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Opens Pokémon GO Surrounded by nothing but Bidoof Exits Pokémon GO @gabdraws Here's my set-up, bottom is my 13in Cintiq @PedestrianWolf I hope you'll be the first person with a Miso tatHimbo and swole me visit Rose in jailCROWN TUNDRA TOMORROW HOOOOOGGGHHHH @PedestrianWolf It's SO GOOOOD @jonmchu Paging @my2k, I know you like Willow and idk if you saw this news yet! @TaliaMirai I'm happy you have hours of content to melt to, godspeed and enjoy ✨ @my2k I agree ☠ @my2k Wowww I had no idea he's reached that level, I've just been listening to him read as background noise for a long time @my2k @TaliaMirai Stay safe... 👀 @TaliaMirai Corpsehusband, I listen to him read scary stories on his YT channel lmao
She didn't howl, boof, or whimper, she literally just went AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHI woke up at 3am this morning because my poor dog had a nightmare that made her dream scream, and I've been awake a…
@Thepotenpro I don't like doing them, I only do them when I need to offset a big car or vet bill. @PedestrianWolf I saw before, it still divine 🌈
@idolmahoushoujo Agreed. As far as dubs go... It is Not Bad At AllEvery day I think about the evangelical preacher-voiced owl from the Digimon Tamers dub saying THUH DAYVUHPoints at friends I'm coming for you and your characters one dayCan't wait to get my mitts on an Elegoo Mars next year
@ehlbee I did my bestBeelzebumon but drawn in Tom of Finland's styleI've been watching Youtube videos of older ladies excitedly making resin geode art ALL day
@huh_benjamin It's confirmed: Start Johto at 11 @VoxTheDevil That sense of mystery and excitement is a high I'm still chasingAs a kid, nothing is more exciting than your favorite game getting a sequel! G2 also came around during a hard time… was 11, because I imported them in December 1999 out of sheer impatience and it took me forever to beat them beca…
@bogboogie I bleary eyes thought this said Damned RamenI'm replaying Pearl. I didn't get second badge yet but I already have Torterra. I was in a double battle, and in co… @curtislelash Hungry Oatmeal. @TexasDevin It was worth itAlso I'm lactose intolerant and I sufferedI ran 10 miles today instead of my usual six because I had to pay off a debt to a cookie dough milkshake @ILoveDinobot THAT OLD THING... Mimi and you deserve better 😫💕 @ryanlecount That's the Anime Girl Settei leg pose
I did a votesEvery time I've voted I always was in and out in 10 minutes, this is nuts. Very proud of folks for showing up in numbers like thisIn line for early voting and it is wrapped around the parking lot, damn @bogboogie Happy birthday, Son!! Thank you for being born!!! 🎉🎂 @hijinksensue PERFECT
I'm voting early tomorrow, wee woo wee woo @amonns Congrats, I bet you're kicking ass!!indigenous visibility is a constant struggle so dont mind if i used today to celebrate my own ancestry and bring yo…
Retweeted by Chance Kubeast @ykarps ABSOLUTELYAlso nothing is funnier than when Pokéani movies tout the Cute Mythical Babie Mascot as THE MOST POWERFUL EVER when… I appreciate how close Zekrom's roar is to his game cry. And his angry voice is good.Zekrom movie had Reshiram in it more than Zekrom. YES, we watched the right one Golurk carried the movie, everyone… cables, found on a very nice desk by the dumpster, it's in very good condition other than the screen having a wi… grabbed it @bluecosmonaut I'm gonna go see if it's still there and I will save it if it isSomeone left a Macintosh SE out by the dumpster and I'm tempted to grab it @jazzvalkyrie This is incredible, Jazz!! YOU ROCKSTARZekrom movie tonight, but how should I watch it?? ⚡Oh, to be 21 feet tall with six arms and handsome @JamesTurner_42 And still no pants, the scoundrelHoopa Unbound Appreciation Hour @mae_sun Koobinstein's Monster 👈👀 @kachi_rules Technically a hacked Masterball isn't "real" because items are stored as a value, so you'd be fine in keeping it! @kachi_rules It is indeed a hack, I'm sorry... 😔I wanted to change my last name to something spooky for the spooky month, but for reasons I cannot fathom, I don't…
@jazzvalkyrie Thanksgiving is canceled because I had This burgerAnd french fries with parsley.I had a big delicious FAT mushroom and goat cheese burger today @ProjectENDO 😁💙‼ @NinGeko_Art 🌈🎂✨🙏Something something coming out day I'm gay, happy birthday to all LGBT+ folks 🎉 @PinkieToons He's still in his cardboard box with packing peanuts!! @BumbleCrag Urzael from Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls 😩💦
@ykarps IT FIGURES HE DIDMy four favorite characters. Narrowed it down to one per series to be fair 😔 @AdamDeats Agreed. They did an overall amazing job with condensing everything the way they did and still retaining…'re still cowards for putting Star Platinum in pants, thoughGOD the '93 JoJo OVA is so good. Even when I know what's coming, it still gives me a gut punch. Tense and visceral framing @DarthGrimlock YESSSS
@SamuelDeats @TOKIBEAST Don't let your dreams be dreams 🌠
@SamuelDeats @TOKIBEAST Ooooh, look at Mr. Big Email Man over here, he can animate an entire episode of Gundam by himself @abellehayford YEEESSSSS! Congratulations!! 🎉✨ @atcesolcyc I hope you have an art book one day so I can buy it immediately 😳✨ I'll always love the way you render!! @my2k Dude looks like a bug wearing an Edgar suit
@Tautologicaly Don't let another 2020 happen and ruin plans!! We need your bee powers for good vibes, Jojo @MandyJacek NEXT YEAR, MANDY! We gotta!! Permitting another 2020 trainwreck doesn't happen and ruins plans again!Remember last year when I thought I'd be able to launch my comic this year? I was so young and innocent @Embraquil Thank you!! 😭 @zombiebasss STOP YOU'LL GET TOO POWERFUL @ykarps I want all 120K of them @bogboogie 🥺 Thank you, Son!! 💕 @gemsheldrake Thank you!! ✨ @renieplayerone Thank you!! 🙏✨ @zombiebasss It's junk food, don't eat too much!! @jazzvalkyrie God, I will say I'd take the Q over the F any day, I won't touch that one 😫 @jazzvalkyrie I grew up with it being used as a slur, so I personally cannot shake the negative connotations from i… @jazzvalkyrie I'm all for people using that word for themselves! But I will never refer to a group as that because… for the art RT spam, I have nothing new to share 😔Fake Anime Time with the bad guy from my comic ✨
Retweeted by Chance KubeastLook, I'm finally sharing the title! Poster for my webcomic that is launching in 2020. And my hands are dead
Retweeted by Chance KubeastOmika! She has an idea!! × From my comic
Retweeted by Chance KubeastJassar lost his keys
Retweeted by Chance KubeastI'm gonna make this dumb Game Boy game one day in GB Studio #gameart
Retweeted by Chance KubeastAnother character model sheet for my WIP webcomic. Here's Duke Andekaraum, but you can call just him Andy. ♤
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