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i can't think of a good bio (17/🇸🇴)

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@ssihxm never i'm on break till the summer holidays startI havent been doing work the last few weeks and I've been getting some fat spots what does this all mean😭 big up the postman
Retweeted by osmailWatching this live was the funniest thing everPostman was good, bossman was better
Retweeted by osmailI'm not getting this song out of my head for years @muxsin2003 This is an opinionated tweet but u haven't even understood it lol they're talking bout when mbappe was… bout my holed boxers rn last part is absolutely killing me rn
@LazasBautista I'm crying manThis team vs Kepa? I'm just gonna claim the dub rnPogba and Bruno are the greatest duo in the world.
Retweeted by osmailyes you can admit mason greenwood is the best young player you've ever seen in the prem if you're a rival fan don't be shyNo player has scored more Premier League goals from outside the box than Mason Greenwood this season (4) #mulive [sky]
Retweeted by osmailMore goals than the chorus can take ffsDo you guys understand how long this video is gonna be by the end of the season???? so so so so much @masongreenwoodGreenwood wallahi I love youyes thank you for thinking im a bum it's all I think too 😩my day - wake up, netflix, work, procrastinate, netflix, ps4, try work again, go back to ps4, go to bed and watch netflix then repeat
ever since i started drinking chai tea i wonder why i drank so much pg tips, it literally tastes like paintrishi sunak really announced that the gov will be giving billions to businesses who bring workers back but absolute… whole album is something else, these two are one of the deadliest duos in hip hop need to start game of thrones soon...
Dropped my phone 4 times today I think this mf wants to gobeen really getting into old school hip hop recently (mos def, talib kweli, a tribe called quest) and i'm having so much fun @muxsin2003 Man was a punch away from a heart attackthat facial expression @CrypticNoOne 'the mud' @kxynan yeah u doBut not the funny comedians... The comedians who get laughs because of how shit their jokes areCaucasians = Comedians @TheSamsman Yeah exactly fuck Mariah man u can't even hate bushmaster too much hes just getting revenge, such a cool characterLuke Cage s2 really flopped on the villain like they want me to hate bushmaster but i only got love for him and his noble mission
@whotfisAbi Happy birthday brotherbeen off twitter for a day and i have realised im very addicted to this app anyways hello @TheBlaxkMan Get the hacked version! Only thing it doesn't have is downloads
Read his bio and you'll see everything you need to understand this deranged mindset this guy think racism only occurs through EDL beatings @LazasBautista I'm the reincarnation of Tim Krul 2014 @TheBlaxkMan I've been great bro, been spending the last few days winding down after a week of exams, hbu bro @TheBlaxkMan why is this so so accurate, gm bro @MxjdTV Rock n rolla/ no country for old men*am*Me waking up knowing i'm not gonna do any work today and an just gonna watch luke cage and football i went Somalia in 2015 they feasted on me, I still got scars liked Terry Crews then I came across his twitter accountCould you imagine Stormzy running for PM here? America is truly wildCan you imagine the debates - Trump chatting shit, Biden forgetting everything, Kanye just freestylimg why the othe… do movies make ppl jumping off rooftops into bins look so easy im sure that shit hurts badWhite ppl who've bought this you may as well say the shahada, you've been so proactive's 96 bars of revenge is up there tooI don't even need to add further context, this speaks volumes. They're even less than 10 minutes away from each o…
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Wicked Skengman 4 is up there but the Dave x AJ combo is deadlyHappy Independence day to Algeria 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿Thiago Silva is the greatest hype song. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk'without expecting it' like someone expects to get stabbed lmao dont mind me and my pathetic brainThis is the exact look in movies when someone gets stabbed without expecting it born in carlisle made in the royal navy nearly tipped me over to the edge fucking hell*black and brown ppl get shot, killed and tortured* 10 year old me - get that key info sarge! 😃😃😃 @Connugh Believe in yourself bro, I hope it all goes well!All I used to do as a kid was watch army movies and read daily mail I'm so lucky I didnt become a white supremacist @Connugh Literally. I only started taking it seriously in my last year and that stress was unreal, the summer perio… a weird little flashback to GCSE exam time when I'd go home, sit on the toilet and deep how everything in my li…'we celebrate the declaration of independence even though slavery was in full swing and natives were robbed of land… wtaf do Americans have to celebrate?I'm convinced some countries have 'independence' for bants @silvasalavisa I was like 7, looking back I've never been more disappointed.@masongreenwood left, right
Retweeted by osmailthere was a time when I though chipmunk was the goat of rap. then i grew upmy whole life I've wanted to do this, yes I know I'm a weirdo I appreciate the sentiment and the will to celebrate ur culture but couldn't you just do that at literally any… really stayed at home for 3/4 months and then randomly went to a party in the park for 'independence'? all a bunch of idiotsthe most random thought but yeahwatermelon is the most overrated fruit, if it's your favourite then I'm sorry to tell you your taste buds are terrible @masongreenwood The greatestMason Greenwood is seriously going to become the best striker in the world. Favorite it, retweet it and watch as it happens.
Retweeted by osmail @LazasBautista Hes a very decent keeper tbh a lot of the goals were unsaveableWhat a finish masonWhat the actual hell is happening rn @SaadSalahuddin_ Yeah I'm more than happy rn broRemember when Jose wanted to sell Anthony Martial and bring in Ivan Perisic. 😂😂😂 These last 7 years has been so funny.
Retweeted by osmailThe curl on that, crossbar and in. Pure beautyWhat a fucking goalTears in my eyes watching this masterpieceI LOVE THIS GAMEGREENWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODI'm just tweeting every shitty tweet that comes to mind at 2 am it's time for bed MASTERPIECE!!D4NNY everyday to have arguments about this but now there's no excusesremember the hype around mario kart? lolLike how do you expect me to shake hands with someone who's never washed their behind 🤢🤢🤢 hope shaking hands becomes a thing of the past post-covid
Twitter is literally a vaccum for me, need new mutualsThere's this one line 'autobahn stay in my lane' in M Huncho's Birds that literally helped me in GCSE history, alwa… @ssihxm I see this guy all the time on my TL who is he @IIDaraII It's not looking good bro, it's bleak