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chris @itsjustchrislol not 18 he/him

stay gold pony boy pvt: @itsjustchrisrip

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@soggymira why notcan you walk this way? half of stairway to heaven solo (just learned it) :) @itzswimshady @torweee oh i thought that was astrology @IowaIsSoSwagFr man @IowaIsSoSwagFr you know what you did @IowaIsSoSwagFr go to hell @2ndDerek gm derek @eggsBENedictlol gm benny boy @sheetcake11 i would rather be asleep but i guess i’m fine @sergiopolarbear gm not twitter but sergio @sheetcake11 gm zachokay gm twitter say it back @itzswimshady @torweee carsi would’ve cried on national television @Suurrahhh yo!!!!yoooo frank the published tank @LucarioDoT gn lucario :) @soggymira so like are you? asking for scienceokay gn twitter say it backi started believing in astrology when an older guy told me it was real. he said his marriage was sucky and the astr… @torweee hey can you teach me astrology i need help talking to a girl @2ndDerek because someone has to be the most sane person and it must be me @itzswimshady Eggs for lunch @2ndDerek i am the most sane person on this app
i don’t think the simpsons predicted anything i think the US government is purposefully acting it out @epicnimrita oh dm lolEggs for lunch @scoobydoobyboob no @JesusChrist_alt can cell gen @JesusChrist_alt why do i think he’s attractive now man i’m gonna kms @jnamelover how are you @scoobydoobyboob dm @jnamelover oooh hi @brainrotem cause you had too much drip @ridha_____ hi @hotcommieteen yes it is congrats @brainrotem she said drip or drown @lilvanhooters max...why is this lowkey decent i’m gonna jump off a cliff @epicnimrita um rita what are you trying to say here 🤨 @robbyissad gm comradeokay gm twitter say it back @jaquelinrojass gn jackie @aidankeeping gn aidan @Autumnfaeriee gn friend @zelany gn belhemel @JesusChrist_alt gn genn aokay gn twitter say it back @torweee i would feel short but i think it would be nice i need a hug @LeahDella W @ridha_____ no thanks @ridha_____ i take it back you’re too happy @ridha_____ also lavender i think @ridha_____ grayi am racist against teenage white boysdid y’all hear that kodak black is free? @epicnimrita send pics @epicnimrita to my house @fore20skin there are two types of everything stripy or not stripy @torweee for me or for you? @ridha_____ you wish @IowaIsSoSwagFr yes @ridha_____ oh uh sure ig
@ridha_____ just clarifying @ridha_____ just making sure @22brolian i wish lmao @ridha_____ have you ever seen a penis... @22brolian hi @lilnimrita can i see @epicnimrita they do @lilnimrita bro @lilvanhooters @hotcommieteen i’m so maxipad is there a problem @fore20skin you need jesus @fore20skin god said no drugs and whoopity do look at you and your drugs !!! @lilvanhooters @hotcommieteen she called me a king and what is there to bow down to?who cares about climate change i want weed legalized right now @hotcommieteen @lilvanhooters i don’t have to you can just tell @hotcommieteen no i’m just commenting on your guess @fore20skin you’re going to hell @hotcommieteen but i appreciate the first half ig? @hotcommieteen lmao you’re a horrible guesser @hotcommieteen @lilvanhooters this is accurate @hotcommieteen okaywhy is the translation so aggressive 😭estoy enamorada de ella joder @torweee that’s a very nice curtain bang @IowaIsSoSwagFr i’m sorry i understand nothing @2ndDerek america @2ndDerek #takenews @hotcommieteen h o wthat is the face of 3 people getting ready to go to jail is the presidentwhen is biden’s inauguration @hotcommieteen he was an amazing boyfriend @hotcommieteen howwhen i learned everyone hated dean from gilmore girls i learned i would die alone @epicnimrita hi :) @LRSMattRay gm mattokay gm twitter say it back