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Happiness is only real when shared :) @Biomechmike♥️

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I'll give $500 to someone who retweets this tweet within the next 12 hours. Must be following @BDG_Esports & myself.
Retweeted by Natalie| @Jessewelle @DashieXP I second this! @Tonekapone9 Yeah I'm hoping they bring a black one out. Would look better I think.How Sony made the PS5 Dualsense controller
Retweeted by Natalie|
@CashApp $ItsNataliee89 😊 how I feel about this.. show ever made. Fight me. 🥺 #VALORANT
Retweeted by Natalie| @TSMViss Do you know when it goes live? @Blackmarket51 @exivvi @Blackmarket51 It's amazing ❤️summoning circle please work 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 VA…
Retweeted by Natalie| @dakotaz @PlayVALORANT Wait, why? Explain.. 😔 @Blackmarket51 Next time we're playing warzone I'll defo hit you up! Was fun.
@C4Ciaran She was a lovely woman. Grew up in the same area as her and she always always said hello. Thinking of her family and friends 😔❤️ @GeekChickTV Good point 😊 thanks! @OriginalKrakka Yeah it was good thanks, appreciate you stopping by. Sucks that a lot of games are being delayed. T… @CirqueDuSoClown A lot of the bigger names. Plus you need to make a riot account and link it to your twitch. I'll l… @CirqueDuSoClown Tell me about it! Remember and watch streams tomorrow to try and get beta access! @Tonekapone9 @exivvi @matteeeey 😊❤️ @GeekChickTV I'm terrible at networking and I don't get many people in chat. Any tips to get "out there"? @CashApp You lie! $ItsNataliee89This is so sad to hear. Used to see her walking her dog every day 😔 @OriginalKrakka Yeah me either. It sucks but hopefully we get lucky tomorrow! @LinedawgTTV @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetr ❤️😊Playing some Warzone with the bro Come hang out! #Warzone #twitch @ViciousMarine23 Sweet just lemme know @ViciousMarine23 Ah nice! Think I'm just gunna stream it fir a while with Jordan if you're looking for a gameOkay I'm gunna stream for a little bit today because tomorrow I'm dedicating my whole day to watching Valorant stre… want to stream and chat with you guys but there's nothing to play. I'm so bored of everything 😔 it sucks.I miss the absolute peace I got from sitting here. I can't wait till everything has settled so I can go back to vis…
@DNPthree @CorinnaKopf $ItsNataliee89 🤞🏻🤞🏻 @CashApp $ItsNataliee89 bet you won't bless my poor empty account. @CashApp $ItsNataliee89 pleeeease make my day. I need snacks 🤞🏻 @KEEMSTAR Not all of us. This shit pisses me off.
@CashApp $ItsNataliee89 👋🏻🤞🏻 @chaoticmissy Lol with my accent it sounds like I'm saying mulk 😂 @ASTROGamingUK @CallofDutyUK Pleaaaase, I want my heart broken all over again.Play alongside Soap, Shepherd, Ghost and other familiar faces as you fight back against Vladimir Makarov, the Inner…
Retweeted by Natalie|Just found out objects can’t contract COVID-19 I knew being a woman would come in handy someday
Retweeted by Natalie|
@TorontoDefiant @SkipTheDishes 443The Office US is the best series to ever be invented. Period.
Retweeted by Natalie| @teddyfresh Love the colours! 😍Me waiting for a Valorant key.. #VALORANT @TurtleBeach The Lisa jump scare in P.T was by far the scariest thing I've ever came across in a game. This b*tch a…
Retweeted by Natalie|ITS VALORANT DAY!!!!! man I'm so excited. #VALORANT @Airforceackley Oke exotic! 😂 @Ewok Hi 😊👋🏻
Look at it this way... this is just one more reason to kick COVID-19’s ass. Social distance! Stay home!
Retweeted by Natalie| @CirqueDuSoClown I can hardly play kb&m so it's gunna be challenging lmao @AsianAndyFilms I love this video.FUCK YOU CORONA 😭 HEARTBROKEN. @CashApp £itsnatalie89 @PlayApex Add solo mode pleeeeeeeease! 😢Damn! Will be picking this bad ass bitch. @2tb_adrian @CirqueDuSoClown £itsnatalie89 🤞🏻
Me: One night of solo Netflix. Netflix the next day:
Retweeted by Natalie| @dakotaz Dude! That would be amazing! @CashApp Bet you won't send me cash £itsnatalie89 @islaanne1 We must protect her at all costs! ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
@Castro1021 @TurtleBeach @GFuelEnergy @BiomechMike 🤞🏻 @CashApp £itsnatalie89This dog is so beautiful it made me cry. Legit. I'm a hungover mess. @2tb_adrian @CirqueDuSoClown £itsnatalie89 @Airforceackley Hahah! All I remember is using the payphones to listen to the strippers dirty talk. I've always been a pervert 😂 @InstinctoZ I was so young when I played it for the first time. Thought it was bad ass.I second this. He's so cute 😍 @InstinctoZ The original was soooo good! @SeanMBrotherton Oh man, he's so cute! So happy for you guys! @SeanMBrotherton He is so cute. Is he just a mix breed? 😊I want a Duke Nukem remaster for PS4/5. I spent so much time playing that game when I was younger. @TwitchReTweets @missamr @electriczzzzzTV @dadbydaylite @kevdogg209 @Nightshade66666 @UCExJP Congrats guys! Excited…
I’m Scottish. I live in a land called Scotland. I cherish my national identity. I’m proud of my roots. I believe in…
Retweeted by Natalie|who did this 😂😂
Retweeted by Natalie| @TwitchTVGaming @WarningLanguage Congrats on the best shout out on twitter! Welcome to the fam! ❤️ 6: Solos thanks 😘 @PlayApexI'm ready for the @PlayVALORANT beta. I wanna put myself into a coma for a week. Too excited. @TeamGodvek @Twitch I'm live and can't see people online anymore. @rayhenders1988 Yeah it's not so bad lol. Solo is a bit meh.Still live playing Warzone! Come say hi! #Warzone #ModernWarfareI'm baaaaaack and I'm live now @TwitchOnline @TeamGodvek @snorticus23 What?This was probably the best campaign. Looks amazing remastered. Gutted there's no multiplayer 😔 @Airforceackley Exactly lol! That's what I spent my morning/afternoon doing. @Airforceackley Oooooh shit. Have you watched the show? It's crazy. @Airforceackley Lucky! Was he around? @Airforceackley No. Way?!
@ViciousMarine23 Joe exotic? 😂 He's some guy.WHERE IS DON, CAROL??
Retweeted by Natalie| @LinedawgTTV Me too and now I've just binged the whole thing 😂The Tiger King on Netflix is one wild fucking ride. You gotta watch it. #TigerKingDay 5: @PlayApex come ooooon, add Solos thanks. ❤️🤞🏻 #ApexLegends @CashApp £itsnatalie89 @AsianAndyFilms We're glad you're feeling better! 😊
Hello. Has anyone had any problems with locking themselves out of psn cause two factor Authenticator is on an old p…
Retweeted by Natalie| @LinedawgTTV Heaven! @HippieHabitat That was awesome. We need a hippie spotify playlist 👍🏻I need an ever lasting beer tap in my life. Please & thank you. @CashApp Notice meeeee!!!! £itsnatalie89