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chris @itsjustchrislol not 18 he/him

stay gold pony boy

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@HDparx one could say an impostor! @HDparx omg are you okay hahaA lawyer says the family of a Black man who was killed when police fired on him more than a dozen times in Philadel…
Retweeted by chriswe are vibing @yummyjeffbezos @morenxvia so much pain @yummyelonmusk that what she said @yummyelonmusk goodnight ❤️ @yummyjeffbezos @morenxvia my hobby is being clogged up w you two flirting @epicnimrita oh did you call me hot? sorry i’m not into you that way 💔They penned this as the #YouCanBeABCs with Sam. This is the ABC's we should be teaching our youth. #keepdreaming
Retweeted by chris @drivingmemadi teal @epicnimrita wtf @morenxvia @yummyjeffbezos yes now use your dms @morenxvia @yummyjeffbezos pls use your dms for this @lilnimrita 👍 @SoCaruso_ @lilnimrita you’re just @SoCaruso_ @lilnimrita time to call it a night bro @lilnimrita jesus christ @drivingmemadi you really are sad @lilnimrita blocked again @lilnimrita blocked @itzswimshady leaving this conversation at that @itzswimshady sautéed @lilnimrita you make me cry @babyjeeb i hate her bc she was def faking @susboimcgee thank you my dear sky @babyjeeb 3/6 call that a dub @babyjeeb i feel like you should have an answer if you hate her so muchso many hot people in my dms yet they’re all my best friends @lilnimrita why did you do that @susboimcgee i don’t remember ever doing that i always thought i did lmao i was so confused @lilnimrita hey rita @susboimcgee yes!? @babyjeeb what did hellen keller do to you @dvdplayuh i see myself @ridha_____ @__nxvia @lilvanhooters ridha it’s the whites let them be @lilvanhooters white @susboimcgee gn sky!!! @JesusChrist_alt gn genna @morenxvia he’s like my #1 reply guy#firstworldproblems LOL @itzswimshady gn fishy @CaucasianTori gn tori! @snoopdogfanpage gn sarah! @BeefedUpStud lol @robbyissad it’s okay robby gni’ve been so bothered by the fact that with cross country and school and college applications i have NO time to pla… @A_Bean1215 gmail ben you too @goodjokecenter i disagree @abbieha62303 gn abbie @plebianemile yilin i want you to stop and breathe. just breathe. try this: 5 things you can see, 4 things you ca… @yummyelonmusk what do you mean by go into paralysis @yummyelonmusk oh uh what @plebianemile actually alcohol and drugs would make you feel worse. émile if you need to talk please please please dmokay gn twitter say it back
I AM DEADDDDD @rudy_betrayed what manwell when you put it like that i guess i’m a democrat @emmachamberlain you’re emma chamberlain i think you could just make them accept you @yummyelonmusk elaboratebeyoncé outsang them all @NotPablo10 gm pablo @robbyissad gm robby @mars_arrianna gm mars thank you you too @itzswimshady gm loser fish @LeahDella gm leah i’m good @sleepyduck16 ty denim @MaxieBuddha gm maxie thank you and you too @JesusChrist_alt kill him instead @yummyelonmusk ohsorrydelaneyihopeyougetbettersoon @soggymira jello dropping on linoleum @yummyelonmusk delaneyisntsicktho @yummyelonmusk delaneyissad @abbieha62303 aw ty abbie @AinsleyBBrown to be fair with her on the supreme court they can roll back major rights from the past 60 years. it could be devistating @abbieha62303 gm abbie @A_Bean1215 😁 @A_Bean1215 gm ben i am good how about you @darkroy771 gm roy it’s been a while since i’ve done thisokay gm twitter say it back @yummyelonmusk bestiethis sounds like a knock my grandmom but no like she legitimately is much more qualified than her @morenxvia i mean he seems happy at least?the fact that my grandmom is more qualified than she is @morenxvia he spent. $30 on. that. @ridha_____ bahahaha @ridha_____ NO this was not targeted at anyone @fuccbitchz i’m your snapchat therapist. it’s just me watching you get drunk @canucallmeback some sturdy logic right there @fuccbitchz you need help @fuccbitchz @heterophobicgrl ❤️ @fuccbitchz @heterophobicgrl you’re going to hell @fuccbitchz are you ever not @ridha_____ @butter4374 kinky @jbfan911 hi @butter4374 “once” @davesclosure gn dvd