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Nonbinary queer 🔥Hugo, Nebula, WFA, Lammy finalist; I wrote the Tensorate series 🌈 Debut novel THE GENESIS OF MISERY out 2022 w/ @torbooks! ✨ Rep: @dongwon 📚

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STOP CARRYING OUT YOUR INTENTIONS is this how they conduct discourse on the high seas @nilaffle @Merc_Wolfmoor THIS IS FUCKING GLORIOUS!!!! @Merc_Wolfmoor ......, I need to see this
@jruoxichen @TorDotComPub CONGRATS!!! so well deserved and I’m so delighted for you!!! @RB_Lemberg Sending love, R 💗💗💗An Announcement:
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @suddenlyjen 💗💗💗💗 I’m sorry to hear, but also godspeed on your future endeavors! @metafiktion hell is the danish parliament?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 @happentobeshort wait omg didn’t I tell you @JennaKassArt omg pls talk to me more about the pencil I need better mechanical pencils to work with bc I realize i… @NataniaBarron hahaha I just find writing on phones weird/next to impossible?? if I have text I want to write I scr… I made tape based on the weird little medieval creatures from Hieronymus Bosch paintings is that something peopl…
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @quailtea omfg @austin_sebben thank you! <3 <3 <3tumblr ads
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @neonhemlock @KMSzpara everything about this photo is a delight @peripateticmeg @csecooney Love the values on the shadows!! @EmmaCandon it’s ok it feels like this story came out two years ago I don’t even remember what May is @EmmaCandon although it came out in may lol, TIME IS FAKE @EmmaCandon 💗💗💗💗 EmmaI keep seeing Americans commenting on what is happening in the UK blaming it on the UK government and let me be cle…
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @asexualcyborg @clarkesworld thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 💗 @weredawgz what kind of point was this person even trying to make???We. Cannot. Emphasize. Enough. How much you do NOT want to miss these ✨
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them)i consciously decided to stop chasing girls and finally got a novel done so this tracks not dating, and not carin… @nicasioreed LMFAO I TRIED TO MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE MY FAVORITE J ROCKER HHGGGFFFAFAF @D_Libris lol I’ve been concerned for a long time bc hmm. Even from the outside BioWare has been hella messy. But n… @VioletVampirex seems like things have been a MESS for years but I’m just gonna blame 2020Ironically I came to Twitter to post “my phone’s photo widget usually shows pics of SFF cons with friends I miss or… Well. W e l p @KLLiiNNG zagreus’ shoulder skulls are made of foam and are actually squishy
@teresempierre that’s what the to-do lists are for!!! I need to be able to check the items off as I get em!!“selfie and a random note on your phone” I guess..... there’s this one that’s just my friend’s home address.... fro… I literally the only weirdo on the planet who never uses their phone’s notes app??? @barquing YESSS OMG!!! IM DELIGHTED @priyachandscifi @clarkesworld thank you! 💗💗💗Awards season is upon us! This year I'd like to submit for consideration my very trans mecha novelette (10.6k words…
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @alexanderchee technically they’re not wrong @suzusaur suz that note omghow about another give away? bc it's that time of year 💖 this time with a zagthan pin and zag's sword. 🔥 RT to ent…
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @MorkaisChosen @clarkesworld thank you!! I'm really glad to hear it honestly 💗💗💗(somehow did not consider this when I made the switch, ha ha, very good 🤦)PLEASE NOTE!! that I would like to be nominated as NEON YANG even though the story is published under my old name.… season is upon us! This year I'd like to submit for consideration my very trans mecha novelette (10.6k words… @lchanwrites he luv uFIRST PERFORMANCE OF HOLIDAY! 🥶❄️
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @dongwon you were right the second time tho, writing is bad and no one should do itholy shit there’s more footage of the lady in the trump trials
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @msmaysunshine it’s so good!!!I seriously thought this was a comedy sketch until Rudy Giuliani’s visage made an appearance & then the horrifying… @DoubleUHarrison I’m delighted so many people have such good tastei don’t watch TV and haven’t watched anything since the good place ended, don’t @ meThe Good Place and Hades? it’s a match made in Hell @MittieArt lol the green owl app once sent me an emotional blackmail email that was like WHY HAVENT YOU DONE YOUR L… @MittieArt learning Swedish was my hyperfixation in 2013 and I just got used to my phone being in the language. I c… @MittieArt my phone lol @MittieArt like hades it’s one of those small, perfect gems that has made 2020 so much more bearable @MittieArt I actually listen to ambient piano on the reg bc I enjoy it, my sleep music is all just, like. atmospheric white noisefortunately the list of my top artists this year is more representative of my musical obsessions this year (don’t a… Spotify wrapped is hilarious bc my top song of the year is a random track from the sleep playlist I put on at ni… @Ellethevillain it’s nostalgia for a specific way of life that profited off slavery and colonialism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Climate change strategies.
