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Lewdi ⚡ @ItsLewdicolo Las Vegas, NV

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@ModestMarill @eldirtysquirrel Lmao
@ModestMarill @Speqtor Bro it's the best feelingHello creators. 👋 I still have some spots available next Monday and Tuesday for a sponsored preview coverage oppor…
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@HeatherRamen @KekeBagel @ThePikalyn Christmas is a year-round holiday @oISketcHIo @KekeBagel 😘Make sure you guys go say 🎉🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎉 to @KekeBagel for me.
Retweeted by Lewdi ⚡Happy Birthday 🎂 to my one and only. My world 🌎 My everything and the reason I do everything I do 🤗 I love you @KekeBagel 💕
@Jauffins🔴𝑳𝑰𝑽𝑬 explain to me please why people aren't putting their stream links in their going live tweets? Is it an algo… @IchBinNicheSie Do you believe I'd care if someone did? 🤔 @Slothmonster Damn dude I understand. Still devastated though Exzema? @Slothmonster The beard @RichardHammerTV I used to check out Choose Your own Adventure books from the library as a kid and loved those. Redwall was also fun @RichardHammerTV My mom read me the Boxcar Children and the Hardy Boys series as a kid. She might like Nancy DrewI hate that shaving with the grain doesn't cut the hair down to the skin, but shaving against the grain gives me razor bumps 😡 @oISketcHIo @Twitch losing all my @Twitch subs from SUBtember
@Cuyoya @Cuyoya live @Cuyoya a @mckaylabowsman @Judoteki I'll just chime in and say that Demon Slayer isn't an anime. It's art. Like, it will be remembered. @PattyTrills aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa!I am an: ⚫ Man ⚫ Woman ⚪ Influencer Manager Looking for ⚫ New friends ⚫ A relationship ⚪ Content creators that wa…
Retweeted by Lewdi ⚡ @MoltenSlowa @play_rune 👀💙 @iJevin Wonder what would happen if you did release 2 simultaneous videos and 1 does well and the other doesn't 🤔 @Reninsane MILLIONS of men @iJevin You're iJevin. Not iJevinMinecraft @iJevin Might be a good idea to work on the 7DtD vids alongside MC vids and when a 7DtD vid is ready, release it al… @Omega_Okumura @Speqtor I'm sorry but are you implying that taco bell isn't good shit? is 10 years old now and I still know nothing about it @Sm0kal0ke and you didn't smack it with your dirty hand at the end of the video... Are you even Smokaloke? @eldirtysquirrel @KyrieRose88 @oISketcHIo @kekeandlewdi She must get hot flashes @Wyld @ButtonTwitch @Jbams01 @WeAllPlayCast Good luck!
So my @GFuelEnergy rep told me that if 1,000 tubs of Gfuel sell using the code "Ook" then he will get a Banana tatt…
Retweeted by Lewdi ⚡Tough times out here in Vegas. Gotta beat the heat!
Retweeted by Lewdi ⚡ @iKasperr Getting audited sounds painful @SlowPsycho My office gets so bad sometimes dudeClick for a surprise. :)
Retweeted by Lewdi ⚡ @Nibbleworm LMAO Luv u dawg @Kaoiji Lol seems that way sometimes Definitely a joke tho @PureSpider This is factsJoke btwWant an annoying viewer to go away and never watch you again? Mod them @DarkerBlitz Def cuteAmazing what a clean living space does for the mind @shimwood did you shit @MoltenSlowa @MoltenSlowa If it's a traditional MMO, I'm jumping onto that shit @MoltenSlowa is Destiny 2 a traditional MMO? I haven't played it. Are there guilds? Life skills? Mob grinding for X… @TheBaconBrotato Game should be released tomorrowI feel like Destiny is close, but doesn't quite qualify as a traditional MMODoes an FPS MMORPG exist? Like, a traditional MMORPG, but first person? I want a game like that. Life skills & pro… @GavinzAlter Now that's a blast from the past @GavinzAlter Congrats! Best of luck with the account! @DrivenInsane7 Wanna make me a mobile game so I can sell out? 💰💰💰 @Lllampshade I bet you feel like you could jump over a small building right now @DrivenInsane7 What you planning on majoring in? @Kikisyourfriend It's so rewarding building a family of strangers that care about you @ZaneyGFX This is HUGE dude. You should be insanely proud. Keep it up! One day and one decision at a time @eldirtysquirrel k just did Can I borrow the car now? @jacqs200586 @DJStrifeGaming Can't imagine how difficult getting a visa is, let alone citizenship. Best of luck to… @Jauffins I mean, you tamed MegaGregg @ohcamaro for definitely @FreakyPinky86 That sounds like so much fun!Partnering with brands is what actually enables us to create content full-time. We learned a lot, and it wasn't eas…
Retweeted by Lewdi ⚡ @ohcamaro So you're not available? 😟 @FreakyPinky86 Pog! Where did you go? @eldirtysquirrel ilu dad
@MattDethridge @MissEmiliaMC @MattDethridge Save some for me? @DarkerBlitz Always an accomplishment @FaNcYsHoT187 Seems like that's all the rage these days @Talcerase Someones gotta get it done, and it makes you valuable and look good! @ThEBaYu10 @Asneakyninja1 Paying for your own stuff is such a satisfying feeling!What's the most recent thing you've done that you're proud of? @stayathomedad90 @CrimsonCBAD Lmao this one actually made me laugh out loud @CrimsonCBAD Bro that makes us colleagues 😮Congrats! Big accomplishment just found out that Glenn Close played Gutless in Hook and her mind is blown 🤯🤣
Retweeted by Lewdi ⚡ @KekeBagel @oISketcHIo Nebraska in 2021 @Zants Blep pictures are top tier depression-curing picturesFuck I wish more of my friends were near Vegas. Just got off the phone with @oISketcHIo and I miss him so damn much.What the fuck @ArmedMob Hope everything's OK dude! @Speqtor Dude that looks amazing @FrigusReamerus It was a blast dude! Let's do it again!✨ green pinchy boy community day ✨ 🙌🏻 719 caught 🐜 402 trappys caught 🤩 17 shinies and a special sandy boy 💯 one r…
Retweeted by Lewdi ⚡No stream tonight btw, I can hardly keep my eyes open. I'll do a bonus stream on Monday. See you all tomorrow night 😴 @Dilpickle1 5 in 30 minutes is astounding @airforcekitty 1 shiny is better than none! @Min3rpro I can save one for ya! @RhoadesBlade I need to get on your level
I caught 23 shiny Trapinch, 1 growlithe and 1 anorith today during #PokemonGOCommunityDay! How did you do?