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Non @itsnonbb Los Angeles

ɴᴏɴ ᴀᴋᴀ ᴛʏʟᴇʀ // ᴘʀᴇᴠ: ᴄᴀʀʙɪɴᴇ // ɪɢ: ɪᴛsɴᴏɴ // ᴇᴍᴀɪʟ: ɴᴏɴsᴛʀᴇᴀᴍɪɴɢ ᴀᴛ ɢᴍᴀɪʟ // ʜᴇ/ʜɪᴍ // 30+ ᴄʀᴇᴡ

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@Inked_Bee Hi Sam I’m Non @omgchomp Bantha poodoo #skywalkersagaisoverparty @SamaturaCosplay I love those pastel colors! Tonight is the 5 year @emonitela anniversary~kitty out here killing it with this album tbh @omgchomp make pumpkin spice a controlled substance @ClassyKatie Someone else can't magically fix your happiness, you have to make yourself happy first. @ImLostEmpire You gotta take care of you, bb, that’s important~
@EkkoNexus Damn, that's impressive - I have so little time for games these days and I'm sucked into the Destiny mac… @EkkoNexus The original KH? That was the only one I ever played, I never ended up beating it though @iKasperr Happy birthday, bud! 🤗 @jasminjoestar Most of them now are USB-C, though some of the older ones still use USB Micro.MAYOR: okay let's hear sewer proposals ENGINEER'S GUILD: I need four hundred laborers, five years, and twenty thous…
Retweeted by Non @camcorderkid @fadylace SHIT SAME ILY FADY @ChrisHanel I need to find this song @MayorDasMoose Decent roll - SMGs tend to be pretty stable since they don’t kick very hard, but ricochet rounds act… @itsJevette Anime anime anime - sounds about right @Mali_Games I love herI won the raffle grand prize at my company party and got a big fancy TV, so FINE I GUESS ILL FINISH PLAYING DEATH S… marina is lit super cool tonight
@BritanniJohnson Hey can I borrow some of your power, asking for a friend @SkyhookArt @princesshyruIe @Qavee Let me proceed in the way you’re supposed to handle this online, by taking screencaps of you… @princesshyruIe @Qavee Oh shit right my bad, real eboy hours only, I get it @princesshyruIe @Qavee hi I was in the restroom and I read that whole thread + that person’s profile and I just wan… @LuxieGames @jasminjoestar Luxie, Jasmin is one of my LA friends, she is great, love her as you love me @yellowspoongirl I just want to be the flower shop owner that says “you’re my favorite customer” @BennyFitsTV I’ll let you know, I picked it up but haven’t tried it yet - the latest MW on PC is quite good thoughHey all! We are doing a script-reading of The Room live on Twitch on December 20th! Looking for a streamer interest…
Retweeted by Non @ImLostEmpire Yeah, I honestly think there is some sexism baked into it too - a dude is expected to stand up for hi…
@ImLostEmpire It’s a little harder but I’m getting better! @DefinitelyBean @RawFury Yes!! Congrats bean bb~ 🤗🤗💕💥✨🎉 @xoGlitterTV Oh huh I didn’t realize you were going to be calling me out on the TL like this but here we are @ImLostEmpire I stand up for all my friends tbh @SlightlyGeneric Excuse me who is this @witchytwitchytv Looking forward to Ashley Ketchum @omgchomp A cloud of invisible gas that forces everyone who breathes it to form empathy for other people @omgchomp I'm SHIT we got Osiris AND Saint-14 coming back to DO SOME WORK, LETS GO @skipper well in times of great conflict we should look at America’s top minds to see how they deal with flirting @Boosh_Queen 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 @skipper I literally had these in my hand at Best Buy since @wirecutter recommended them, but chickened out last mi…
@Gazimoff It may only be a shade above basic, but you're extra loved in my heart. 💕 @Gazimoff I was tempted to get the green one, but my coworker convinced me "you're extra, you should get the gold one" so I did @omgchomp @kylevorbach GOSH ALYSSA, if you keep grabbing the CDs like that on the shiny side I'm gonna have to bust… up it’s your cool dad wishing you a wonderful day @AshleyRoboto ASHLEY YOU ARE A LITERAL ANGEL WTF - also your balls make you look so festive! @omgchomp NO IS THAT WHY I SAW A PICTURE OF HIM TODAY AHHHHHHHG FUCKHappy Monday tweetpals~ on this beginning of the assault of Christmas, let us never forget comrade Mariah Carey's t… @BritanniJohnson Tea Fight Tactics @slowburnstudio Turn left, right handed~ @xoGlitterTV 3.7M views, I’m Damn I didn’t realize I was friends with the big league meme lords, I bow before your sovereignty @clairelizzie That definitely seems like a bootleg sneppy, his face looks wrong
