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I LOVE THISSSSSSS 😍 levels of overworked: 😐 drink a little more coffee 😬 skip a shower or two 😰 ignore messages from friends 😩 sto… @DiegoAdeG next time I have 3 hours.... which will probably be..... DecemberI haven't put on Jester since MAY 😰 no wonder I'm sadYou need me like I need you ✨ #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #yasha #beauregard
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀 @JessoLaurus ahhhh this looks BEAUTIFUL!!"I talked to my accountants. I'm being audited. I'm going to release my taxes soon." Trump literally said this bef…
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀my least favorite stage of stress is the stage where you have so much to do that it paralyzes you and instead you do nothing @MegaPlayerlist African or European??
HELLO, GOOD EVENING, Unlikely Heroes is running a Halloween-themed charity oneshot to benefit @CMHNetwork! They're… video lives in my brain rent free (minding my own business) my brain: MY LADY! PRAY FORGIVE ME, BUT THINE PLEASING FIGURE HATH BECKONED ME HITHER. @theramblingbard Wow, this looks amazing!! You should be very proud, this is incredible work! @ZuvaStyle @BrandesStoddard @CriticalRole who, me, with the timestamp link bookmarked??? couldn't be creators, ask me questions!! I wanna answer them!! @atdavidhex @mashapocalypse OOP! thank you!!
It's your last chance to pledge to @norsefoundry's latest "Adventurers and Adversaries" Kickstarter! This is their… @jackielinayao @CriticalRole THANKS JACKIE 😭😭😭 @025_Ajax Nope, it's not uncomfortable, although you can feel it when you move your face.NEW VIDEO Smash that vote button
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀 @artofjoenni DINDERTIME oh my god hahaha @025_Ajax it's called rigid collodion, also known more casually as "scarring liquid"! You paint it onto the skin (i… typo'd the word "crooked" in a preset I made on Premiere to correct my slightly crooked tripod in my next video,… @rmorganslade @CriticalRole THANKS FRIEND!! @Asselberghs @WyrmwoodGaming Yes!! I'm so excited, it's GENIUS to have a tray that the vault can nest into like that!! @byndogehk @CriticalRole FINALLY!! IMMORTALITY!!! @BrandesStoddard @CriticalRole this is going right into my "validation" folder on my camera roll, next to the clip… are SO many Critter cosplayers doing amazing work, blowing my mind with their creativity, dedication, and pur… can't explain how much it means to me that @CriticalRole included my cosplay in this beautiful book. It's no secr… @keoghderek2009 I don't do a lot of straight song covers like that! But I did sing a fair chunk of "The Wizard and… @Berye14 I mean, they're the same!! the paint is the same it's just a different color, haha. no difference. @Phantom_6 rigid collodion! @025_Ajax yes @WyrmwoodGaming also here's my @BrianWFoster cosplay you admired my coffin dice vault (wenge with turquoise inlay!!) you're gonna loooove the new @WyrmwoodGaming kic…
@khansonbooks thank you so much!!support your local cryptid’re not wrong, but you’re annoying
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀⚠️ lil announcement ⚠️ no youtube video this week! I'm taking a week off from my upload schedule so I can focus on… @mashapocalypse I'm so glad you guys like my chaos haha 🥺What it's like being signed up to @itsginnydi patron: wake up to a 4.5 hour stream of wonderful chaotic nonsense th…
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀Gelatinous Cutie 💚 based on @itsginnydi awesome cosplay!
