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@computer_screen lmaoits got magumbo tiddies @filth_waste @Drew4484 That’s correct @Drew4484 yeah they're called that because they think the arcade is fire @aniceburrito the people should know @JucheMane I knowww its been 4 eva since I have received TeH BeWbie HuGzz of DeWm!!!! @PiffWhiffle Who is this pleaseI hope future Jurassic Park movies show the dinos being fucking weird like this @ErnieLies 😞im told that wearing my Denim kimono to the oscars will probably destroy racism and sjw in one feel swoop
Retweeted by (2021 voice) hello @droobis lolwhgat
Retweeted by (2021 voice) hello @lib_crusher I guess this is where they go when the college campuses are shut down due to covidborkus @hamsandcastle Yes it becomes a federal crime tomorrow
@cakemittens hello @doaknet their fucken cowards dude @sausagehobbit @Drew4484 @AceGracious @SamarthKanal @sausagehobbit @Drew4484 @AceGracious @SamarthKanal Imagine if the cheese had been shredded @Drew4484 @AceGracious @SamarthKanal @sausagehobbit fuuuuuuuckkk @AceGracious @SamarthKanal @sausagehobbit Samarth hello @AceGracious @sausagehobbit If you don’t buy shredded I’m going to be so pissed dude @sausagehobbit Buy shredded you fucker @ConorHaloReach turn on tour monitorAll I see is a dead lady @kittynouveau Baby has trump hair @cowlonfull oh shit he does 🤣😂🤣 @jattburner Thats beautiful davis thank youI love going around a bunch of different areas @xoxogossipgita Synthetik has cool shooting that feels good and a run will fit in a lunch break @Yelix All of On Cinema is a great chronicle of a seemingly normal dumbass becoming a Trump guyWho up sucking on they gun?
Retweeted by (2021 voice) hello @painted_eel She’s still pretty spry when treats are involvedgetting some serious top in Neom! Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum has recreated ESPN Zone here, and it also serve…
Retweeted by (2021 voice) helloq anon + on + on (1993 hit by orbital)
Retweeted by (2021 voice) hello @chutson99 cant believe this didn’t get any likes @initfo ah, i have heard of his bargaingood catch franny is written like a joke but I can already tell you it is actually prophesy
Retweeted by (2021 voice) hello @vrunt good morning Tiger TimeA life-sized cardboard cutout of Ana de Armas from inside Ben Affleck’s residence was seen being thrown out into a…
Retweeted by (2021 voice) hello @RyanLostinTX They look so contentdoor’s open, boys mode fran @rose_eyepatch They can’t get enough of that shitAnybody ever notice how zoomers are always drinking out of a huge cuptump
@conor_tripler how can I play this damn game if the other player stays makin moves @HelloCullen yeah @death_of_speedy Hey @rahcelscorner remain calmPhetz to Enterprise, one to suck off @coolestdudeyet Dang I thought I had a shot @dvorak I have a lot of work to do @dvorak What’s going on, I have no time for thatMy whole life Ive been a little guy that goes around @chump_dick @ArmyStrang I would also like to say hello to Ana at this time
Retweeted by (2021 voice) hello @BRENTHOR I just have a really good feeling about her future in Starfleet @advice_by_dad Probably wants a treat but she’s gonna get a boopgot new iphone so I anticipate my fran pics will be much improved in quality. Here is an old one poppin daddies
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Retweeted by (2021 voice) helloYou’ve spent your whole life avoiding traps.
Retweeted by (2021 voice) helloOh actually it’s only 178 episodes. Oh well. Plenty of time with TashaI’m so glad that I’ll be able to follow the crew of the USS Enterprise and my favorite character Tasha Yar over mor… @6thgrade4ever probably vibe @6thgrade4ever not my problem @Hermit_Thrush i'm only on the first season and nobody else is becoming horny. if it stays like this throughout the show, that's not right @Hermit_Thrush bonne chance @ARealDracula he did already when he was on the lady planet 3 episodes ago. that's quotaThis Star Trek episode about terraforming has become another horny Riker episode and I simply will not have it @jonny_wags_ not good @000___000 well I dont approve of that at all. too many @foucault_46 if you say so...I don’t think that should be allowedcant believe they let them name a film octopussy @NickCaron Me @mgs3pwv124 @Hatercles Thank you Godzilla
@coolestdudeyet Good show to watch on television @mxrk You fucker. You traitor. You are fucking me in the assThis movie is incredibly fucking stupid and lavishevery character in a michael bay movie has to call someone a "dick" and also walk out of a scene while flipping off the camera behind them @mattsutaaki further in it is mind blowingly bad, i love it @leducviolet Is that right. @zuza_real One cocaine please madam @googleymoogley Thank you @indie_grunge When I start dressing like one she will repent is the Filipina Mother’s way of fucking with their kids by the way: tell you you’re too fat and then send you… gave me 2 meat buns to take home, thinking they would make for 2 separate meals...however after eating one of them...I could eat 😈 @dvorak Yeah I was like I remember going there and seeing it and I don’t think you could fit a car in thereIt’s maybe the most hyper American thing I can think of to race a lime green bmw through the streets of Florence sh… @flipyourface This chase is making me dizzy lolOutside the Wire was a lame video game movie. Now watching 6 Underground, which promises to be at least entertainingly bad
Retweeted by (2021 voice) hello @Hermit_Thrush it keeps getting dumber as I continueI am watching netflix Outside the Wire and 25 mins in they have said the phrase "outside the wire" like 3 or 4 times alreadyplease stop giving me modern alternatives to "maggot" they are far too cursed. they can keep maggot