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GHOST kaplan @itskaplan Portland, Maine, USA

27 // Head Coach of @GhostGaming Valorant // prev: IGL/player @SpacestationGG // @UW Alum (BA Psych) // //

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@ThinkingManValo Ex: maybe the common Ascent comp is still the most optimal on paper but it being familiar/played o… @ThinkingManValo I don’t think a team removing Jett inherently means they think she is bad or nerfed out of viabili… @ThinkingManValo This was the part I was mostly responding to with my first comment: “Kinda thinking oh Chamber is… @ThinkingManValo @ElevatedSpeaks I think it’s a case of teams wanting to show up to main event with new looks, and… @ThinkingManValo I don’t think this is true. Chamber has been around and in pro play for 5+ months now. If a coach/… to @XSET we lose 0-2 but man Haven was a close one. Upset we are still making the same team fundamentals mistak… @SyykoNT @koalanoob @902Creed @DrewSparkR6 Very ggs, was a fun first matchup between us. GL next week Don!!!
@karebearkorner @GhostGaming jersey for gun buddy?!?!We’re up against @XSET in Week 1 of #VCTNA Main Event! Live now 📺 #GoingGhost
Retweeted by GHOST kaplanjust went all in with my @ValorantEsports twitch channel points on ghost rly hope they can get the dub today @IanImmi Looks good to me
Our journey through the #VCTNA Main Event begins tomorrow. ⚔️ @XSET ⏰ 7 PM EST 📺
Retweeted by GHOST kaplan @Sliggy_ @TeamLiquid GL Sliggy no doubt you'll find a new home in no time if you plan to continue coaching @TheGuard @Seowulf Whole teams comms are clean in this but @neT_valorant especially, your comms here are very succi… @mrfunhaver Sautéed spinach is the fucking best @mrfunhaver What’s the order @ImJoviGG Yoooo grats Jovi!
@1johnqt @thenamesroddy He’s not lyin
@neT_valorant “Knife deployed!” Free ability counters more abilities and ults than I can count @OfficialAproto Magepunk and singularity sheriff very well placed. You’re a man of taste Alex @Vansilli 😍 pressures on, can’t disappoint Vans
@HPforGamers Latitude For whatever reason I really enjoy the beat although in general I p… at our glorious stage filled with guests. Talking VCT franchising right now 🔴
Retweeted by GHOST kaplan @rocazor This is sick Danny @VALORANTING @UberShouts @Vansilli @MitchMan @Vanityxz @melanji @SyykoNT @MatthewCElmore @FrosTvsYou @AnderzzTV y'all want guests?! yeah, we got guests.. Episode 100 this Tuesday will be a special one 🥳 With your hosts:…
Retweeted by GHOST kaplanHis ult is still fucking crazy - I hope it’s gun mechanics get shifted more towards the Op than Marshall. And his T… this change is enough of a nerf for Chamber but I love this start. It gives a team some reason to run the oth… @GhostGaming @LaKsoh @brawku LMAOOO grind never stopsWe found out why @brawku is so good with the Odin.. 😳😅
Retweeted by GHOST kaplan
@lazz_tv @GhostGaming @1johnqt @brawku @koalanoob @NiSMO_VAL @OfficialAproto Thank you Laz! @mrfunhaver 2. Ego vandal underrated and singularity anything underratedNice groups feelin lucky 😎⚠️VOLUME WARNING⚠️ 1v3 vs Knights yesterday. Also @NiSMO_VAL thank you for the kiss
Retweeted by GHOST kaplan @Rano_ezpz @koalanoob ordering a drink at chick fil a @SyykoNT @902Creed Im up early hittin the vods with @gunterispenguin no time for coffee runs 😤 @SyykoNT @902Creed Oh they don’t I just hear them tell eachother their ordersMy players’ Starbucks orders are like four sentences long these guys gotta be spending hours in valoplant cooking that shit up @wippiecs @NiSMO_VAL @902Creed Thanks MaximSpoiler alert @Sentinels. I've seen how this ends and the main character is a fuckin Ghost.…
