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Chance Kubesh @itskoob Round Rock, TX

Storyboard Artist & Animator @ Powerhouse | Portfolios @ • | My views are my own 🏳️‍🌈

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@JPhillips_Art Their pens are dirt cheap too, which is great! @natetazewellart Tbh any of their Artist Display Pro pen displays (with battery-free stylus) would be good! I wante… replacement XP Pen display came in last week, I love it and I'm never going back to Wacom ran 12 miles this morning and my feet are sloughing off the boneHahaha Ineedtogetevaluated 😬💦 I'm glad most of my friends have ADHD because I do this. My brain is permanently set… @roboshark_art I'm the exact same way, my brain's default setting is Friends ForeverWarning: It's stupid and gimmicky, which means I love itI guess I'll make the one for me for funsies, and if there's interest I might open up the slots???I keep debating about opening up 3 slots for experimental commissions, but I want to have an example/ prototype rea… @DamienMammoliti @DamienMammoliti More! MORE!
@jazzvalkyrie Teal and grey!!
I've been listening to Aratanaru Chikai too muchAnime OSTs like "And the gay gets the violin theme"
@mmmjoos I love this creacher @stung_art Congratulations!! 🎉 @TaliaMirai Agreed. The people who are capable of learning (and there's a lot) can move in the right direction, it'… @TaliaMirai My family used to be conservative, (now are centrist) but what he's saying right now is the exact stuff… @sstarkm For smacking ganglion cysts @sstarkm The dumpy American music segue to "Please welcome Lady Gaga" was surreal @ILoveDinobot DEAL 🤝 @ILoveDinobot NICE! And that's too low, are you sure?? I'd be more than happy to pay what you'd charge anyone else! @PinkieToons I used to keep chickens in the house when I lived with my family and I tell ya, bantam chickens are a… @its_boochan ABROO 😭🤜🤛😭 @spinecontrol Thank you, DJ! 😊🙌 @Gilrond1 All in good time! 👀🙌 @Bad_Dream_Boat 🤗🥰😊💙 @NinGeko_Art All in good time!!! Everyone is doing amazing work 🥺 @doxolove I can't wait for y'all to see, everyone has busted ass and it's looking incredible!! @SamuelDeats 😊🥰🤗!!! @ZiggyZagz No, YOU!! 👉👉 @DamienMammoliti Thank you, friend!! 🥺 @ILoveDinobot 👀💦💦 How's the condition and what's asking price??
@ILoveDinobot Hope you enjoy!! ...And then you'll be prepared for whenever season 4 drops! 😁 @Catcoconutart These negotiations usually resulted in me staying up until 4am for sweet uninterrupted time on ol' NetZero @ILoveDinobot The Netflix series!BOY HOWDY I love my job, I love my coworkers, I love working on Castlevania 🥺🙏 @Jasmine0Simone I actually watched the dub of it for the first time yesterday, it hurt me lmao @Shnikkles GOOD, because you better!! You're a rockstar! @Shnikkles NICOLE, this is amazing- but are you getting your 8 hoursIt was harrowing every time someone called the house phone @amonns This is when we learned the internet holds valueI spent over 48 hours via dial-up downloading the subbed Pokémon Crystal: Raikou - Legend of Thunder TV movie in ea…
@TheFantasticIan I'm always thinking about how good ORAS OST is, what a perfectly updated RSE OST @VoxTheDevil @amonns You're not supposed to go that long without feeding it!! @PinkieToons I'd just tell the landlord there's a new "dog" in the apartment, imoI had an amazing idea for a resin garage kit, it is non-negotiable that I make it happen this year @PinkieToons I had the pleasure of doing this with a miniature horse when I worked at a pony ranch as a teen, and he did not care at all @srirachanoodle Mine just had a Lost Soul in it, I've been ripped off @WhingeOfficial A+ demon babies @srirachanoodle Tiger Electronics unwittingly tapped into DOOM cyborg demon demographic @amonns A Cry for HelpThinking about the time my Furby sat battery-less in my closet for a few years until it randomly made a sound one night @JamesTurner_42 2021 Goal, James 👀 C'MON @GhostAlebrije We can't let them get away with it 🔫🧠 @SamuelDeats SHHHH, they'll hear you @JamesTurner_42 Your line quality and color are my favorite things, so glad you got to do concept art for it 🙏 You…
