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erin from here • pretend blonde • 21 • she/her

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@_ciaobri @kaseydiIIa @trixiemattel The three lesbians that go to prom together ‘as friends’ before they come out @kaseydiIIa Neither can shejust 3 women at prom
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Omg the last 2 shows I’ve watched on Netflix have has Emily and Naomi from skins in them, can they come back plsi do be quite cute tho
Retweeted by erin @HipsAndPads You are SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT THE FUCKTHATS MY MF GIRLFRIEND 🤧🤧🤧 Asks- 1- All the time 2- yeah 3- Mum 4- No 5- I guess 6- Nothing that I know of 7- My gf 8- I cannot d… @forjustminutes 😗Lmfao I’m crying this is the kinda shit I deal with every WEEK
Retweeted by erin @ajaqueen YesThis bear has seen some shit drinks to know me: Irn bru xtra Peach ice tea Venoms Fanta fruit twist Caramel frappe @titlefxght_ He played boss bitch and thought that was enoughMe finding this in my camera roll after polo the other night, the DJ was a homophobe I think about vanessa hudgens spending her birthday in CC’sthis is why u always stay humble.
Retweeted by erin @tenderofferings Ooo kk, I have early entry and my tickets say 6.30 as well?? So idk what that means!People who have general standing tickets for Lana in Glasgow, what time does it say doors open for you?anyone selling a ticket for @trixiemattel in atlanta? 🥺🥺🥺 i wanna go
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Me when 5/6 of my holidays requests were denied for this year you save $416.6 an hour, thats $10,000 by the end of the day 🤷🏻‍♂️ I eat salt for lunch, and wet tissues for din…
Retweeted by erinIt looks like a melted down football Flack has been found dead at her flat
Retweeted by erinOh my god Caroline flackMISS THING SNAPPED
Retweeted by erin @donohobnob @OriginalBruise My wig is NOT glued down @HipsAndPads I can’t believe you did thisi can’t stop laughing @itserinpeden
Retweeted by erinI need Jerry from cheer to be on every tv show @HipsAndPads Cause I know from experience 🤧 @HipsAndPads Can’t wait for you to put everything in then realise how overweight it is and have to unpack half of it
@Jesstevens Shall I get her opinion on the outfit @Jesstevens I already know my mum will hate those shoes @darcmua @camaymilan Me and slam both called this @zxebruce @happiIyshan Have u not seen the girl trying to stretch her ear fast so she just puts a hole punch to the ear 🤧🤧Imagine if I could type in coherent sentences, I really left high school 4 years ago and my brain said ‘no no no’ @happiIyshan @zxebruce Yes just punch a hole through ur septum that should probably work xx @zxebruce @happiIyshan Yeah! You can just gradually go up in thickness!Valentine’s Day is here share your story 🌹 How we met?: twitter How long been together: 5 months Who was interest…
Retweeted by erin @HipsAndPads Omg hey that’s us! @zxebruce @happiIyshan Nah it’s probably a septum stretcher! @violetvxlour @thixxie Oh I’m good! Thank you tho! @violetvxlour @thixxie Okay, I do not like mutha tucka,she has been gross to multiple of people I know including me… kids gonna have about 30 aunties, luke being one of themStill canny believe Ellen’s having a kid and I can actually tweet about it now, this is probably how she’s feeling… u believe ma fuckin riot of a best pal is gonny be a fuckin MUM. Cos a cant either. Scenes 😭😭😭😭😭😭 cant wait to…
Retweeted by erin @thixxie That’s m*tha t*cka who was gross to me in a bar after trixies show one time and also every m&g I’ve had wi… @HipsAndPads Delete this before twitter seeshappy valentine’s day to trixie the CEO of creating wlw relationships between her followers
Retweeted by erinEmma Pillsbury sings a mashup of “S&M” and “Don’t Call Me Angel” while she explores her newfound love of BDSM. (4/19)
Retweeted by erinBillie Eilish - “No Time To Die” The theme song for the upcoming @007 film. Out now.
Retweeted by erinSlam is really out here exposing my horrific side anglealso i have screenshots of last year when twitter called her my valentine because i was secretly in love w her lmao…
Retweeted by erin @kuntykayla Usual @jaydeyohara @vinyIcherry Period @vinyIcherry Tysm!! @HipsAndPads I😤love😤you😤, I wish I was there with u, you would get more than chocolate🤪happy first official valentine’s day to my baby, a little sad i finally have someone i love on v day and i’m still…
Retweeted by erinGay shit? On my timeline?? I don’t think so
erin peden, elizabeth moore and skinny minnie are presently sharing a bed. luv what is this behaviour?
Retweeted by erinLads on tinder make me laugh asking “what you doing on here” well funny you ask that James I’m actually putting together a 5 a side
Retweeted by erinOmg why am I so stunning?
Retweeted by erinUsing 1969 + immaterial girl from @TrixieCosmetics 😗Omg why am I so stunning?‘I was really intimidated by you but last night I watched you fall asleep with a kebab in your mouth so I think we are passed that’🍒 Red Hot 🍒
Retweeted by erinYES felt v pretty last night"Do you have anything to say to the audience?" "BAH LEG DEH"
Retweeted by erin @ATweetFromSalma @benaroper Same I was a state!Stinky
@RheaLitre Alright Katy Perry @beIIeville What you deserveWe
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Retweeted by erinIt’s been a year thread of racists getting their ass beat for black history month
Retweeted by erinTHE CLIP OF HER GETTING HANDCUFFED AT THE END, I WISH I COULD BREATH was harassing her so... 😳
Retweeted by erinMe in my car everyday aLRiGGhhtT 😏 Spent the afternoon as @safiyajn and I don't regret it.
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@RoosterKosewski In the last 2 months Trixie has released a feature length documentary, a comedy special, a soundtr…
Retweeted by erin @HeckYeahLisa Oh my GOD @HeckYeahLisa She’s not a real personHere is a clip of me at age 11 saying ‘I’m not a lesbian btw’ I had the audacity to say this whilst wearing a TWEED…
Retweeted by erinBringing this back @coldwcrld Yes
She also called someone’s gay area manager a fairy to my face and then tried to get me to agreeNot an Old women in my work admitting to asking Asian customers if they’re from China or have been in China or come… want to go to tracks tonight, I know I’ve been off for 2 weeks but this is not fair😤😤😤oh my goD
Retweeted by erinWhy’d I just spend 10 minutes trying to figure out if Ashnikko was Zora in Sonny with a chancethe cheetah girls are shaking luv 🐆💖
Retweeted by erin @darcmua Can Lorde just release something in general, I’m starvingGoing back to work after pretty much having 2 weeks off does not make sense with my fantasy @tweetyohara I’ll wear your ring is so beautiful @HipsAndPads I heard you started it3C5
kissing the homies
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