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@toocoldpiece @prodbyzie @gIossiergirl People still refer to sexuality as a “lifestyle” ? Jesus be senseTHE DIRT UNDER HIS NAILS
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionI’m actually heartbroken 😔 @gIossiergirl This has really upset me 😔. He’s so fine too.
📢 London! 🎉The Millennium Tour is coming to @TheO2 on 30 May. Ft. @Omarion, @smoss, @PrettyRickyBSF, Soulja Boy, Ll…
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionAll my UK people, THE MILENNIUM TOUR IS COMING. MY GOD ITA HAPPENING
I’ve got ADHD, I know it
This is how I feel 😭😭 milk with ogi bangs so hard. If you’re Nigerian you knoww
Ok TL I really need your help here! I don’t ask for much but today is the day I need you all. Please help make th…
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionJLS tickets fully sold out in under an hour. The ticket I managed to get a hold of is such a shit seat arghhhhh I guess I’m not going :(
@ArmzKorleone The relief when he realised you weren’t gonna fight him
Want! @LongForLaz Good ol’ nepotismPop Smoke only just released his second mixtape 😔. But I have a feeling that meet the woo/meet the woo 2 will be on…
buy her a dress for every date night you go on.
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionEating Ass is apart of giving a woman head Nothing is too nasty when you love yo bitch Stop being childish.. Ya bit…
Retweeted by Goddess of Destruction @kinnyboo The vocals were terrible 😂😂LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL’m not saying it will just be a pretty gym, but because it will be a serious fitness hotspot for that type of audi…’s actually such a good idea they should hire me for branding 😭I see @OfficialPLT expanding the lifestyle part of their brand to opening up gyms who’s target audience will be wom…
Everytime I see a headline with Jalaiah, imma retweet it. There’s been too many times black people get no recogniti…
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Same year.
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionLast RT is ruuuude 😭 @noiregino ExactlyIt be the people that watch all your stories, read your tweets etc that happen to ask “how’s the music thing going…
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionGod I see what you have done for others 😭🙏🏿... #loveisland
This girl created a whole dance that tons of tik tok’ers went mega viral for doing meanwhile her dance video only g…
Retweeted by Goddess of Destruction @beerdad420 @KB_uzumaki @_dumi33 @LoveIsIandUK Hmmm I didn’t know the percentage is so low.. I have quite a few col… @KB_uzumaki @_dumi33 @LoveIsIandUK Lol there’s big Latino communities in north and south London.. my neighbours now… @notondis Ohh cool, I thought you was justifying his antics 😭 @khev_kev I am and tickets are still on sale on their site
He didn’t make me uncomfortable. This is why we need women in positions of power. I knew he had lost from the momen…
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionRespect to Julie Adenuga and Katherine Ryan for having to handle slowthai’s stupid antics whilst on stage/on camera…
Retweeted by Goddess of Destruction @MattBingdom Huh, do people not understand sarcasm? He was doing too much and wouldn’t shut up, so she dealt with h… @notondis Can you not see she’s being sarcastic to deal with his antics?Ughh when you find that perfect colour 😍 @iamderikas I remember he said that he used to brush his teeth in the dark because he couldn’t stand to look at his… no one told him so.
Retweeted by Goddess of Destruction @Oloni Yeahh they’re still tight but I don’t think they hang out as much as Rihanna is much more busy now @fentxyy Rihanna is hot thicc but she was also hot as a slimmie 😍🔥 @eurobababe Right?! Like why was I attracted to this toxic character? 😭 @brokenpromithes He would’ve been a great agent 😂I used to find him so attractive 😭😭 @CM__Joshua It’s true.. i use subtitles for everything I watch on Netflix with ease, whether they are speaking Engl…
Should post that on my burner tbh looolThis made me throb😩😩😂😂😂 @NollyYoru The soundtrack still plays in my head 😭🔥Fucking classic 😭 that we’re getting a Sonic movie, we need a Crash Bandicoot one next. #SonictheHedgehog #Sonic2020Now if the new #SonictheHedgehog movie does well, we can get a sequel called ‘Sonic vs Shadow’ or something like th… The Hedgehog looks so good, I’m so excited to watch. Always felt like this generation needed a Sonic movie! @RIPWAVESGOD Bruh, the moment I saw the scene of her running into his home to kiss him I knew he was imagining it 😭 ain’t no way
Got so much reading done today, looking forward to a big meal that will slump me 😩😴Okay so after researching for my current module I realise that we already live in this world. The online already ex… guy Rebecca coupled up with she got bored of them after a few days 😭 #loveislandThe fact that Jordan has left is pissing me off so much. The first and only very well seasoned light skinned guy to… men unapologetically Nigerian-ing on ITV is the content I signed up for #LoveIsland
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionGet your tickets!!
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Honestly I wonder guilting women into dating men they’re not interested in and keep it tf moving, thx :)
Retweeted by Goddess of Destruction @RickyTheCapo Ughh people are still doing think pieces on this?He look like he smell so good with a just a hint of weed. 😍
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionYooo the ending of Power after the credits 😱 Book II is looking 🔥🔥 #PowerTV #PowerFinale #PowerStarz @angelaspiby Me too tbh.. Demi is way more gorgeous imoNailed it
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionHe’s actually my spirit animal 😂😂😂 in actual fact Nas and Demi had a better connection. He just can’t see that because Eva is what he goes for ph… feel like Nas thinks Eva is ‘better’ because she is more of his type physically. People tend to do this; meet som… @Genea_Sky That fall looked so high and the floor looked so hard, could have been so much worse 😭. Wishing ya speedy recovery 🙏🏿.What, I didn’t know they were together?? Goats of method acting tbh
@jojoldn It’s the data that all the platforms you use collect from you 😅Notice how Ovie isn't being a beg for this years Love Island to try & stay relevant? Because he has employment.
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionThis gif 😂😂😂
@letmegetseI @phuckdietstud Im not a kylie fan but she was known for her lips when she got fillers. In fact she sta… @CLAYRN4L It’s happening already in March 😆 tickets are on sale nowGot my ticket to see Fally Ipupa in London 29th March! 🥳 Any ladies going ? As I will be riding solo 😊 @monaejjass He needs to host her mixtape 😭🔥Callum has given Molly everything Shaughna wanted in that few minutes. This is why I always say, it’s not they can’…
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Cardi B & Offset The Realest Couple In Hiphop
Retweeted by Goddess of DestructionAfter seeing offset’s IG story today, this is me when him and cardi finally release that porn cardi says that they…
You lot are doing too much 🥴 @ZalUIbaorimi I’m from the UK what’s going on here?? 😭 is becoming the fashion capital of the UK now. So many fashion influencers + brands reside there. If you… my god, this was me. Having a flat chest back in primary school was so uncool 😭’m sorry who?? Nahh this ain’t the baby faced Hilary I grew up with. She looks SO different 😧 and Shakira performing together has been a long time coming boy. Always wondered what they’d both be like on st…😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️
😭😭 dodged a bullet @rahm3sh I don’t understand the guy in chinos.. does his dad own the store or... ?
Yup @cc71861643 @afronation Lastminute, jet2holidays and loveholidays. In the end found a flights + accom deal on lastminute! 🙏🏿Finally sorted out accomm and flights for @afronation Portugal .. searched for 2 whole days 😭 @shamine79 @afronation Try! They’ve still good deals within good distance .. I’ve finally s…