@jazzvalkyrie It'd be fun to do a no-contact food swap at some point, tbh @jazzvalkyrie WANT THEM SPROUTS @NinGeko_Art @jazzvalkyrie And TASTY @JamesTurner_42 It sets off my "Interrupted the music and now I have to start it over so I can properly appreciate it"-o-meter, I hates it @red1nk @jazzvalkyrie I made syrup but couldn't find rosewater... the alternative one I made is okay but not as goo… @red1nk @jazzvalkyrie BEST dessert ever @jazzvalkyrie Oh hell yeah I'm all about them sprouts @jazzvalkyrie YOU'RE PSYCHIC and yes I'm looking forward to eventual cooking parties 😤😤😤 @jazzvalkyrie You tweeted right as I pulled this out of the oven LOL @BalsamHaint What the fuck, I'm so sorry the nutjob degenerates got a hold of you, sounds like it's time for a repo… week has been an exercise in trying to stay focused. On Monday, I crunched the hell out of the inside of my ch… make red kanafeh and naan tomorrow!! @grunchpop CONGRATS!! @zombiebasss That silhouette!! THANK YOU FOR HER, I love
Please give us DPPt remakes so I can see a high-poly Byron with my two very real eyeballs @ItsmeChrisWade Please. PlEASE. PLEEEEEASE
#TBT to some personal work from 2016.#drawing in #photoshop using #wacom intuos. Some amalgamations of cars as wel…
Retweeted by Chance Kubesh @raspbearyart I'M SORRY!! I hope you're freed from this torment soon! @ykarps My penchant for shitty artifact JPEG quality is paying off @DatOlToonie Happy birthday!! 🎉 @JamesTurner_42 And you've helped make it incredible, James!! Thanks for making some of my top favorite Pokémon!! 🙌That professor dude better be ToddRips my shirt open and yells make my and everyone else's life easier, Here a form to fill out if you want a hashtag event to be included in…
Retweeted by Chance KubeshHey folks! I'm Matthew Casillan, a Stylized PBR 3d Character Artist for Games, 3D Printing, and Fun! I'm looking f…
Retweeted by Chance Kubesh
Monster movies are stupid, all they need to do is debate the xenomorph to win @Bad_Dream_Boat @SamuelDeats I've learned about too many neanderthals against my will @AdamDeats @Bad_Dream_Boat @SamuelDeats Well they already proved you can be a brain-dead businessman and be preside… @SamuelDeats God I want his whole damn bloodline barred from going anywhere NEAR government positionsI can't be excited about impeachment unless the fucker is actually held accountable by the Senate and THEN loses his benefits @SamSantala It is! AND, I'm late but congrats on the new tiny human, Sam!! 🎉 @RhealxDoyle Yesss! I still have my tranparent purple GBC from childhood and still play with it... I used to have a… first website I ever made was a Pokémon fan site on ExpageMy first game was Red. First piece of non-video game merch was a Topps anime Ivysaur card. First trading card was S… I've been obsessed with Pokémon for 25 years. 78% of my life @sstarkm Kasobenya
@jazzvalkyrie Revali and Daruk's voices & performances are so different compared to the EN one, I hated Revali orig… god, @Jim_Jordan is an infuriating absolute fucking ghoul, get the fuck outta here with your false equivalency bullshitGuess who found a nearby Indo Pak grocer and bought ingredients to make red kanafeh. Moi
@Bad_Dream_Boat Moosh did this as a puppy. She had to stick with piles of blankets from there on out, lmao
My dog needs to go to the bathroom but she hates the snow. She keeps grumbling at me to do something, as if I have a flamethrower @Danny8bit Weebs are the fucking worst, this whole thing is infuriating to read @Elegoo_Official Any word when that $190 Elegoo Mars will be back in stock on Amazon US? 👀💦