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And @UncannyMagazine submissions are OPEN! 🦄💜
Retweeted by chris kindredStill trippin over a friend saying @darkskinmanson was Death Grips for black people
Retweeted by chris kindredthinking about the time jpegmafia and i talked about kamala
Retweeted by chris kindred @heyshanmurphy listen!!! it's humiliating as helli do not think making hundreds of people reply to a tweet with a job offer and have them basically fighting for scr…
Retweeted by chris kindredthank you to the simmers who spoke with me for this story. the first step of many.
Retweeted by chris kindredIt’s cool that planet Namek literally has no concept of gender like bulma tells Dende “man and woman” and he’s like “what’s that?” Lol
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Retweeted by chris kindredmaya rudolph bout to eat eat
Retweeted by chris kindredWhite liberals on the timeline, this is me in advance saying to please give space to black and brown leftists, pris…
Retweeted by chris kindredthe digital version of my new SF/F novelette WITH THE BLADE AS WITNESS is up to buy on @itchio!!! if you like post…
Retweeted by chris kindredThis is the litmus test to see if you’re in the small sliver of followers who Get Me"she got a small top with a big bottom like a trapezoid" thinkin about gon and killua man...Q: what brushes do you use? A: literally a stick and a toothbrush
Retweeted by chris kindred @jaceaddax please just grab someone off itch they will do y'all right just trust me @jaceaddax oh that's rough. yeah, i really really wish they didn't go for that DnD 1e aesthetic. It's nostalgic for… I'm saying is, @A24 please send me oneTbh, something even less crunchy and narrative-driven than this like Ben Robbins's Follow would be more effective,… brain maneuver: Making it an actually approachable ttrpg for people who don't typically playbig brain maneuver: A24 putting out a The Green Knight tabletop game's a little Taekwon-Do studio that opened up pre-covid. A tall skinny Taekwon-Do guy teaches there. Even if th…
Retweeted by chris kindred @dialacina phew
Retweeted by chris kindredBernard Perlin, 1918-2014
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wait til she learn about Allen Strange smh #ArtMubarak! I'm Fahmida Azim, I'm a Bengali-American Muslim illustrator/author working in editorial and pub…
Retweeted by chris kindredWhen my mom asks me how i’m doing
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We buried the wailing woman in the night like the infernal seed she was. By morning the Manor had surged up from he…
Retweeted by chris kindred @sloanesloane out: Bernie DeKoven's INFINITE PLAYGROUNDS - a beautiful book of ideas and games about imaginative play; a hand…
Retweeted by chris kindredChris and Bernie from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket - illustration by Haruhiko Mikimoto (’Cellu Works’…
Retweeted by chris kindred🍊Precious Fruit🍊 Black joy is so important to see cause not only is it revolutionary, it is extraordinary, & beauti…
Retweeted by chris kindredlet's go Mills baby love da mills
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If you do not work - in small ways or large - for the betterment of the lives and careers of marginalized people, y…
Retweeted by chris kindred @OderaIgbokwe never wanted to punch somebody in the neck so bad
no more brand loyalty. society has progressed beyond the need for brand loyalty
Retweeted by chris kindredPortrait of a Lady on Fire (2020) // Pizza Hut Training video (1988)
Retweeted by chris kindred @EthanRedd damn this an upgrade @metasynthie i mean, still definitely a lot of the first comes through @yumep_ari god no, i looked him up and was immediately transported back to middle school when i wanted to be him so bad @hirosemaryhello 𝐈𝐓'𝐒 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄! @AngrygirLcomics it's change!the anime character I wanted to be as a kid vs. the one I actually turned into @TomParsonsArt @johnleedraws Yeah the thing about that is that I had a class where we had to make a business plan a…
@RaynardFaux duellists tho 👏🏿 @johnleedraws I would hear from teachers and veterans that the industry was dying. I pushed back on that for like 4… read over the Bon Appetit stuff, with Sohla only being paid 50k for 15 years of experience, etc. And I'm l…
