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@FREAKONmusic i haven’t liked a selfie in years i just tip my fedora instead @2dawggz @DefectedRecords do u need ibuprofen @PacHeightsMom i’m on my way @LateReplies @RenPhillipsDJ prices over here ain’t cheap 😅.@itsjohnsummit is ready to bring those party vibes... 🙌 Catch him at We Dance As One 2.0. 🔥 #AsOne #WeMakeEvents
Retweeted by John Summit @RenPhillipsDJ i read this as grams lmao
@GianniKeys @GorgonCity massive tune 🔥 @jankovicmne unreleased track of mine called make me feeldamn the holidays just aren’t the same without my great aunt questioning my music career and telling me to reconsider being an accountant @_HRVST_ oh lmao yeah the boomers love rewatching the same shit for nostalgia @_HRVST_ im confused how would that be possiblemy dad is beside himself that no one is wearing a mask at the macy’s parade even tho this is a rerun from 2019 @jimmystuart_ and it was still the most underground record that got nominated that year lol @raegregs im a down ass bitch! @macefacekilla_ @RachaelM3 ur a bad alcoholic smh @C_Lock26 i thought southern ppl liked to drink too smh @angelinams112 the clubs are packedd here normally @kaysinmusic thank god someone in LA knows whats good @mikeybarreneche its the best tradition @angelinams112 🥺🥺 thank u @itsBOREL wow u executed the studio tip perfectly @aboywithabag sry dad @marcimdma no :((apparently blackout wednesday is a chicago thing and not a national holiday??!? @itsBOREL please do that please @BrytVry @DefectedRecords thank u 😊 @n808official this is u rn @itzmariahhhh lmfao love it
@alex_van_reek here’s another atrocity of a pic why does everyone always photoshop me as a woman are yall trying to tell me something @Dombresky do u think i look hot 😏 @ErichTheMan i think its an amazing track its just weird that only one house track gets nominated a year, so the on… shit lmao @ReckItRalfMusic i want to live in a timeline where sandstorm wins every yearby club record i mean underground club record as in stuff that "alternative" djs play @robbyengle damnit yes ur right i meant to say "best underground club record". nowadays only one club record gets n… should be a “best club record” category for the grammys @notcason_r trying to right now lol @ThatBlindLad its an american thing to blackout the night before thanksgiving lol @Quique2723 honestly yes @Quique2723 true i just dont feel like blacking out at my parents house but i am feelin a bit spicythis is the first year i haven’t celebrated black out wednesday since i learned how to read and write @ajskins273 @DefectedRecords prob some house music @MKJAYOfficial @DefectedRecords thx man 😄 @LaundersFiona @DefectedRecords 4pm my time, 11pm british 😄 @JMonoky @DefectedRecords lmao this took me a secstoked to be a part of this massive livestream friday @defectedrecords @saohennyshot i always do feel rejuvenated after an ice cold egg beer @TheNickyWaters this is normally my favorite night of the year go out and do so 😔what am i supposed to do nowgot out of bed today hell ya 💯 @VintageCulture great track manthe i_o news is really fuckin me up rn honestly lost for words on this
Ahead of his @SeismicTX debut in May, @itsjohnsummit is coming to Austin on Dec 17th! Tix on sale TOMORROW (Wed) at…
Retweeted by John Summit @RichParkinson self diagnosed haha i probably do tho @braydenwatson48 the only way to avoid the brightside @droolzrulz props for staying motivated @cjays2flip dad bod summit coming in hot @CheapyD lmfao it really is the perfect excusedo people still workout or have we all collectively decided that we’re getting thicc af this winter @golfclapdet party got cancelled idk if it was a budget thing or what @charnizard i’m a 26 y/o virgin i wouldn’t know 😔 @charnizard are we talking about the weather because i am really confused @mikeybarreneche wow idk why i haven’t done this yetNow this is sick !!! @itsjohnsummit goes all in on his One Mix for @AppleMusic . This is full of groovey vibey…
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@joeydibona “promoter politics” whatever that means lol @_technodungeon thank u! and yes next month 😄nevermind lol @PaulGardinerDJ i cannot confirm nor deny that i am @SimonDunmore seriously, there's def much more to worry about in the world than dj's awkward habits 😅 @TunaMeltTony right they just don’t get it 🤤🥵 @djamylauren i’m gonna blank stare at the camera when a track is playing to make them happywhy do ppl get so mad at dj’s for knob twisting on livestreams it’s not my fault i have ADHDIt’s that time again... ✊ After the launch of our three-part #VirtualFestival series, we are proud to announce the…
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miami cya next weekend 😎 @OfficialBenasis thx bro! @Azww lmfao alwaysChicago's very own @itsjohnsummit drops the first remix of @torrenfoot - More Life feat. @tinie & @LDevineMusic Th…
Retweeted by John Summit @JackBaldyDeane yeah let me in @PomeroyLizzie i always do @MaxxxedOutt305 oh i did @ellisy0 hi
oh no i’m on a bender again @JWorra lol wow i actually gotta do thatapple music fam my one mix is live listen: @LateReplies there we go 🙌🙌
@Low_Audi0 @HotCityLA thanks man 🙏🙏🙏 @JordanMarcel18 omw @toastercookie 😩🙏 @cdcfc92 thx man 🙏 @torrenfoot @ldevinemusic @tinie @ffrrecordsØRE LIFE REMIX OUT NOW 🌹 @n808official missing this convo will be the best thing about thanksgiving this year @DJsimani_ just let a man daydream @djbencastaneda do u live in a club @CLB_sounds my favorite 🥺 @liquidtodd too turnt tuesdays are my favorite @Caleb_DentHK as long as we pretend it’s my bday againgetting absolutely plastered in a club sounds pretty nice rn
imagine hearing ur grandma yell about voter fraud over zoom while eating turkey by urself in a one bedroom apartment