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@KayzoMusic holy FUCK 🀯pop punk/trance/techno it’s happening RIGHT NOW @claireeeevelyn rebrand alert 🚨 @claireeeevelyn oh fuck 😰
fuck... ✞ β€” Out everywhere 4/10 πŸ›Έ pre-save it hereπŸ‘‡πŸ½
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Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @ziasounds this was fucking iconic @iammagna thank u jake now i can get back to music
HOLY SHIIIIIIT YES *strobe warning*
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Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @drakkofficial YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSFΜ΄oΜΈlΜ΅lΜ·oΜΆwΜ΅ Μ΅MΜ΄eΜ΅ OUT NOW! sᴛʀᴇᴀᴍ/α΄…α΄α΄‘Ι΄ΚŸα΄α΄€α΄…
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Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @emzhimusic @ProximityM @MooreKismetBass @LUCALUSH @mrcarmack @reapernoises @houseofSWARM @BailoBeatz @KRISCHVN… - DEADSONG (REVEL REMIX) OUT NOW EVERYWHERE STREAM: MAJOR LOVE TO @wearegraves…
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @guiltchip dick ridersman life has been crazy lately. i’m making so much music and creating one of the most unique performance ideas righ…
!!! REMOTE TRANSMISSION 4/5/20 !!! my 45 minute all original set from last night's @TeamBandL x @ProximityM stream…
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @spaceyacht @hiddenhen @raveloids noooooo larges are sold out :(seeing y’all connect over these streams has me all πŸ₯Ί the internet has been amazing these last 3 daysnew acid ID this one is called A2C2I2D
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ!thanks for watching my set love u all so much !!!!!! πŸ–€
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ!every tweet is about g jones and shades can we keep it this way please @ISOxo_ fucking samegreg pls
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @shaileebendavid @eprombeats @AlixPerez @gjonesbass @hareball14 me cuz i’m losing my mind @JERICHO he’s my all time favorite. i’m legit going nuts rnACID 2020OMGGGG @gjonesbass is fucking killing it
@its_lupa @DrewReyes95 senddd!!! @forevesr give me my money @peekaboobeats carole baskin robin thicke @N8vEmerald @JERICHO HAHAHAH WHAAATi see more and more people on my timeline making rave and acid and I LOVE IT 😻 @yultron damn bro look at u!!!!! congrats @its_lupa wtf so backstory i literally see the numbers 303 everywhere no lie. opening scene of the matrix and here th… high and watching the matrix brb @ziasounds πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ @Lexeria001 🧐🧐🧐🧐i really fuck with people who don’t make excuses. don’t give me reasons why something won’t work. give me reason to… @_WaterSpirit what up!! @skytheplurking chilllllin tired af πŸ˜“ @dyl__ sameeeee rocket league. wrote some music today @dyl__ what’s up! @skytheplurking what’s up!!!hi :)guys. get familiar with @letslinkmusic now because once he starts dropping this shit it’s over
favorite tunes I’ve made: β€’ afterlife (unreleased) β€’ are we dreaming (unreleased) β€’ no regrets w/ @KayzoMusic β€’ i… 04.07.2020
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@Eptic jesus that acid @Max_Mantrow it takes a special level of artistry to accomplish what he didokay what in the actual fuck...... @nitepunky i’m sitting here now listening thinking the exact same thingokay time to listen to the new @enJOYRYDEsome unreleased rave house :))) out on @NIGHTMODE v soon... ✞ Spotify playlist overhaul: New music from @drezomusic @manovgod @diontimmermusic &…
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @FROSKI_Music i just came across silver apples the other day !!!! so crazy @Wuki @enJOYRYDE i low key am scared to listen lmaoIf you’re scared to lose...You’ll lose.
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @spenseredmund @an_arkangel that’s dope. i’m personallyjust a really big fan of ableton and i have the push 2 so i… @an_arkangel @spenseredmund you gotta just go with your gut. there’s no wrong decision @an_arkangel @spenseredmund i’m doing that now basically to really connect ableton to my rack and it not be two seperate things @an_arkangel @spenseredmund @an_arkangel @spenseredmund my advice with modular is to move slow dont plan an entire rack at once. my first purch… wants stickers?! @itsbabyjake
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ! @an_arkangel @spenseredmund i just bought that case todayi’m live!!! come hang :)))! // TECHNO BATTERY BREAKDOWN // Q&A
unreleased collab w @LUCALUSH in here 🀯🀯 live in an hour!!! gonna flip through this project file and talk about whatever the fuck i feel like so come… @imguerro yes it will be recorded! @iamlickx all today????
@deviousduck_ i died when i read oonts oonts lmaooooolmaooooooooo β€œoonts oonts” but nah this couldn’t be more false i hope this is april fools live tomorrow, breaking down the project file of β€œtechno battery”. get ready to take a small peek into my fo… @throwinschade yeah i should have specified vocals. the drums THWAAACK @throwinschade yeah i’m really not sure just try to dig in the most obscure place possible i guess. splice samples… @throwinschade also drum breaks and shit resampled from 70’s records and what not. how many people have used the amen break on their shit @throwinschade i’m exaggerating but i downloaded this one pack that had public enemy vocals in it lmao so i don’t trust anything @throwinschade i’m pretty sure nothing is clear able at this point i find copywritten shit on splice all the time.@KayzoMusic taps rising producer @itshellbound for heavy collaboration "No Regrets" (via @WelcomeRecs) πŸ’£πŸ’£ 🎧 Liste…
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ!Just heard someone say @KayzoMusic & @itshellbound new song sounds like it belongs in a Blade movie. Facts
Retweeted by π‡π„π‹π‹ππŽπ”ππƒ!this is a must watch. this woman is a huge inspiration of mine and stumbling upon this video about 2 years ago real… @letslinkmusic so dope @xandgmusic ahhhh thank u!! maybe i will that one is on my old computer i gotta dig it up @its_lupa all you need is artdamn i’ve had 90k spotify steams one the last 7 days. honestly so happy/proud 😭.it may not mean that much in compar… @shstrmusic @DEATHCORD6666 @themikesv super dope i love it πŸ₯° @shstrmusic @DEATHCORD6666 these visuals are fire @letslinkmusic @throwinschade @Djphiltr @drchambers only the beginningwho would be down for a stream where i break down my song techno battery!! ps i’m doing it regardless :) ill let u know soon @CarbinOfficial @fknsyddamn @ALRTMUSIC dropped the kayzo collab in his new NRG mix and sped it up to 150 and i actually fuck with it a lot…
@itsVincent_ yooooooooooooo i just listened and was so confused for like 30 seconds and then realized it wasn’t you lmaooooooo @BrvmesMusic GO OFFso stoked to have two new tunes streaming on @Spotify’s Rage Beats playlist!! s/o @austinkramer for the continued s…