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black lives matter • 22 • she/her

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Happy birthday, Chi Chi DeVayne. The love and light that you brought to the world and to the art of drag is so, so…
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@HipsAndPads Shut upWell I mean it’s not exactly true , my name all throughout high school was pedo 🙃 because of my last name and there… - 8/10 it’s my name I have no other names or nicknames 👁👄👁 you agree... it’s a crime to shoot people?
Retweeted by erin @melanarielle Yeah 😌❤️ @PinkPoundSound @HavanaMeltdown She also put Amanda lepore on a mega bus ☠️Like you’re really mad and feel victimised that you didn’t get asked to do a Black Lives Matter show when this is t…
Retweeted by erinWill never understand why some Ru girls gave her the time of day, this is just the icing on a very disgusting cake…’ll smell that shit? If anyone is close with the ru girls that still ki with her on social media, feel free to se…
Retweeted by erin @badlydrawntracy Rip @badlydrawntracy Omg I just got locked out of mine too???
@falsehopes What an angel 🥺🥺🥺
@BluHydrangea_ You bitch this is so good!!! @falsehopes I love her @forjustminutes @trixiemattel @YouTube Am I wrong? @trixiemattel @YouTube You looked like jimbo
@HipsAndPads 🤬🤬🤬🥺🥺Tom Feltons cameo is £330? I want him to call me a filthy little mudblood @amyowst @TomZohar Oh my god@No one ever talks about the fifth Teletubby
Retweeted by erinMakes me so sad seeing artists I love work with ale*** st***! like the things she’s done and said are so vile and d…
Retweeted by erinWe as a society have moved past the need or want for alexis stonePeeta hiding from the other tributes
Retweeted by erinI will never understand why pillowtalk always comes up on here when I’ve not listened to it for about 3 years
@trixiemattel @iTunes @LanaDelRey What a coincidence that million reasons is above it 😌 now cover it 🔪👨🏻‍🦲Da vinky lives in my head now rent freenew ios 14 layout 💖
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she’s having a RED era
Retweeted by erinMy biggest enemy is
Retweeted by erinI keep going to find my dog and give her my leftovers then I remember she’s dead 🥴 @HipsAndPads I love you @ShadyLawrence I’ve been watching it on here cause it’s not available on wow+ x @BluHydrangea_ Very aarsh‘I’m baga, my mums eyebrows are shit’ - @BluHydrangea_ i can’t deal with youThis god shave the queens show is so cute I’m kinda obsessed @trixiemattel @YouTube I think it’s possibly my favourite song of yours, the cover works so beautifully with your v… look ragin in every picture I take
ur honour, i’m a freak bitch 😌
Retweeted by erinUr honour I’m a hole is repeating itself rn
Retweeted by erinFinally updating my phone cause I feel left outI cannot believe this from cheer????? What the fuckOh my god @amyowst But me and slam are going to Paris but it’s fine x
very much the girl with the koi fish tattoo
Retweeted by erinFollow my insta pls @hyunandra You best believe I listened to it in 0.75x speed and it hit @trixiemattel @consequence Proud of you for learning all the lyrics for this so you could release it as a singleI’m probs gonna put them on depop in a bit but I thought I’d post them on here firstTrixie skinny legend T-shirt- M Katya woman T-shirt - XL Bible T-shirt - L but oversized more like an XL Haus of p… some drag merch all varying sizes! I’ll reply to this tweet with all the different sizes! Dm me if you’re i… @faexae I got you!Kids who grew up "academically gifted" are now anxious adults who have thousands of abandoned hobbies and spiral in…
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You only look at masks as oppression if you’ve never experienced any
Retweeted by erinIt’s actually crazy how much I’ve improved from the beginning of lockdown to now
Retweeted by erinI can’t believe I used to put on a Demi wispie before a night out and go on with my evening, who did I think I was
If you don’t go put out them California fires
Retweeted by erin⚔️ Future Impact ⚔️
Retweeted by erin @elliejclark_ Awk angel😭😭 I hope she comes back soon xx
This guy pulled up to a stop-light and stopped directly on top of crosswalk. Check out the pedestrian. I’m cryi…
Retweeted by erin @HipsAndPads @BluHydrangea_ @ChipShopBird A picture of her and her favourite couple? I do think @trixiemattel @LanaDelRey As a long time stan of lanas music, I would just like to say, my rights. @HipsAndPads @BluHydrangea_ @ChipShopBird Yeah the other picture doesn’t exist to us so you can just have yourself @HipsAndPads @BluHydrangea_ @ChipShopBird God they were so luckythank you so much for coming to our m&g @BluHydrangea_ and @ChipShopBird 😌
Retweeted by erin @HipsAndPads @BluHydrangea_ @ChipShopBird We are so famousI’ve decided I simply don’t existI’m gonna sue Jinjer events purely because I look honkin in every picture they posted of meOh I surprised slam with a trip to Paris for her birthday cause she’s always wanted to go 😌 gay rights
Retweeted by erin @HipsAndPads Idk what you’re talking about I’m taller
So the fact that I now live in a house with no dogs is really strangeSummer is the dog at the end but we originally had 4 dogs who were all brothers and sistersCame home from Belfast today to find out that our final dog summer got put down a few days ago. I’m so heartbroken,… @saaazxo It was just a lobe it’s fine 🥴🥴🥴 @notkatya_zamo Cause I was wanting to get my other lobe piercing in my ear so we went to like 3 different piercing… a clit piercing 10 pictures taken before disaster
Retweeted by erin✨sisters by chance🧚🏼‍♀️ 💦lovers by choice🚫
Retweeted by erinHate the fact that I actually am just about to get an ear piercing at Claire’sShe later downed this drink and got absolutely steaming so she had to have a nap day at hot heels being @Victoria_Secret’s personal prop catchers 🤪
Retweeted by erin @HipsAndPads @Victoria_Secret I felt attacked
We booked a table in maverick so we could see the drag show and they put us downstairs and the show was upstairs 💔We have to leave to go to maverick in 30 minutes’t believe I saw live drag today for the first time FebruaryWe are getting a Wagamamas, close enoughShe needs some milkI want an anniversary shoutout at this showSlams had two tiny cocktails and is steamin @LailaMcQueen lil bit @john_ocee92 If you listen to the video it’s cause I said I lost the original card and found this one and didn’t even check
In the 3 hours we’ve been here in maverick I think WAP has been played about 6 times, as it shouldi might be biased but twitter do be making some good wlw relationships
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Retweeted by erinWe got a bunk bed in this etap we are ready for a 3rd sister way that I’m sat in bed tearing up at this
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