@yellowspoongirl Out here at the end of no nut November writing the bee movie script @BlossomingSun That’s a very specific statement but I’m here for it @LabhraBlaith CUTE @SamaturaCosplay Only if your first album is called Hard Gremlin @skipper inspiration has struck
@AustenMarieTV I’m excited to give people your Tired sticker people say that you can be a good landlord or a good cop, as if that makes policing and landlording morally pe…
Retweeted by Non @skipper Not an English major but I like words, the problem with the word conceited is it leaves wiggle room for su…
@Inked_Bee Have fun bb~ 🤗2020: Year of the Respond Back To Messages Immediately When You See Them, You Doink - You Don't Seem Desperate, You…
Retweeted by NonLot of people out here talking about Yoda but nobody is spending time talking about Yaddle aka Lady Yoda, smh… @skipper Join me in this brave new world in 2020 @starwars, @DelReyStarWars, @Jon_Favreau: The world needs a Cara Dune novel, and I am the tattooed powerlifte…
Retweeted by Non @ItzHypoxia Oh no :( Sending love your way, Andy, I'm sorry to hear that - I love you bb, you know I'm here if you need anything 💕Nobody: Every woman on streamer twitter to each other: @BennyFitsTV @Bungie Once I finish Randy’s, all I have left to do is the Gambit season 8 quest and then I’m done -… @BennyFitsTV @Bungie Yeah I’m at 96% medals, just wrapping it up now... it’s not the greatest @Inked_Bee I’m definitely a west coast snob but I liked the greater DC/Virginia area when I visited @princesshyruIe That’s what I doooooPracticing for tomorrow
Retweeted by Non @princesshyruIe Yay I’m happy things are working out for you! I am thankful for you, my new-ish internet friend - a… @PostCubicleKyle @tumbledorez I’m remembering this one door from Naboo that closes RIDICULOUSLY fast and every time… @Qavee Terrific thread~ Many believe populist narratives without taking time to understand the cruel colonialism th…
@Valkskorn @Qavee @manekigecko this is the most blessed thread, thank you all @SkyhookArt Sam, you will always be my wonderful friend, please accept this rare Emo Nite Birthday Disco Floor Non @AustenMarieTV @BrianStaples IT'S BEEN @Qavee @princesshyruIe meanwhile my roommates cat keeps trying to climb in the fridge every time I open it @Qavee @princesshyruIe Awwww YAY STAIRS @Qavee How is Lion liking the new place? @slowburnstudio Summer, you are so friggin wonderful and talented and I’m thankful we are friends, I’ve been sorta… @JessiEeveeTv Yo fam this look is killer, ngl, you look terrific~i suspect that terry perhaps had larger issues than his recreational drug use
Retweeted by Non @BritanniJohnson “Looking for the Jim to my Pam” is one I see a lotLRT: I am so proxy excited for @AshleyRoboto who got acknowledged by daddy himself, @TheRock twinning and looking in the mirror, Ash. 👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾 😆 Santa has your new fanny pack 🎅🏾
Retweeted by Non @AshleyRoboto @TheRock OH MY GOD ASHLEYi'm listening to IT on audiobook now, and Stephen King thinks women's nipples get hard (like bullets!) when they ar…
Retweeted by Non @Qavee @princesshyruIe You know what, that’s fair - I appreciate you both celebrating organic cruelty-free farm-to-table horomones @princesshyruIe @Qavee
@GGLuxy @PyroInsane I WOULD DIE FOR LATTE @helloiamkate CO-OP CAMPAIGNS WHEN @Qavee Quesadilla is a friend I will treasure @BennyFitsTV I'm at 44% scout rifle/68% medals and it takes SO LONG @RaniezRage hm - DecembeDDR? DDRcember? I DONT KNOW @SamStrake But I'm also aware that in the case of a lot of women, men try to abuse those age dynamics, so it's bett… @SamStrake Age is tricky - I openly talk about my age (35) because there are weird power dynamics at play when it c… @Hironalol damn, ciji killing it as usual