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Oh whoops meant to post this. Trying to delete the first one @foucault_45 not my problemAfter getting exactly what they want, the Democrats find themselves in grave peril.
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Cumming in my own ass (To the tune of Killing In The Name Of)
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: VendettaIf you invest your $1,200 tax prebate at 10% return (stocks/equities/cash) for 40 years you will have over $54,000.…
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: Vendetta @DeathMedieval Tired of being stuck in the house man @filth_waste And YES I understand thats the point of revolution but ughhhhhhhghhhJk I know how I’ve been watching forgotten weapons for the last year or so @ilovetopiss Great.ugh FINE I guess I’ll learn to operate a rifle @WajahatAli No @vicsepulveda I wish covid would instead @MeLlamoLlama_ Nah come onidk why I googled this but @Slennon_ @cakemittens Tandice @Discourse_ I actually stumbled on this article while I was doing time theft glad the ok boomer girl has a normal first name and isn’t called like Brynleigh or something @cushbomb Do a hot ones plsShooing the Ok Boomer girl away as she aggressively demands yet another creampie 🙄
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Retweeted by PhetzStorm: VendettaThat other feeling when you got a spot in the sun youre a dog and everyone loves you @ThirstyRando @crow_death @clownpond Better get ahead of it and show hog before they can I offer you a Fran in this trying time @Grokamole Looking forward to the eggs painted with the blue lives matter flag @edzitron Same here, first time I’ve donated to a candidate and no regrets @NameOfSlabs whoopsie doodle well heres a candidate we’re sure youre gonna like @sausagehobbit The man is waving his hand in front of his nose @NameOfSlabs It would be so so funny if they MeToo him out of the race and nominate HilTheres a skunk in the back yard again and Bernie dropped out so I’m upping today’s Stink Rating to 8.5 @MKupperman So sorry manTarget neutralized
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: Vendettaカモスイレターvol.10 ちびはな寝ポジション探しちゅ~ #加茂水族館 #ゴマフアザラシ
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: Vendetta @CalebJHull Go the, Caleb!"Oh, shit, PissPigGranddad is on Chapo Trap House!", I exclaim. The year is 1998. I am rushed to the hospital for my stroke.
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: Vendetta @prefect_beanis that’s be @spacej_me @LLW902 Am I meant to eat the boy1,2,3 all your bases covered @UweBollocks ????
going t o start saying, "Wife City" whenever i see an attractive woman. e.g... "thats Wife City" or "that girl is Wife City to me"
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: Vendetta @notbinIaden for pervin @Drew4484 LifesBiggestQuestions @JeffDelicious Mainly I want to not be doing this job with these people anymore, which I don’t think is enough of a… @kirabira Oh yeah there’s always been this undercurrent of “I should probably mosey on in a few months or so” but t… @initfo @filth_waste At least you’re solving problems for someone. I’m just doing this make-work bullshit the owner… @batsdingerbonds !!! @filth_waste Oh dude I’m in software marketing during a fucking pandemic, this is the most existentially useless I’… @Drew4484 Ok I will work for you @Drew4484 Can I do it from the computer @ChaeraLastima Yeah me too I just want to not think about this shit anymoreAs lucky as I am to have a job where I can work from home like this and still get paid/have insurance I’ve also hat… about going back to the office and seeing my co workers again after all this is over, and tbh I’d kind of rather quit @sausagehobbit keep fuckin dreaming lmfao @trollabelle Amateurnoun @sausagehobbit Whoops sorry I actually meant 3 instead of 2, like seriously @sausagehobbit 1 2 4 @jitka 👀the united kingdom must be destroyed
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: VendettaSo what they sayin this thing is like a virus or something or what
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: VendettaHobbies are for weak minded individuals. Just sit around staring at objects like a pimp
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@Merman_Melville More figurine-esque but yes(guy at the back of the WHO meeting in a fake moustache) What if we tried smoking delicious, safe cigarettes
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@ConorHaloReach duke nukem voice “cool” @Drew4484 @AceGracious @batsdingerbonds Listen this all sounds great but it’s not happening unless I have power of… house is an RTS “tech lab” building where you unlock all the end game units @merrittk it’s not ideal. But fineThis is the house of every 90’s sci fi movie protagonist, or 80’s sci fi movie antagonist IT services firm’s US outpost in North Carolina ass house
Retweeted by PhetzStorm: Vendetta @VerefiedHusband How wonderful! @FilthyMacrame Sure. First question, what is an “estate” @Drew4484 @batsdingerbonds @AceGracious Drew can have the power of my whole ass @tombomp Yeah I’m seeing that now it’s like a PoA MLM scheme or something. I am amazed @tombomp Oh my god this is incredible @tombomp Fucking what lmfaooooo @AceGracious @Drew4484 Sorry can’t read this tweet you’re breaking up @Drew4484 @AceGracious Ah thank you drew. Isaac i got the law buddyAre any of my followers on here interested in granting me power of attorney @Clippers89 Phew. For youIf it is your birthday I am going to kill you @Drew4484 Well then why did I buy this cake @wintergreenpaul Ok whatever he should be in the ground @Drew4484 is it your birthday @Ingwit_ you got itthe coke nail POV shot just 😚👌 movie is just wonderful he the prime minister idekIt is my hope that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson succumbs to the COVID-19 virus. @ant_tea @indie_grunge Its just a pic I took of that thing happeningwhen a weird twitter guy meets their fav e-girl @JasonAssholes