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@kemiroart @nearsh0t you really did hold it down since i was a teenagerI held down a part time job at Costco for 11 years because I'm just not built for grinding on freelance alone and I…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition) @OliveOilCorp me when i crack open a fresh Notion page @98DEMAKE that character controller is smooth as hell too @LauraLannes this is right up there with protest datesayo
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)Quick who is your least racist friend
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Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)You can thank illustrator Emory Douglas for the reason why we call cops pigs“i ran because of you” is a kate bush song
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)i know i shouldn't be watching to avoid the continuous psychic damage but shithere we go babey“post an ooc frame of animation that seems fine, but with context will emotionally wreck a person”…
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Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)i believe clean air is a right, not a privelege. which is why under my plan, everyone should have access to affordable oxygen.
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)“ten seconds mr president” THEN MUTE AFTER TEN SECONDS THIS IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)joe: favorite line in Escaflowne
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition) @TheBriCade oh mood but also hey long time no see @TheBriCade @meisteronly wait did you say banana pudding
Mentally I’m here is the kind of breakdown we need tbh @_tasiams when cartoon network is one of your shooters >>>>>i think it’d be neat if adobe reached out to a variety of cartoonists, sat down with them to talk/observe process,…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)A lil drawin of my demon kid Yami
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)This honestly strikes me as an ill-conceived product, designed by and for the sort of folks who see comics as nothi…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)this automated comics AI thing is so plainly beyond contempt that i'm not sure it's worth commenting on, but if you…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)Have you ever seen something and realized they made a whole ass program without once talking to someone who works i…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)i mean hell, I spent so much time making work that was passable enough to cut a check for so long that I burnt myse… girl do i have news for you
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)I am tired of: - same artists over and over - whitebread approximation of constructivist and/or social realist aes…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)I once fully bought into the myth that most illustrators were full-time freelancers. The life I made around that my… @kendrawcandraw @robochai If I were adobe, i would simply listen to the needs of comic artists @robochai how did this completely and thoroughly miss the mark?? wtf is a comic book designer do they think that s…
realized mbmbam is just bodega boys for white peoplei dont know if this is uncommon advice or not but i think making game design documents is actually a really rewardi…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)Don’t actually, I have uhhh anxiety @bijanstephen like damn you ever see something you know would have changed you as a kidput me in aoc's among usI LOVE that the mechs in escaflowne don’t keep water out of its cockpit. Shows that even with heightened physical c…
@Radstronomical Can we just gofundme a quick billy for that?Battle Royale........................... @six6jiang wait, fuck, you're talking about duelist of the roses...why...did YGO do this twice... @six6jiang omg The Falsebound Kingdom was somehow, against all odds, my shit. it's such a weird departure @Radstronomical @bijanstephen @nicolehe Loving this iterative process @Radstronomical @bijanstephen @nicolehe that'd be CON tho, rightPleased to announce that 2020 is being extended
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)assassin's creed odyssey did...a lot of things...but one thing it did that i appreciate was giving ancient greeks a… fucked up how people get paid to make bad tweets when I give away my services for freeThe WAP mashups have finally hit their peak
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)The view from Apollo 7 on this day in 1968.
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you guys remember how the kaidanovskys were rumoured to have the strongest drift connection out of all jaeger pilot…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)Anyone else like barely functional right now. Like no motivation, no joy, no self esteem. Just like real "why bother" energy. Anyone.
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)hades death defiance dot png
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition) @radiatoryang @NYUGameCenter yooooo that's exciting! can't wait to see your tweets at 4amI once built a dnd character's entire backstory around teeth, so this is fine with me, actually…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)Here are the turns from the Sesame Street short. Big heads and towel capes 🌟
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)🚨 College students and recent grads: Are you interested in photography, video, design and/or coding? Apply for a wi…
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Summer Wars - Mamoru Hosoda - Madhouse - 2009
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)That Hades soundtrack though @1iulight what about kaworuJust had this awesome panel with this crew but I would like to add something you all should know, just in case you…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)anybody at #FIYAHCON2020 have a link to the discord?
The Lamentation of Their Women for Tor (killed cover, thoughts in thread below)
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)Looking for Asian TTRPG cartographers to add to my list of folx to work with in the future! Please reply if the ab…
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Ah yes. Punch me in the stomach, kick me in the chest, thank you.
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition) @progducto this is what i'm SAYING @RobZacny @austin_walker Well have you seen the cornMy talk from @PixelPopFest is now online! Here is "Rethinking the sanity meter: depicting mental health in games":…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition) @austin_walker @RobZacny re: PS4 vibes, are y’all on that Buttered Corn wave though @ImpreciseWords hell yeah turn up @jjaffew @takuma_okada_ One you had me at Blackjack...if you ever need any playtesters...what up... @takuma_okada_ Waiting with open palms for a narrative tabletop card game rpg or whatever that would look like @jaceaddax Please, say more wordsi’m a get ignorant af when i get to sing this at karaoke in 2022
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Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)We were told it wouldn't be possible but it's happening! IRON CARTOONIST RETURNS! Cheer on @raulthe3rd
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition) @caswell_ashley ok try again @mattduplessis @gungnirgirl oooh, i was just looking for some more recs, thanks!!no thoughts only card game roguelikes @caswell_ashley great minds, etc etc @caswell_ashley the cinematic parallelsOh and peep @GDoCExpo's YouTube, that has their entire conference and panels free to watch, and still updating, I b… @bagmanman huge facts. AND it's on YouTube for free @LauraLannes i better be in Smash @dustinharbin shit idk who's paying these prices. i also think that studios would be fronting the bills to send the… @_emnays startin to think that every industry is bad, actuallyi thought ICON was bad @polterspice like just drop a youtube video @dustinharbin just why why why?? 𝐰𝐡𝐲there has GOT to be a better way lol this is why folks can't work in games man
*looks directly at animation industry*
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)Imagine being hired at 50k a year and making as many contributions to your field as this and knowing your white pee…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition)Twins by Varian Johnson @varianjohnson & Shannon Wright @shannondrewthis "Maureen and Francine are growing apart a…
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition) @bogboogie happy!!
AMONG US - TONIGHT @8PM EST on ft. @BigHonkk @WhoIsJensine @bmfu @itskindred
Retweeted by chris kindred (infernal edition) @c_fouron i like the way you think @c_fouron hell yeah, 25 is like, the last age that feels good to turn lol