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communications director, @failbettergames. she/her. store page reviews wednesday mornings 0900-1000 GMT.

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This was taped under the table! We had to heat it up over a flame to reveal a number, and ring the number!
@jimsyjampots There's one where they specifically have it in Spanish, I actually forget which 😁 @MolotovCupcake It's extremely good, and the hosts are doing #hometasking during lockdown if you want to get involved! @MolotovCupcake Show* oops @MolotovCupcake Quite right! It's a reference to a shoe we like, Taskmaster, which is coincidentally about doing si… @rabbitinahat @emilybflynn The best part is, we're shattered all the time so my birthday is lasting ages 👍🥰Flipped it over on completion. Anyone know what it says, and the reference? 😁 the mystery box were textured letters that spelled a clue which sent me to the garage where I found this love Wish
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaI just launched my 3rd and our studio's 12th game! Please check it out, and share! #gamedev #indiedev
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4eva @preetholt Yes I am the same I think if I tried to buy enough chocolate to defeat my capacity for consuming it, ul… @preetholt Strategically over-shopping for chocolate knowing that only a percentage of it will arrive @itsJenSim hellllllllll yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah congratulations jen!! @notquitereal the french voice acting charmed me so MUCHWE ARE COMING TO SWIIIIIITCH! REALLY SOON! has a full-time, permanent role for a senior writer/narrative designer. - Remote (as everything is rig…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evathis is a big one, gang. a RARE one. shoot your shot!! mean, come on <3<3<3'S GET DOWN's had a few and she's staggering around with a cigarette lighter trying to light a Lil-let.
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Isolation status: improvising a non alcoholic cocktail using the juice from a can of peachesour kid gave us ice creams, or three rocks in an inside-out sock. they were Moana flavour.
@Fuzzlette @emilybflynn It was a series of backwards letters formed out of different materials that I had to touch and decipher 🤫youve been visited by bread cat retweet to gain the power of bread
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaBirthday treasure hunt update: things are extremely real (It was fifty fifty whether a mouse has found this and ma… @dejobaan O it's called a minimani @dejobaan We solved it my getting my wife to cut them, who habitually uses nail scissors and has some skill with th… for a scan. A screen is advertising a device for cutting baby nails that is essentially a Dremel. The staff… alien invasion could happen today and brands would be like “sis!! you know what’s REALLY out of this world? This…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4eva @RotesReh Kids are amazing 😅💖 @RotesReh She really liked Howl even though it was clearly scary to her. She just put her face in the crook of her… @innesmck @SamMGreer @pillowfort I just watched the dub for the first time and he really does kill it, hot damn (A…
@Barl0we She first got interested in Paddington at about that age. She only wanted to watch that, many times a day… our kid has been interested in lately (lockdown edition): Totoro, Kiki, Howl's Moving Castle (twice), West Si… "god i love the holy sepulchre" (strictly, "seen in failbetter's slack and taken out of c…, y'all.
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaMY KID GOT A VOICE MESSAGE FROM PETER B PARKER TELLING HER SHE'S DOING A GOOD JOB WITH ISOLATION AND TO KEEP UP THE GOOD ATTITUDE 😭 @SteamPnkDevilTV Yeah, but I don't want to be in proximity with someone. The bus feels marginally safer. Also, it's… @yenooi I am going to hose down the whole bus with sanitiser! And hopefully bring home an envelope with the flavour… have my 20 week scan tomorrow, so i have to leave the house, use public transport, and go to a fucking hospital,… love that KeePass have optimistically put a capital P in the middle but i do always read it as Keep Ass
Doing what I can: logging in to my mobile games to give lives to everyone who's requested them @Lady_Noremon Oh, I meant, 'has a game' as in, 'if your game you are making is on this list please tell me how many wishlists you have' :D“Mask-trees“ have been cropping up around the Czech Republic as a form of solidarity. Volunteers are making cloth m…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaIf anyone who has a game in the top 200 games on this list would like to share their wishlist number with me and a… @FrogCroakley @Glitter_brawl Love @CHGardiner How can this be halted and reversed
Final #screenshotsaturday before launch! 🙃 The Procession to Calvary – a Pythonesque adventure game made from Rena…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4eva @RubyStar92 I've ordered some! @Demokuracy @MuchTooYoung We've just filled three more holes with wire wool and foam. Endless faff! But we have to… @cptnbeatrush Roger that! Killing them is last resort stuff. Found another mouse hole today, packed it and sealed it, so that's something.
