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don't blame me, I voted for the email lady

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@realDonaldTrump @USCG happy birthday Mr. President, and by Mr. President of course I mean Barack Obamarespect to Jonathan Swan for not blurting out "what the fuck is wrong with you" @NJWarrer @JakeSchlaeger @realDonaldTrump in fact it's poem set to the tune of an English drinking song, "To Anacre… @realDonaldTrump people are not happy that they're out of work and a pandemic is raging and grandma is on a ventila… @realDonaldTrump SHOUTY MORON!!! @thought_spiral @AndyKindler @JElvisWeinstein reverse podcasts are simply a way for you to get the jokes you need, now @tommychong call it a hunch
@susanorlean I've turned having nothing to say into a cottage industryguys, the president of the united states is fucking nuts @RealMerrinD @NoAverageJoJo @realDonaldTrump ok, fair point @JeffreyGuterman @JoyceCarolOates I'm old enough to remember when thalidomide was rushed to marketwhat kind of shithole president is under constant investigation for fraud @MollyJongFast @Woketeenageson uh oh @realDonaldTrump you decaying doofus, we all saw you spell it 'Frorida' @MollyJongFast beats the hell out of me, Navarro is defiantly stupid @realDonaldTrump looks like someone saw his internal polls this morning and is freaking the f right out @realDonaldTrump hey crazypants, do you even have a job @realDonaldTrump @JoeNBC @foxandfriends @CNN - 42,000,000 out of work - 4,677,300 infected - 155,333 dead of covid-… @realDonaldTrump ru-roh, Frorida! @realDonaldTrump President Snowflake is feeling exceptionally fragile and needy this morning @realDonaldTrump I wonder what it's like to live in a country where the head of government isn't trying to kill people. it must be nice @realDonaldTrump F*CK TRUMP #ad @realDonaldTrump FASCIST PRESIDENTS ARE THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD! @realDonaldTrump every word of your tweet is a lie, including "the" and "and" @realDonaldTrump meanwhile, our deteriorating president is telling his supporters to vote by mail, and telling them… @realDonaldTrump in which our president admits that Republicans can't win without suppressing the vote
@ByronYork Alexa, show me a dying gasp of white supremacism @latimes @PattyArquette if they're that embarrassed about it, maybe pick a different candidate @jmartNYT @HelenKennedy is this a trick question? our impulsive and erratic president has no deal-making skills. "s… America great again is an odd slogan for the guy who fucked everything to shit @KGraysonRE A+ observationwhat kind of shithole president lets a pandemic rage because he thinks it will only kill people in Democratic states @realDonaldTrump "drug prices are coming down" is something you've been promising for three years now. so when is i… @realDonaldTrump let's un-Fox this tweet: - racist much? - the state of Florida had more new Covid cases yesterday… @MollyJongFast not for europeans @realDonaldTrump I dunno, how is it to run on a platform of mass unemployment, mass infection and mass death my dude @realDonaldTrump bruh are you hung over @realDonaldTrump fake hair, fake tan, fake teeth, fake SAT scores, fake bone spurs, fake charity, fake university,… @realDonaldTrump so how was walter reed bro, did you have some kind of elephant-identifying emergency @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump I'm bright of eye and bushy of tail @realDonaldTrump you love only money and yourself and not in that order @realDonaldTrump @GOPChairwoman oh look someone woke up on the wrong side of the cognitive test this morning @johncusack amen @MollyJongFast the 'no plan' plan is working just as plannedso, an obese 74-year-old who never exercises and lives on a diet of amphetamines and junk food makes ANOTHER unsche… @realDonaldTrump failed as a real estate tycoon failed as a casino magnate failed as an airline mogul failed as a b… @realDonaldTrump are you high
