everything you've done, are doing and will do in the future! ✊🏿This song is by one of my students, featuring another one of my students. I've known both of them since they were… @just_kiesh Same, lol! @just_kiesh This is fake. Definitely hasn't been that long.#TweetsFromProsperityAve love this energy