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Euvn @itseuvn United Kingdom

graphic stuff, producing & mixing — © 2020 Euvn

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@bencx0 Logic Prowhy do ppl put stuff like “chat to me” on their stories? Like if the person u like liked you back then u wouldn’t need ask 24/7 chile @champgnecoasts we rlly did win @pinkdiamond_xcx 💀💀💀 @pinkdiamond_xcx yeah, if there were only 1000 pressed ur prices are very justifiable @pinkdiamond_xcx does they know collectors are???? sjfkfhdfd @party4uwu when I tell u I’m confused 👄👁👄 @party4uwu CHILE ICCANT READ IT IM- 😭😭 @chromaticadlx kinggggg purr
@STICKYS1M vga x @champgnecoasts carried the performance @ricky__xcx @champgnecoasts atl*ntic getting a search warrant on u when they find this aksdkfsk @SONIKKU_DJ kinggnggggg @yungbaegod boüägHtI acc wanna start an EP project soon,,,,,,, but,,, idk- feels weird @archangelfenix Akskxkffkk @archangelfenix @charli_xcx put the HQ over it 🥰🥰 @xeonxcx definitely not lmao @xeonxcx no not zoom 😭😭😭 mono audio will ruin brain cells chile @isidmusic_ she rlly said ahah sike, u all thought 😭😭 @dvnots 😭😭 @dvnots did u record sk*ter boy I missed it :/they rlly just- 💀 @AlxndrMitch @michaelxmedrano dr puke tease @champgnecoasts AJDJSJ JK ILY AJAJSJ ❤️❤️ @champgnecoasts ur cancelled
@glitchmood ma’am where I- @number1orbit a lyricist @number1orbit omg?! I can stan again purrr @number1orbit didn't she make a song called all lives matter 😔 @glitchmood immaculate @xeonxcx u think u gunna survive, a whole earthquake would be summoned @xeonxcx that’s the first & last song u play @sabbysousa they do give off bad bitch vibes tbh @party4uwu I wanna be on that level @charli_xcx love u 🥺 #HIFNRemix @xeonxcx @number1orbit that don’t sit right @efemeracatarse lmfaoocan’t wait for this music to be out I’ve literally never made anything I love more ✨✨ @champgnecoasts IT SAYS IT WONT FOR ME IN AND IM THE UK, REPLIES ALSO SAY THE SAME AHHHH @champgnecoasts doesn’t ship outside the us 👺👺👺👺
@FckyeahCharli 😭😭😭 @FckyeahCharli YES @glitchmood I swear one is like £15 in the uk to order 😭 @FckyeahCharli PURRRRR @chromaticadlx I can’t remember what I voted 😭 @chromaticadlx me too but top 10 status is pushing it 🥴 @FckyeahCharli mhm ! 💕🧚‍♀️ @number1orbit @FckyeahCharli WORST? cmon now @champgnecoasts July 9th 11:59pm - the world ends @FAMEKILLED has caterpilla vibes from behind @silvercrossxcx u won pur @isidmusic_ periodt !follow me on ig it’s kinda dry over there 🥴 @namasendababe hello from England @tethered_chris AHSH ty! 💕💕 @charli_xcx yuppppppoyeah ❤️ @charli_xcx AHHHH OMGGI can’t wait for u to hear this I’m obessed @MarcusAConnolly 💕 @FelipeSiquara AKSKKD
enter the underworld 🌀🏙 @terrellllllll @andreavalle__ is the whole image a render? looks insane @usercanon um sir u snapped @xvim1chele @dvnots let me just do the same 👀I made a bop... @ricky__xcx @charli_xcx thanks luv x @charli_xcx @FckyeahCharli reminding me that I lost mine 😭 @alexhasg2g Jesus these look incredible !!!!! @silvercrossxcx purrr
wanna make a render but dk what to make uhhh @glitchmood Purple diamond in the dark @champgnecoasts I’d agree if she uploaded more 😌 @FAMEKILLED can he stay in 2010 @nxtlvlarchi ME THOUGJTS EXACTLY I HATE HIMM @pinkdiamond_xcx not more of these lyric videos chile @cybergushy PRESSUE,,,all I want in life is the pop 2 vinyl 👺 @pinkdiamond_xcx doing this with hifn yuppp @glitchmood @itisthatkid oh purr @archangelfenix it would be the same as before basically but in that one Made the water have a bit of rougnesss(idk… @archangelfenix I need to remake this fr, looking back it looks nothing liek the acc water in the album art LOL @MissAriane how ppl still finding this 😭 I made this like a year ago SKKSF @xeonxcx when it required a different version than ur iPod had bc u updated too soon 😭💔 @bIaze4ever too many words plz sumarrise ✨
@DJHIMERA im not complaining... @SOPHIEMSMSMSM yupppp @silvercrossxcx Ungodly hour (song) @claudioirl happy birthday ❤️✨ @xvim1chele 💕 @glitchmood 👁👄👁
@FckyeahCharli this is impossible... @bodyofmyown when Caroline pulls up 😎 @akasaka_sad OMG U SNAPPEDT!! @akasaka_sad 🥺👉👈 @saferinthecity TY!!!! 💕💕💕 @jakegermain_ my taste buds have always been refined ✨🧚‍♀️