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20| took a break but we back to tweeting anime🤧 cr: vinland saga🔥 ||@Osirisvx || @prominentyuno || @gojoswetwilly || @CrashisX

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Hehe finished Ichigo, he put me through hell fr 😂😮‍💨
Retweeted by Psychedd @kamikorinaa kami this looks good!!!😭 @MochiKatakurii @hypland CLEAN🔥shoutout @hypland for the drip 🐐
Retweeted by PsycheddAnime : Naruto Shippuden
Retweeted by Psychedd @NeverlandK_ it must be nice🥲:D
Retweeted by Psychedd @kamikorinaa you ain’t have to add that last part though😭 @kamikorinaa blocked. and i’m reporting ur account😭 @kamikorinaa where’s makima🤨
@MochiKatakurii @gojoswetwilly @albrxwn @MochiKatakurii @LilIrishRockMan @Purest_Comet @hollow_comet @SoloVsDaWorld @prominentyuno bridesmaid? @MochiKatakurii @albrxwn @LilIrishRockMan @Purest_Comet @hollow_comet @SoloVsDaWorld YESSIRR @albrxwn @MochiKatakurii @LilIrishRockMan @Purest_Comet @hollow_comet @SoloVsDaWorld already the best man sorry @MochiKatakurii @albrxwn @LilIrishRockMan @Purest_Comet @hollow_comet @SoloVsDaWorld u need a best man?🙈 @gojoswetwilly don’t think that was us but go off😭 @gojoswetwillyI can’t even play among us without being racially targeted😞 quick reminder that Sasuke is one of the best deuteragonists in anime/manga 🐐
Retweeted by PsycheddPOV: You're looking at the greatest Antagonist vs Protagonist in Anime History
Retweeted by Psychedd @prominentyuno gn wuno🧘🏽‍♂️ @NeverlandK_ emailing them about this matter as we speak👨🏽‍💻 @NeverlandK_ nah fr though, gotta be a hate crime😭zoro trying to rest but he gotta 1v1 the grim reaper #ONEPIECE1038
Retweeted by Psychedd @kiddval_ you ain’t seen em?nah bro these one piece leaks looking crazy😭🔥 @NeverlandK_ nvm i lied it comes in the 10th😭 and amazon you? @NeverlandK_ mine* @NeverlandK_ mind don’t come in for like another month😭
@gojoswetwilly @prominentyuno this us fr hear me out…
Retweeted by Psychedd @25thMyles congrats bro🐐 @prominentyuno goat🔥Hit 600 last night 😁 tysm
Retweeted by Psychedd @MochiKatakurii“Stop comparing the big 3 they’re all goated” blah blah blah One Piece better 😹👎
Retweeted by PsycheddLOB A HOMIE 20
Retweeted by PsycheddSimp originally meant squirrels in my pants idc
Retweeted by Psychedd @jinxxjynx @Saimoto15000 i hacked his phone and made it die, it was my fault not his🧘🏽‍♂️
@Sanjistars chopper clears i’m afraid @gojoswetwilly gojo co sign love to see it @itsnotthtthard lmaooo nah veesclothing on tik tok bro🤣 @itsnotthtthard they sold out i got the last ones, and they shut down forever @prominentyuno @gojoswetwilly @Saimoto15000 😭 @ZacharyLivesay took forever to come in😭 but thanks goat @Phoen1xlol preciate it bro🤝 @kamikorinaa my favorite one out of the two fr😭 @therealaurum morning aurum! @ZacharyLivesay gm bro @me_ookami gm, you too! @_Splash35 preciate it bro @cozdc_ @prominentyuno talkExpanded my list on what I want to read/watch this year Crossed out is stuff I already caught up/finished😁
Retweeted by Psycheddhoodies finally came in🧘🏽‍♂️ @prominentyuno gm wuno, grind starting soon🧘🏽‍♂️ @cozdc_ morning goat @TeddySDV gm teddy, have a good day :) @CrashisX gm 🙈 @Auxanooo goat piece 🧘🏽‍♂️GOOD MORNING! @honeymarimo you too <3 @honeymarimo gm violet!goodnight 😴
Retweeted by Psychedd @prominentyuno goodnight, sweet dreams🙈 @donix__ they be watching with their eyes closed😭 @roranora_ talk🗣 @ChrisHernan20 ong😭 @ccookkiieezzz i liked it from the beginning but i got hooked at arlong park frif you say One Piece doesn’t get good till 100+ episodes/chapters imma just assume you didn’t watch One Piece or you just can’t read😭 @Osirisvx keep this same energy🥱 @Osirisvx alright blocking u fr @Osirisvx ok done texting u @Osirisvx
@BiancaM25176818 @MochiKatakurii that shit cleannn🔥I drew grimmjow, took long enough😅🐐 @MochiKatakurii
Retweeted by Psychedd @ChopperUzumaki @toptierart bro😭 @honeymarimo goodnight @honeymarimo u really googled it😭 @honeymarimo u might be onto something ngl🤔 @honeymarimo violet??😭 @honeymarimo yo u right i might have to click on em rq @toptierart lmaoo @ZacharyLivesay fr😭 @honeymarimo this one😭 @xDB_Gokux GAIN 293 FOLLOWERSy’all gotta quit clicking on them mf links bro, i’ve gotten at least 20 messages since yesterday😭😭 @Itachi_Reborn_ you was spitting with the caption though fr😭🤣 @ZacharyLivesay glad you getting better bro🤝 @ZacharyLivesay gm bro how u doing @DaydreamWitch W @prominentyuno you already put me on🧘🏽‍♂️ @TeddySDV gm teddy, have a good day :) @yourwaifusuxx ongCode Geass really got one of the best cliff hangers in all of fiction
Retweeted by Psychedd @_Splash35 😭😭 @basedchadceo nah cause no way you look at this and see pain💀 @__Poke___ had me weak when i saw it was deleted😭 @Saiyanobe23G 😭 @honeymarimo thank you, you too!