@realDonaldTrump you're so panicked, it's hilariousit's pretty unfair of us to expect the guy who doesn't understand how science works or how campaign finance law wor… @realDonaldTrump guy who passed a massive tax cut for the obscenely wealthy says what @realDonaldTrump @WSJ loving this new serious tone, bruv, and how you're all focused like a laser on the pandemic w… @Bencjacobs @alaynatreene it would be awesome if it were in Brad Parscale's handwriting @realDonaldTrump dementia plus untreated tertiary syphilis @realDonaldTrump mister president sir, this Great Sheriff came up to me, really big, a real tough guy. really big,… @realDonaldTrump I mean who are you going to believe, the scientist who spent his entire life studying infectious d… woman man shithole golfer @JamesUrbaniak @BCDreyer how did you not watch it by accident, TCM airs it something like 175 times a month @replouiegohmert imagine being this proud of being this dumb @BCDreyer I can't fight you over that @BCDreyer Sirk's remake of Imitation of Life is garbage compared to the original. fight me @realDonaldTrump we have more cases because you golfed and held rallies for two months and refused to take it serio… guys I think our president might be a few sandwiches short of a fucking brain
President Email Lady wouldn't be sabotaging the mail service, just saying @realDonaldTrump @SenSchumer very disappointed that the president of the united states is a deteriorating peacock w… @realDonaldTrump fact check: there are no checks "ready to be sent out." also, the senate is adjourned for the week… fucking shit, is the shouty half-dressed degenerate wrestling coach a member of *every* committee @realDonaldTrump you're so bad at this @realDonaldTrump the shouty half-dressed degenerate wrestling coach is an expert on nothing, except maybe on lookin…
@BryanJFischer do you have any idea just how ridiculous you sound @realDonaldTrump SOCIAL DISTANCE AND MASKS, YOU GOOFBALL. or did you make Singletary sign the same covid waiver that Herman Cain signed @realDonaldTrump mister president sir, this doctor came up to me, really big, a real tough guy. really big, straigh… @realDonaldTrump no one cares. people want jobs. people want to pay their bills. people want to be safe from the pl… @realDonaldTrump fact check: - you've built 3 miles of new wall and improved 253 miles of existing barriers - for a… the fuck did America just witnessis it possible to invoke the 25th amendment in the middle of a stark barking batshit bonkers off the fucking rails… @HelenKennedy I can't believe what I'm watching. the man is batshit insaneholy fucking shit the president of the united states is a gibbering lunatic @realDonaldTrump what a great idea it was to let a malignant toddler be president @realDonaldTrump if only you'd shown just the slightest bit of leadership Barack Obama, fuck yeahit's going to be so satisfying to watch Trump being led away in handcuffs @ReallyAmerican1 @Kris_Sacrebleu how many people are dead because Trump refuses to be a leader Trump had worn a mask, Herman Cain would have worn a mask @MollyJongFast it's almost as if there's a cause and an effect @realDonaldTrump @Varneyco Herman Cain just died from the virus you called a hoax and no worse than the flu. WEAR A MASK, DOOFUS @realDonaldTrump you've been promising lower drug prices for three years now, why should anyone believe you now @studentactivism @BCDreyer @henryolsenEPPC where does Joe Biden go to get his apologywhat kind of shithole president tries to delay an electionhang on, am I understanding this correctly? covid-19 is so out of control that the election in November has to be p… @realDonaldTrump and there it is, ladies and gents: the Deteriorating Dictator Wanna-Be is calling for postponing t… @realDonaldTrump fact check: mail-in voting and absentee voting are exactly the same thing. fact check: you can't d… @realDonaldTrump @WSJ show your work. what countries? what are the "real" numbers? are other countries a disaster,… @realDonaldTrump @WSJ congratulations on cratering the GDP, genius @realDonaldTrump fact check: - mail-in voting and absentee balloting are the same thing - the entire military votes… waiting for our traitor president to collude with America, even just once#BREAKING the president of the United States tests positive for being a racist asshole
@realDonaldTrump what a great idea it was to hand our foreign policy to a deteriorating doofus who is also a compro… @realDonaldTrump fact check: - mail-in voting and absentee balloting are the same thing - the entire military votes… @RampStairs2020 @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @DHSgov fair point @realDonaldTrump how sad it is that you're losing so badly that all you have left is racism and claiming the other side is cheating