Retweeted by GHOST kaplan @ToddAlanHarris @koalanoob @OfficialAproto @NiSMO_VAL @brawku @1johnqt @gunterispenguin @902Creed @TheTDubbaya Than… @thenamesroddy So glad you were able to come out and be a part of the team for the key moments bro ❤️ @sdrawkcaBx Thank you Helen!!!! Hope to have you admin our games some day :D but embarrassed at the thought of havi… @valesports_na Gonna be coaching our main event games from a treadmill dw @gunterispenguin 😢gonna give you the biggest hug whenever you get out hereShoutouts to the real ones at @zetadivisionWhile the players have been practicing hard in the server I’ve been practicing my track and field for the LAN stage @LiN_fps Ty Jimmy!!! @LeaderGrev Thanks man! @Aeolus Ty Julian! @TrippyN2L Thanks man youre scary in the server @AllaireMatt @GhostEsports NO YOU @mrfunhaver 😍 @snxperlou Thanks! You’re Lookin beastly lately man @figmentOT Ty man @Seowulf Terrified of playing a team w the seo buff @stackedwoolongs 😎 ty for being so patient with us haha @ElevatedSpeaks Appreciate that man. Long time and lotta hair loss @Tanzer ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @phoFPS Thank you Mike miss you <3 @ec1s_ Thanks ec1s <3 The shoko (spelling?) term has been used daily for months and carries us… @AndyyyBarton Thank you Andy! Likewise!!! @FriscoDY Always Frisco (told my team to do this in a pep talk on Sat…) @VALORANTING HAAAA podcast buff is real @HUYNH_CS Thank you Danny ❤️ @902Creed None of this would’ve been possible without you Creed. You’re always in my corner and I’d trust you with my life @Bahsko 😭 @NiSMO_VAL @brawku @koalanoob @1johnqt @OfficialAproto @gunterispenguin @902Creed @GhostGaming It was a GRIND you m…
@A_Steinberg @GhostEsports None of this would’ve been possible if you and @ToddAlanHarris hadn’t given us the oppor… @gunterispenguin @1johnqt @brawku @koalanoob @NiSMO_VAL @OfficialAproto So stunned at how much you’ve exceeded expe… @NiSMO_VAL @KnightsArena @brawku Been together since the start of ghost this is your team and your hard work Marki <3WHAT A FUCKING RUN, 5 BO3'S IN A ROW!!! This team is insane. @1johnqt @brawku @koalanoob @NiSMO_VAL
Retweeted by GHOST kaplan @OfficialAproto @KnightsGG Completely anchor of the team saving us from overheat most calm player NA love you bro @1johnqt @KnightsGG Best pickup of the year actually gonna be the best player in the world ty for carry @brawku @KnightsGG @koalanoob @1johnqt @gunterispenguin @NiSMO_VAL @OfficialAproto @902Creed The clutch gene is crazy @koalanoob @KnightsGG @OfficialAproto @NiSMO_VAL @brawku @1johnqt @gunterispenguin Best op NA ily so muchThis is the best feeling in the world. My team and this game is everything to me. I am so lucky. GGs. Can’t wait for main event2-0 vs @builtbygamers acad. bout to play @KnightsGG for our shot at main event on valorant mainstream :D @robw1z Rob chamber gotta be terrifying where is it @Bahsko @NiSMO_VAL @brawku @OfficialAproto @NYXL Thank god the coach desk is separated @GhostGaming @koalanoob @NiSMO_VAL @1johnqt @brawku @OfficialAproto @gunterispenguin What a day. @_SushantJha @GhostGaming @GhostEsports @koalanoob @NiSMO_VAL @1johnqt @brawku @OfficialAproto @gunterispenguin dud… FUCKING GOOOO ggs 2-1 to @NYXL. what a series. my team is insane. really proud of how good we looked today com… to @Complexity 2-0. Proud, relieved and impressed with how much we cleaned up between last night and today. Playing NYFU in a few here
The squad takes the 2-0 series victory against @TeamBasiliskGG, GGs! We now await the winner of Complexity vs Vers…
Retweeted by GHOST kaplanYikes rough series but very wp gg to @EvilGeniuses we lose 1-2. Cringing at the thought of that series being on str…
2-0 vs @ZeroMarksMen ggs. onto winner of pugstars v EG next. Made a day 3 wowie @penguinVALORANT @Wendler34 @rycoux Oat milk is the best @rycoux @penguinVALORANT @Wendler34 Coffee sweetened or unsweetened? What kind of pastry? Let’s get the details here @EsportsDoug oh we're bustin down alright. @ZeroMarksMen and @EvilGeniuses better watch tf outNo clue what this means but I really appreciate the kind(?) words from the r/valcomp fans @Rawkus Grats Rawkus! Excited to see what’s to come @TrippyN2L @esports_aoe @gamingilluzion bangerQuick 4-0 to finish day 1. No tac pauses called because I’m a paycheck stealer. We go again tomorrow GGs to… of how much we've improved at our spacing in the last couple weeks.
The second #VCT Stage 2 Qualifier kicks off now! We’re up first on main stream vs @esports_aoe! 📺…
Retweeted by GHOST kaplan @miniatureVAL @aEvilcat sameVCT qualifiers, Take 2 @aEvilcat 🙏 @Bahsko @BCortezEA @GFuelEnergy man you look good without a filter love to see it. all natural. keep up the confide…