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me: why is this apartment such a dumpster. why is everything disgusting. who made this mess also me: @arachnobite I think it’s pretty easily visible when they’re empty @arachnobite Yeah, I was just... wondering the reason. That was the whole question lol @actingkeith yes, that's why I'm asking people for an explanation. since I don't know, since I haven't spent time o… @Teknodweeb ....yes, I know. But a ceramic mug is heavy. Probably about as heavy as a half-empty paper coffee cup, which is my point. @arachnobite I mean, sure, but like... I see jokes about this all the time, so it's obviously a widespread choice b… @actingkeith like, I just noticed this in a TV show that very regularly includes a live cat!! you're telling me the… @actingkeith right, I mention the rock as an example because I can see how liquid would be risky, but it's such an… @actingkeith but isn't that true of literally any prop? who decided that the potential time risk of ANYTHING (even… @Teknodweeb see, for example, any scene in which an actor holds/carries a ceramic mug. @Werewolve100 no no no, I'm saying they don't drink anything, the cups are empty. it's so obvious in so many scenes… @TakaiWonderer that's a confused "what does this have to do with me or my tweet" what @space__hippo that's what I'm wondering, I feel like I must be missing something because it seems so incredibly easy to fix!! @Teknodweeb it would honestly really surprise me if this were the reason. actors use props and carry things all the… @TakaiWonderer ....what? @katofvalkyrie I can understand why they might not want to go to the trouble/expense of a really specific solution… @bbettie_cosplay @woodsmokewords exactly!! the idea that a cosplayer should be a genetic clone of the character is… @woodsmokewords @bbettie_cosplay ofc that's not to downplay the irrefutable issue of transphobia in people insultin… @woodsmokewords @bbettie_cosplay –rooted in the same issue, which is just... people wanting cosplayers to have gene… @woodsmokewords @bbettie_cosplay yeah, for me it just happens when I cosplay characters with mature figures or angu… @erikaishii oh lord please do not thank me for stepping over that ground-level bar haha 🙈 @pillsandadvice honestly, I don't know. I have had a lot of experiences where I call someone out for an unkind joke… @erikaishii god, I hope so!! @erikaishii if I had a dollar for every time I fantasized about threatening the men who objectify me and someone re… @erikaishii I also just... personally loathe people's tendency to try and "gotcha" women when we fantasize about ha… @erikaishii OOOF. the internet's inability to identify what jokes/lines are and are not appropriate to use on a str… finished my Corpse Bride (Emily) costume and the illusion skeleton arm works exactly as I’d hoped! 😄
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀 @AvantGeekArt @imaginmatrix OLIVIA THIS IS GENIUS!!!✨WEEKLY SCHEDULE!✨ Join us for the exciting return of Narrative Telephone Round 2 with special storytime guest,…
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀AMONG US in Dungeons & Dragons?! New video! I talk about how I made an #AmongUs inspired #dnd Adventure and the me…
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀Day 18: Rapunzel brightens up my day #blacktober
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀 @KaylenAldanae over the course of a decade of taking him to the vet OFTEN (he is a sickly little victorian orphan)…'s fine)my cat heaving a deep sigh and then climbing resignedly into his carrier to go to the vet this morning is such a relatable mood @fenryk_bel I feel like even without context it’s still very obviously sarcasm, but... I guess this is the internet @kiersi honestly that’s all of Twitter for me right now, I don’t even know why I’m here @FrankIncer Alas, that is not how twitter works @boopabelle peak comedy... true genius. replying with the thing I just said is shitty??? why didn’t I think of that?? men are exceptional @BattlePumpkin0 Because 98% of the time it is being used @ me by older men to be condescending, suggestive, or bothLove how you have to explain your jokes on twitterI’m making fun of this dummy @DiegoHe56248028 Jesus fucking christ no @BlueElectraCos Yep!! Back and front! The front has a dart, and of course if you want to line it, it becomes lightl…🖤⭐️4k giveaway⭐️🖤 One winner will win a full body commission of the character they want ✨ to participate all you h…
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀 @itsginnydi My grandfather fought in the great war against Orcus. He says back in those days there weren't 'saving…
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀Young men: Here’s some dad advice: Do you play Dungeons and Dragons? Instead, JOIN an adventuring party. Walk down…“Many argue that spoilers ruin a story. But I gotta know what lies ahead for marginalized characters who represent…
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀Short comic about artists becoming less active/personal on Twitter. Will put up an alt text version later.
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀I try not to influence the actions #dnd players take at my table, but I do judge them via DM narration PLAYER: I w…
Retweeted by Ginny Di-ceased 💀 @arden_katherine Ahhh congratulations!! 😍 @spencerjoh20s It’s just a joke man @ksealgmu @Absintheskiss I ordered mine online! You can search for “non stick sewing machine foot” or “Teflon sewin… @DuckduckLuke6 @RationalExplan1 Nope, just a similar shape! @Alli95W Nope, sorry! No underwire, no boning, it’s just sturdy fabric. Personally I don’t need much support and us… @ElNinjaCupcake I’ve never had that experience!! Are you wearing mostly lace ones? @glatthorn @sineadpersaud @shipwrckdcomedy YES 😍😍😍 @imaginmatrix I know what you mean 😍 @NickBlas You could probably call it lots of things! A bralette is just a term for a bra with no underwire, often w…