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them)ok but what kind of pets can people own in the underworld #HadesGame #hades
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @MattFnWallace and my superpower is giving out my credit card information to ev— wait a second @junescribbles sad high five lol @MiriBaker but yesterday i realized i actually? know the whole number w/o looking at it? how and when did that happen @MiriBaker i actually hate using my credit card for online shopping and avoid it wherever possible. i regularly qui… @yesitshanna mmhm!!!! oh what, you didn't like shakespeare or chaucer? lol you're just too stupid to understand Real Literature, goodbyewithout meaning to, i have somehow managed to memorize my entire credit card number, expiry date, and security code…
@AlexHarrowSFF 💗💗💗💗Raise your hand if you didn’t start in your field until your 30s 👀
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them)school convinced me I was too stupid and too poor to be a writer. didnt start until I was ten years out of college we're live on Kickstarter! We delighted to start this project with you about queer witches, the knife edge b…
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @crashwong Alyssa 😂😂😂😂😂 @ac_wise @TitanBooks Congrats!!!!!! @sentencebender Congrats!!!!! @lindenalewis AND THEN DELETED THOSE lmfaooo you cant make this upIn case you missed it, the UK is about to forcibly detransition every trans kid
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them)$7199 the cost of speaking up, as of this morning it's more than my advance for DOTC (4.5k) and last royalty chec…
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them)"We’re just going to have a small dinner with the neighbors, their son, his girlfriend . . . "
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @ninjapapercow DONT ITS A GOOD TWEET AND IT WILL NOW HAUNT ME ALL DAYthe existence of tank tops implies the existence of dps bottoms
Retweeted by NEON YANG ✍🏼 (they/them) @ninjapapercow I AM VERY UPSET BY THIS TWEET @dongwon (It does require finishing the main storyline & working towards the epilogue tho. But I have a lot of thou… @dongwon that’s a good question, wait are we? Cos this game is honestly the most tender, warm-hearted thing I’ve go… @dongwon 😭😭😭😭 thats too sad for this game noooooo I’m gonna live in the delusion that Theseus only pretends to be a dick sob @dongwon THIS MAKES ME FEEL SAD FOR ASTERIUS BC IT MEANS HE'S TRAPPED IN A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP BC HE DOESN'T KNOW BE… @lchanwrites @dongwon i bet he does, it's all bronzer!!! the portrait you can commission of him looks pasty af @dongwon ikr I HOPE ITS A SCRIPTED ACT & HE'S MORE CHILL IRL AND DOESNT TALK OVER ASTERIUS ALL THE TIME @weredawgz @dongwon i just hope the whole thing is scripted up to and including their squabble & theseus is p chill… also hate writing novels, though, WHAT IS THEIR FUCKING PROBLEM so this tracks.@dongwon, in their latest newsletter: "A novel is a ship of Theseus..." Me, leaping out of my seat: I HATE THAT MO… @sethsmithart you can! If you’ve gotten the chthonic companions (which to be fair only unlock p late in the game) y… @MiriBaker so do I believe her apology is sincere? Ha ha no!! She’s just worried now that it looks like it might impact her career ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @MiriBaker So she 1) made caps of her thread for “accountability” 2) saw that people were not buying how halfassed… @MiriBaker I saw it tweeted that she’d appended caps of her tweets to the apology, but when I went to look THAT WAS GONE TOO @Alexecuted this person. her tweets went much farther and included v specific violent imagery directed at her targe… @Gwenda yup. the internet will remember.trying to imagine how fast an author of color would get dropped by their agent and publisher if they ever pulled something that white woman is just gonna post a half-assed apology, delete all the offending tweets, and hope we all forge…