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Hafu @itshafu Fort Worth, TX

Twitch Streamer. MLG Champion. Dreamhack Winner. Raise your Pingus. 🐧 business:

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Played on my channel yesterday so today 5fu will be on @5uppps! 👋
@DisguisedToast :) well deservedwhat a scuffed fun stream - @5uppps sucks at tasks 🙂D:
Retweeted by HafuToday I’m streaming but will be on @5uppps channel. We are both gonna be playing as one! See you guys at 8am PST!
@5uppps pink and yellow sus @KarlJacobs_ get better soon Karl 🤗
@fuslie @edisonparklive happy birthday edison!!!Love you guys for sticking through a scuffed stream - will try to troubleshoot and fix the audio stuff for tomorrow ❤️ @5uppps ❤️ stupid pink manhelp I’m still drunk5up is exactly the person you’d expect him to be @peterparkTV see you tomorrow pp 😘
@VeryDumbDog unluckyFirst day off since August 24th and I’m already missing my stream 🥺Was going to stream today but our internet went out :( apparently they need to send a technician to fix it so I won… @Corpse_Husband to the tippity top c: @peterparkTV @VeryDumbDog who me or him @xChocoBars I swear you’re the only one I simp for @VeryDumbDog You mean the 1000 times you killed me? @VeryDumbDog about time @implushys cute! They suit you 😘 @BeccaTILTS -drink -eat -play games -degen that's our checklist in a few days @5uppps if you’re not drunk right now you aren’t doing vegas rightand I’m tweeting instead of doing said thing 🙃why do I put everything off until the last second aaaaaaaah
@peterparkTV @LilyPichu @michaelreeves 3 qts 1 picture @TaliaMar glad to have you back @AnySusAmongUs uh that's not me lol @xChocoBars LET'S GO JAN JANNNN 👆 @bnans :( sorry to hear - I also booked a flight to see my parents and had to cancel because Massachusetts as prett… @AriaSaki @TeamLiquid model
@TSM_Myth @koolaid morning! We're LIVE and the @koolaid man is crashing our stream today to bring the party!… @BeccaTILTS the happiest of birthdays! It's been 8 years of being complete derps together and I wouldn't ha… @peterparkTV @Jae_Day6 😡😡😡😡😡😡 @peterparkTV rest your eyes after lasik for 1 million on Twitch! Feels super surreal - thank you thank you thank you 🥰 @Sykkuno omg @KarlJacobs_ @Alienware ty Karl c:
THANK YOU @Alienware!!!! I’m going to Vegas for a week starting the 21st and I’ll be able to continue streaming the… @dakotaz national treasureTHIS CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH @peenerpark I feel like I’m turning into my mother @peenerpark REST YOUR EYES @Valkyrae Yes puhleaseeee 🥰 @Valkyrae busting through glass ceilings 🙏the unread fleets at the top of my screen are triggering my ocd
I am not David. @dogdog is David. I am not David.
Retweeted by Hafu @KarlJacobs_ the clip art is what makes it tbh @peterparkTV @brodinplett REST YOUR EYES @KarlJacobs_ oh my goodness @DanGheesling I choose life over money @OvileeMay @tokidoki @TeamLiquid omg this is the most uwu I’ve ever seen you @pokimanelol always glowing 🥰 @peterparkTV YAYY
minecraft is hard @aqlkli ❤️❤️ ayy lexington rep! @VeryDumbDog WTF @BeccaTILTS 🥰 lab you see you soon weeeeeeeThe best part is @StevenSuptic’s perm @peterparkTV it’s a whole new world after lasikwhen storage kills go wrong but so right. It's a touching story ft. @StevenSuptic @dakotaz @Valkyrae :( ❤️ @share_no_mimosa @SIMPLEMobile haha - i have a partnership with simple! @Locodoco how do I buySo @SIMPLEMobile graciously gave me an iphone 12 to celebrate our partnership and the only thing I’m using it for i…
We're LIVE with Among Us and more Dial-A-Fan powered by @SIMPLEMobile! Get an unlimited 30-day phone plan starting… @5uppps many more milestones to come 👍 @skipper babysitting adult sized toddlers?WAIT THE SINGER THAT I GOLDEN BUZZERED WON FIRST PLACE???? I’m a genius @fritzeBlitze ❤️🤗Just got to (digitally) meet the loveliest person on this planet @itshafu. She is such a ray of sunshine. 🥰 You re…
Retweeted by Hafumeeting @itshafu at #GlitchCon bleedPurple
Retweeted by Hafu @A2Zephyr 😘Me and @5uppps committed a massacre today, I've never had a game like it @lovecityttv @StevenSuptic @dakotaz @5uppps @OvileeMay @TaliaMar @VeryDumbDog love this! I’ll show it on stream tomorrow 🥰 @AriaSaki your hair is magical @Guy24Patriots 😊🙏 @Jae_Day6 love u jaeDark web monitoring to notify you if your info was found, a VPN to hide your IP address, a cloud backup for your fi…
Hey I'm live again, doing my part in Glitchcon! Playing Lets Make a Game, where chat controls what happens in the g… @peterparkTV but I’m still gonna murder you tomorrow @peterparkTV !!! High compliment coming from youuuu peeeeenerrrr 😚🥰
@dakotaz @Twitch LOLThank you to @twitch for the goodies box!! The first picture doesn’t even do it justice - it’s crammed from top to… @xChocoBars THIS IS SO COOL @DillonFrancis @dakotaz @StevenSuptic wait would you want to play!?you know it's a good lobby when you get crewmate for 5 hours and still have fun @AriaSaki hehe I’m a big noob though @TheRealRyanHiga they say money can’t buy happiness
@dakotaz streaming machine @peterparkTV @scarra ☑️ lasik soon ☺️ @Valkyrae @Alythuh queeeeeenSo... what are some tips for beginners at Genshin impact? 🤔 @Trainwreckstv well deserved
REMINDER! We have Ep2 of the talent show live tomorrow at 4PM EST featuring judges @KarlJacobs_ @andymilonakis @JustaMinx & @itshafu
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I really need a laptop that I can stream on when I travel, anyone know some good recommendations? Need to know semi soon.
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