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matt @ItsRozooo Florida, USA

21 // @twitch affiliate // CSGO Main IGL for Richies Food Crew

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@nickhaldenTV I’m using the player break Bc my teammate is on vacation and we got a new 5th that we haven’t pracced…
@feelstuffman @BetwayCSGO Bahahaha right @nickhaldenTV Let’s make playoffs @nickhaldenTV Gl brother
Retweeted by matt @sarvity :/ @sarvity ComeUSF csgo might be up to something for once
@SimplyVeebs @thedailybeast Nah lmao thankfully @nickhaldenTV My rock mane @swishcs Watched @C0J0M0 fry on lan literally days ago, don’t pick up some washed old pro plsThrowbike my binds for the first time in 5 years, wish me luckMetahash looking for Org and Sponsors Likes and RTs appreciated
Retweeted by mattFinally home what a trip @littlebeerr :)A PLANE HAS ARRIVED @SimplyVeebs @FlyFrontier Haha for sure @SimplyVeebs @FlyFrontier That’s the plan :) @SimplyVeebs @FlyFrontier My first time really traveling alone too @SimplyVeebs @FlyFrontier Yeah everyone has been calling and they won’t really say shit @SimplyVeebs @FlyFrontier Not a single frontier employee at the terminal @SimplyVeebs @FlyFrontier Update: estimated 3:05 am HOW @SimplyVeebs @FlyFrontier been waiting with no representative in Philly international for hours @Fraqzy_ @proxedcs Good i won’t have to suffer anymore @proxedcs @Pol0cs Lan champs get special treatment i guess @tawaAlx Chawty is sick with it @saturncsgo @chewiful @Millz_CS @scottiyioioioio @AJaxzcs See you there 😋 @SteveklCSGO :) @proxedcs 4th @MindOfEthan YessirFlight was supposed to depart at 9:06, delayed until 1:06 let’s goooo @IAmZePh1 Frontier
@ChoZenCS 7 Bc my tech issues and I’m salty top 2 didn’t play Sunday @Poxteria Who the fuck knows @Fraqzy_ I have no idea king @Poxteria I didn’t get to warmup and had to use a different headset and my screen was green but yes i have considered @Poxteria Bc i played bad on the only map that mattered @Poxteria @C0J0M0 .... You are off your rocker @Poxteria @C0J0M0 Jacksonville is literally disgusting HUHLet’s do an AMA since I’m stuck here for a while :) go crazy @C0J0M0 Tampa ! @C0J0M0 Late flight getting delayed, vibin at the lan center w b00mI’m stuck in Philly until 11 wooooo @jermaine_cs Thank u future collegiate teammate Jermaine ! @Pol0cs Honestly we should just share a strat book for next season at this point @NKracken @T19CS @verumgg @NoM_CSGO @fragadelphia I DONT HAVE ANY OTHER TWITTERS IM SORRYAlso follow the rest of the food crew they’re absolute demons @raymond_cocozza @b00m_cs @rcmlol @pixe1ateGgs to @verumgg, @NoM_CSGO & co. and @T19CS and the boys this weekend at @fragadelphia. Playing in our first LAN an… @NoM_CSGO @b00m_cs @verumgg @fragadelphia 💗 thank you brother you guys were fucking frying. Definitely not the same… @billysocool99 I have no ideaFinished 2nd in our Group, with a 15-15 tie to @verumgg , Was very fun and definitely motivating to me to get home…
Retweeted by mattA quick message from Jachro for all the players and staff involved with this weekends @fragadelphia event hosted by…
Retweeted by matt @IAmZePh1 I don’t have the answers for you @C0J0M0 @DU_Esport I’ll add you on steam when we get back
@C0J0M0 @DU_Esport Same thing we can scrim the Davenport boys that’s even better @C0J0M0 Boot camp w us before? 👀 @C0J0M0 Can’t wait to do it all over again soonUntil i get the real photos 🤪 #NewProfilePic wanna know this too @reyn_cs Damn @reyn_cs No shot @jasonC_CS @CSGOKermi @C0J0M0 @Louie_ttv @NixsTv You guys were nasty, fun games to watch @drew_ftg Unit.@fragadelphia east falls is over finished 1-1-1 tied verum, lost 16-12 to metahash who finished 3rd overall, and b…
Retweeted by matt @jermaine_cs @sava9eCS @Pol0cs @slightcsgo @drew_ftg Congrats boysFragadelphia East Falls reaches playoffs
Retweeted by matt @NoM_CSGO @fragadelphia Ggs, good luck today! @Millz_CS Ggs earlier brother, wish we had an OT :( @1jokudah @NiTsUcs @Fraqzy_ @fragadelphia I CANT REMEMBER ANY OF MY STATS IT WAS ALL A BIG BLURRY MESS @littlebeerr @Fraqzy_ @NiTsUcs Hahaha true @littlebeerr @Fraqzy_ @NiTsUcs Put it back together brother @Fraqzy_ @NiTsUcs @littlebeerr I still have my wristband on 😳 @NiTsUcs @Fraqzy_ @littlebeerr I should be getting farmed tomorrow not sitting on my ass @littlebeerr @NiTsUcs Idgaf if i got 16-0 both maps i just wanted to play tomorrow @littlebeerr @NiTsUcs Real ass tweet @1jokudah @graphuu @yungjms @stankcs @fragadelphia I feel for you bud. At the end of the day it was a good experien… @1jokudah @graphuu @yungjms @stankcs @fragadelphia Ahhh you guys are who we met outside 5 below on the bench! @1jokudah @graphuu @yungjms @stankcs @fragadelphia It just sucks Bc you could tell there was a rush w the venue and… @C0J0M0 See u this season kid @reyn_cs Thank you man! I think a lot of people noticed how we playedProud of the food crew 🤝 @rcmlol Fuck u @C0J0M0 Win the damn thing @C0J0M0 Give me your fucking config @scottiyioioioio Drinking bad @tawaAlx :)))) @tawaAlx Tied verum ! Can confirm @PingCS_GO @graphuu @stubsCS @fragadelphia SOMEONE NEEDED TO SEE THE DAMN GAMES
Can we make a petition to let top 8 play tomorrow 🥺 @csgoawake Yeppppp I’m so upset man @NiTsUcs I swear it said top 2 earlier but I’m not sure @NiTsUcs And then on top of that learning top 1 makes Sunday not top 2 literally last week @NiTsUcs Just sad to travel all this way to play well and have to go home like that @NiTsUcs Yep. Super upsettingI wish they let top 2 from groups play Sunday man fuckIf i don’t shit the bed vs MetaHash we play tomorrow, had some pc and headset issues but no excuses. @1jokudah Atta boy @graphuu @bologna_eater79 @fragadelphia Seems like chance