@SamuelPartridge @emilybflynn I'd create a complex tube system for them and live in peace but we've got another bab… @TomThumbsticks aw yeah i have some! i think i've deffo missed some holes, and we have inherited a massive ivy bush… @SamuelPartridge @Lord_Mandalore poor @emilybflynn was isolated from me and the kid, walking two miles to punt mice… @Lord_Mandalore yeah, we had two but the little swines bit through a bunch of the plastic so neither of them work a… @TomThumbsticks we don't have any ultrasonic noisy things! i will investigate! thank u for tips, we're doing everything else :Dplease send mouse advice this is getting out of control (we're not going to kill them and i'm allergic to cats) Enemy is full @Steam ahead on April 9. Happy to support this Solitaire battler with RPG elements brought t…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4eva @GOFIG_news @StasisGame There are definitely ways to do this. You have to ask yourself: am I hiding the best parts… I'm still offering Steam page reviews on a paid basis. I can do about one a week with things the way they are.… Thing 2020 is now live, with 20 new IF pieces to check out:
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Took six days but finally managed to clean 3sqm of the houseIn a time when we could all do with a little extra kindness in our lives, Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaToday @emilybflynn bought this dance-fighting telenovela game and I am ready to watch her play it Save 50% on El T… a thought for us, whose washing machine broke down just before all of this Our child has been helping wash h… @VictorOjuel ❤️ I'm so sorry.Announcing... 👑⚔️👑 PENDRAGON 👑⚔️👑 Our brand new Narrative Strategy game, coming this summer. Rally the Round Tab…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaSometimes we see a conversation about Fallen London and it reads like a tournament-level game of Mornington Crescen…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evajesus the difference from yesterday to today in the pregnant stakes feels like i just accelerated by a month overni… and also ready to cryAdam Schlesinger, a musician and songwriter highly regarded for his work as a member of Fountains of Wayne and an E…
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It's our game true hands on the hip icon
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaThis lockdown is honestly making me into Schroedinger's Fat Did she get pregnant or did she eat the isolation chocolate (It's both)Pregnancy update: I'm on the precipice of actually looking pregnant and not just extra fat @charlesv I WISHI think I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm too old to shitpost in a professional capacity I just can't bring myself to do itgays deciding what to do in quarantine
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaFrench artist Anastassia Elias has founded Toilet Paper Art using the inner cardboard tubes to create scenes from e…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4eva @mollygos 💖💖💖💖💖 @btnhovefood are crowdfunding as part of their #HungryAtHome campaign to support food banks in the city They're ra…
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evaSingapore-based artist Izziyana Suhaimi embroiders accents into her pencil and watercolor illustrations #womensart
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This man really really puts paintings back together @Cilllah I've stuck loads in the shop and am hoping some turn up! I thought to look at posh places but lots of them… together a massive food shop because it's the last delivery we'll get before our kid's birthday & Easter, a… @Barl0we :/ that doesn't help anyone. @Vialixia yes!! and everyone around me felt it was so easy! fuckin' hell school is dreadful no matter which way you… @Vialixia it's grim, isn't it? i'd call it a phobia or something, it brings me out in a cold sweat even though i know it's not rational.i read a proof of this last year and found it compelling, infuriating, true, horrific, lingering. worth a look if y… to hear Michael Rosen is very sick. Reminded of this lovely poem and glad he is in these hands.
Retweeted by It's Hannah Flynn // WFH 4evabrains i opened one to make marginal changes - *extremely simple* changes that aren't even to do with maths really -… when my confidence slips in any way, the first thing to fall apart is anything to do with maths. in the past i'… was supposed to know these things. i was supposed to be good at it. so i just carried on, becoming more and more… secondary school, we were sorted into ability groups and i was placed in the top group for maths - i can only as… Resistance
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I might actually need to buy some hair clippers because my hair is thinking of moving out without me @emilybflynn You told me this would be ok!!diot coke where is she now
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