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Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾☹️ @mrtesslynch @mollylambert My current run of taking melatonin has, for once, resulted in pleasantly weird dreams.
I was 37 when I realized I could cross out part of a contract, say no and hand it back and then the other party wou… of you aren't freelancers who perform and it shows.Now I know why he only eats fast food... those dollar menus hit the spot when you're scratching and surviving.
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾I drink my sparkling water too fast and then my tum tum hurts and forget there is more in the can.If it doesn't matter, let us get these jokes off. Damn. @yeahidrathernot there's a bit in the article where they talk about how nixon paid a pittance in taxes and that's w…
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾I have so many questions about this Joe Montana story.Like how doesn't Donald have a secured credit card with like a $200 limit.What is his credit score?! did Lewis Hamilton end up in 3rd with a 10 second penalty. That is absolutely wild. Put Lewis in a Haas cat, I'… @eileenmnoonan I have an accountant and use apps and it's still a lot. @ragepath @GeeDee215 Oh no, I freelance. I just give up after a point.Donald Trump: Answering the question "Hey, what if Andrew Meyer from Veep ended up becoming president?"The Lilly Pulitzer x Jerusalem collab has finally dropped.'ll just pay extra not to do that.I definitely leave money on the table because I am too lazy to gather all my receipts for deductions.I wonder who 2020s new Ken Bone will be. Lyin' ass liar already knows how they're voting.can’t even think of a caption, I’m just absolutely over the moon about these pics
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾 @mollylambert I still think about Wanda Sykes on Meg Whitman when she was running for governor. She was basically l…, Biden needs to be prepped by Chris Rock and just do a whole bit about how broke Donald is and watch Donald mel… @pablitasan I absolutely did this year.There's a fly stuck between the blinds and the window and me and my cat are both looking at the window like entranced children.As a taxpayer in southern MN, I am outraged by Rep. Hagedorn’s lack of concern over the mismanagement of taxpayer $…
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾*Looks at the Upper Midwest/Plains/mountains* those are reservations. @GettingGophery But that wouldn't show up til next round of taxes.Wesley Snipes is back for Blade 4 elected, I promise to make hoodies tax deductible.I want to know how they couldn't get it down to 0. What kind of lazy shit were they doing to write off all but $750… @HaroldJ_NEPA Actually, those could be written off at the point that I started selling my pieces.If you could just write off any clothes because you wore them during a performance, comedians would never pay taxes."Hold on, are you claiming that the oval office is your home office because it has more square feet than the office…, Mississippi announced that it will only report statewide testing numbers once a week.
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾Also, Gene Haas actually got in trouble for his fraud, so there's that.The earth shall claim its own without a tear, and I shall watch mankind burn in the fire.
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾The dude who owns Haas Racing, home of the world's fastest hooptie, got more money than Trump.I can't believe Kanye had the nerve to put Trump's broke ass up there as a "baller" in "The New Workout Plan" video.
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾Yelling from the back of the press pool, "Where else did you wear the suits you wore on the Apprentice? You can't w… @bubbaprog Honestly...probably.I can’t believe I did it. Over 2500 miles on a bicycle, 36 days 😩 LMFAO
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾Worth noting that significant delinquent debt disqualifies most people from obtaining a government security clearan…
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾In their defense it takes a wild amount of make up to make Jared and Ivanka look undead. Hagedorn out here acting like the least self-aware man with stage 4 cancer.What's @JimHagedornMN's plan on health care? Going back to the bad old days when folks with pre-existing conditions…
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾Do you know how much black women spend on hair? And now we can write that off when the pandemic ends?Please explain this Jenny Craig ad where a woman walks into her crowded office and no one is wearing a mask except…*reading the NYT report and taking the wrong things from it* Oh shit, these are some hot tips for freelancer tax d… spent more than $750 on Chaturbate during my manic alcoholic lonely phase*
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾Everyone's cat yelling about this story at, like, 4am. a cat write this
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾You mean to tell me he paid a PS5 and a half in taxes? Biden gonna break this man with some quips and Don's gonna say something about Biden's family we are gonna get… @NateSilver538 A bigger headline underneath is that he paid more in taxes to other countries than he did in America. Waaaay more.
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾Ugh, just let people burn down your hotels and take the deduction. It's a win-win situation.When you realize you had the Death Note all along and it was your returns that show you paid more than the presiden… Trump probably out here trying to claim the loss Minneapolis' 3rd precinct on his taxes.thats like... a casper mattress of taxes
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾I specialize in Lance Stephenson political tactics: breaking candidates in really ridiculous ways , causing them to completely meltdown.Everyone in the press pool prefacing their question with, "As someone richer than you, I'm wondering..." Just watch… @trillharris It's gonna be buckwild. He might stroke out.Honestly the best part will be how he responds to this
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾meanwhile... 'Ballistics don't support AG Cameron's claim #BreonnaTaylor's boyfriend shot officer'
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾It's weird when people complain "take the paywall down for this non-urgent thing" Subscribe, use a library login or… tax bill for one of those years possibly should have been my entire lifetime earnings. @snipy I did in college with credits. Once.This has really affected my entire relationship with the sport. race, after qualifying, they should decide to set up the grid slowest to fastest. total amount of money I earned over the past two years is less than he should be paying in taxes.How am I paying more in taxes than this?! in case you were unaware feds are snatching up Louisville protesters :) in unmarked white vans :) and putting…
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾I had a dream this morning that i risked it all to attend pub trivia with @javimorillo and Anne Hathaway. No one was wearing a mask. Smdh. @MobyJane His kid gotta be in or about to be in college.Ah well, if I had fallen for his bullshit and was under the impression I was different from all the others, maybe I… a domestic black student, I cannot tell you how devastating shit that man wrote on the blog is/was. Even though… students, alumni, faculty and staff when they see Harvard, after Harvard asking questions led to the blog… TIP: When writing pilots, subtly bury characters' backstories in dialogue: "As a former NFL prospect who wr…
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾Running for president is terrible in general but an underrated terrible thing is having to have an opinion on everything.If it ends up being expensive because we hung out way longer than planned, that's good. But you're weird you are pl…, I'm not trying to go on a planned expensive first date. What if I hate you 5 minutes in. Now we're just stuck.I didn't even drink til 2000. 😭😭😭No one: Not a soul: Me, 1998-2002:, I want an emotional rollercoaster during my memorial, that will also be Quaker style because I honestly… punk is the most important karaoke genre and if you disagree you can sing.Also, the beginning of the service should be Carl Lewis singing the national anthem. Because good luck not laughing during that.I'm not gonna lie, Reel Big Fish waa very popular with late-high school/early college me and I still enjoy when they turn up in shuffle.Me when I heard his voice on Diagnosis Murder line between Boomers/Early Gen X and Late Gen X/Early Millennials is how freaked out they get hearing Robert Stack's voice. @Scorriganus Absolutely not.One more thought on the new Ring nightmares. Features like "traffic stop" aren't offered to protect citizens from a…
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾What's even more insidious about this: the CEO of Proctorio put out a blog post earlier in September where he said…
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾"I can't even be that sad because I'm absolutely terrified to go to sleep tonight." - my friendsWhat's going on with those vaccine trials at Xavier and Dillard? What PWIs went forward with this?Black doctors want to vet vaccine process, worried about mistrust from years of medical racism
Retweeted by Brandi, Kickin' It In Hattiesburg 🦗😾What is happening in Funky Winkerbean-land??? is the animal Nine Inch Nails was talking about in "Closer." @HayesBrown i reported myself.*sniffs* what she order? Fish filet.