Retweeted by chris kindredanyway phew rip bone app the teethi feel like i'm in a middling netflix comedy whenever i say something "is trending"Oh mate. Oh mate. Youre properly jordached. Youre off that bullwinkle mate
Retweeted by chris kindred @Fumi_chun This is the only mood rn, I’m sorry you had to go through that. oh right literally all I do is faces this one I can participate in
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(Retweets are appreciated‼️) the #drawingwhileblack opportunities survey is officially out! Please answer if you're…
Retweeted by chris kindred @doriantolivia What if life was so hard...that it forced you into bad decisions...4th PALADIN Bradamante. She is Renaud's sister and may even be the strongest paladin. She's armed with a magical la…
Retweeted by chris kindredmy inspo for today: Eizin Suzuki
Retweeted by chris kindredYou can find the Hope Mural in Richmond, VA at 2907 W Marshall, across from @perchrva — paying tribute to Elijah Mc…
Retweeted by chris kindred about the nasa art of Rick Guidice
Since you all enjoyed the scungilli man video, here a little breakdown of that shot
Retweeted by chris kindredthinkin bout how the ball pit industry will never recoverWorking on icons 2day 🦑🐙💖
Retweeted by chris kindred @Nadia_Shammas_ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 @dirtbagboyfren all love and strength to you and your familyhardest feature to cope with in dystopic social media is having a 360 degree view of major, graphic disasters. my h… we're right here just DM us next time
Retweeted by chris kindred @SlimiHendrix it was them
10 days remain... 👁‍🗨🐂🏚 BULLISH is a queer, monstrous, adult romance set in the mid-century Texas Panhandle. It is…
Retweeted by chris kindredkinda fucked up that irl is pay to win imo
Retweeted by chris kindredHey thanks! @funkefly thanksI got COVID in march in NYC and it took me 4 months to recover. I am feeling back to normal and healthy enough to m…
Retweeted by chris kindred @ckunzelman Jan Jelinek’s Loop-Finding Jazz Records is tight @KingCurryThundr If your plates look like they might buckle under the weight of the food, you got a banger
when your mama said y’all got ʙᴇʟɪᴇᴠᴇ ɪᴛ! at home
Mass testing is a big issue in the industry. One production sent out mass tests to me and a lot of my friends, and…
Retweeted by chris kindredIn honor of Otakon this weekend, I will drink an ice cold water 😔🧊
Retweeted by chris kindredSomeone came over from @perchrva , crying because they recognized our friend @kingkazma83 . Wish You were here Bru…
Retweeted by chris kindred28 year old me*knuckles: i'm gonna get those fools, they wanna play with my emarools? 12 year old me: when he gotta find the pieces of the master emerald again
Retweeted by chris kindredblaseball is 17776 for gays whose r/nosleep is SCP. it’s basically the sexymax2019 of folks who listened to the fak…
Retweeted by chris kindredexplaining blaseball to the group chat
Eid Mubarak to all my habibtis out thereLife imitates art.
Retweeted by chris kindred @wiggitywackgabi @kyle_deleted heyVery casual 10am tweet informing everyone I only need 3 more followers on my YouTube to be able to get a customized…
Retweeted by chris kindredif trump didn’t want to leave office once the results came in i would simply get like four friends and hit him with…
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@dialacina I mean all it takes is that little kernel of doubt in our humanity and in the general relevance of...any… @dialacina It’s frankly amazing how easy it is to identify who of the player base thinks I’m subhuman and still do nothing about itAnd for the record, it was more times than I can count on both hands and feet. I don’t get why people who want to c… 2017 and 2018, I reported every instance of being called the n-word, and nothing ever happened. The labor of mod… @victoriaying This is neither of those things, but if you want something outside the DnD framework, @Friends_Table @paradiseinvite literally my momthis is zaxbys
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@_emnays @kiana_hamm the coffee.........the banished prince 🔥👑 | #atla #zuko
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