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@theneedledrop @marcrebillet Hahahahaha yep
In his pursuit of combining humanity with AI that could go beyond us intellectually, he will merely merge the wealt… El*n M*sk wants to increase the ability of our brains to intake information, this creates a multi-tiered society… @ZOLAJESUS All the scavenger animals that live among us are extending their perimeters since we're not out there gi… The cops have no idea what to do about the organized shield wall in Portland tonight.
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @kilamanzego I got stuck on a dragon boss like 2 years ago and haven't played it since @raesanni Water. I used to hate drinking water but now I'm normal @dearmothica How else are you supposed to show off your diamond watch
@BaldingsWorld Wait so the answer to rampant state censorship is state censorship? Why is America blocking WeChat b… @SuaveYungBlanc The change is my newly lowered standards @GeekBoyMusic That whole album was great tho. Most of the tracks I wouldn't listen to on their own but together they make such a good listen @GeekBoyMusic Love it if we Made it hooked me so fast lol @GeekBoyMusic i saw their coachella stream and was like "oh wait is this band actually sick?!" i had some stupid no… @VALENTINEtunes so n l a u a g r
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @dearmothica That balcony looks bigger than my home @fromsmiling Maybe it has to do with the thumbs up being (y)If Black children are “old enough” to experience racism then white children are “old enough” to learn about it.
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @DazzylsTDC I've never been super into BBNG but Goodbye Blue caught me by surprise in a playlist @chuck_suttonn Read this too many timesWhen you hear a song you like and look it up and it's by an artist you thought you didn't like
@dearmothica HahahahahaI put sausage fattener last on my masters and have since 2015 @samuraiguit @andrewhuang Als Samurai schleudert er Gitarren @andrewhuang Ich bin hochgespielt @TheAnhTu @samuraiguit This for sure is my theoryThis podcast is blowing my mind and my only regret is that my brain's bandwidth is too slow to consume them all ins… @KatSaysKill Hell yeah @KatSaysKill That's a ton of work and the consistency is so admirable
Is there a word for the opposite of virtue signaling? Like when people pretend to be religious to get right wing vo…
@andrewhuang I'll tell you when you're older @SuaveYungBlanc Castor Troy has entered the chat @kayewhitehead And pay them minimum wage too
@andrewhuang We lost power at the cottage last summer in the night and the next morning the hydro guys had me come… @We_Get_Along Absolutely correctit's almost time
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @donhertzfeldt Maybe it'll be a net good year after all @NHunterThompson I've always respected your taste my dudeThe duality of the millennial producer in one image if this is equally relevant every year from now on MOST PROFOUND THINGS ARE INEXPRESSIBLE
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher)I want to spend my time getting better at music, a craft I have dedicated my life to. I have very little interest i…
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @jamesblake @marcrebillet 100 gecs making the dream reality
@andrewhuang Let's start with a classroom of beginner violin students all playing the same song in "unison"Abolish ICE.
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @kristakastles I heard employees at a large streaming service are wfh for at least a year @YZZ_Praetor_83 just to be clear you're reaching and suggesting support for something nobody supports to undermine… US is going to charge fees to asylum seekers, that is evil
Was looking at DSP genre tags the other night to see why this album falls and landed on retro apocalyptic anarcho… @chetporter There's technically no limit to how loud this music could be @EOlswold Can't wait until A.I. can just selectively tune every note for context to be slightly better. Something y… @EOlswold Yeah I don't see much way around that, but for radio pop tho @samuraiguit i like diminished maj7 as a kinda dominant (with no root)no we literally are getting closer and closer to a dictatorship trump is trying to push the election date back we'r…
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @AsiaLarkin The best thing about getting amazing art and features is even if I can undercut all my own accomplishme… I JUST GOT THE ALBUM ARTWORK I HAVE 4 SINGLE ARTWORKS DONE SUBMITTING SONGS TO MASTERING SOON 5 VI… @sarahlugor This is how ppl access American apps in China, which are all banned - Google, Facebook, Twitter, and ev… @PartyPupils Hate to say it but if the music is really great it doesn't matter how long you take off in between rel… @dearmothica RL Stine comes to mind @Mat_Zo Nationalize DSPs
Let's all appreciate that if there were software that made music that was good enough, these people wouldn't bother… We're seeing the beginning of music as planned obsolescence
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher)Who's on Audius? @dearmothica The reason doesn't exist before the event happens, we simply deal with what happens and it becomes the…é always reminds me that most ppl aren’t even trying.
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @umru_ @majorbean_ my eyes are not equipped for the future
@lilbadsnacks Ranges from like 6-3 depending on how long it's been since I consciously breathed @retroglo That nuclear family propaganda is strongJust finished this book this evening and I can not recommend it highly enough. It should be required reading for ev…
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher)in the early stages of breaking down the 1000 gecs album, here's an observation: song forms are usually unconventi…
@prodbyharrison just gonna stay here for a while @andrewhuang I spent this whole video worried it wouldn't be a seed but a creature @SteLouse Mayans were so close. Could have saved us from global warming tho @SteLouse Okay so listen, the Carrington event was a huge solar storm that knocked out the random bits of the elect…’ve never been less sure that Kanye is going to be okay. For @Reader, I wrote about why the way we talk about Kan…
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher)TIL #Canada shot 20,000 sled dogs to force #Inuit to settle in permanent communities & I feel sick. Before y'all s…
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @SteLouse Sure hope the internet doesn't go out @LUCALUSH @ariellenyc I mean, all the old ones are still there so if there's even one new one it's more than ever b… too much time on Twitter? Check my new venture Hire-a-Republican! we match you with a registered Republic…
@DOMi_keys so sickDoing music for a vid'yuh game icymi @samuraiguit @theneedledrop Strongly agreeI tweeted about how Europe is handling the pandemic better than America and a bunch of people in my mentions are te…
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher) @dearmothica 100 gecs - ringtone
Conservatives: Wake Up Sheeple! Us: Western neoliberal oligarchical states uses police as a means to perpetuate th… are black men doing time for this There are black men doing time for this There are black men doing time for…
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I don’t do “features”. You can’t pay to have me on your song. If we fuck with each other, we work together. That’s the truth, Ruth.
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher)Pay attention to what is happening to the United States Postal Service.
Retweeted by Defund Police (Pusher)Breaking down the 100 gecs album. Just looking at macro song form and tempo and it's already cool. Tempo ramp in th…
@andrewhuang Should put accentuated for emphasis and see where everybody really stands. CHO-co-late milk @andrewhuang What about a list of specific problems, and writing to avoid those problems lol. It's getting impractical, can you feel it @Stereo_Cryptid Yes plz! IG DMs is a good place for that @Stereo_Cryptid I need to read more on this lol but I love it @Stereo_Cryptid It's a relief to have this theory of mine validated by somebody with credentials!
@iamknodis You can load tuning files into many synths, so you could just find a pure intonation file I'm sure. I th… hope you enjoy this very relatable middle of the road contactEqual tempered tuning was invented as a trade off - you lose some of the beauty of pure tuning in exchange for the… @thelazerhorse You learn this fast as a DJ when you pull the fader down during September by EW&F and literally nobo… a music career has taught me that people virtually never actually know the lyrics, and like, what does that…