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tim hell. @itsTimHell Brooklyn, NY

he/him | a black, gay creative

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@ElScumbagg and didn’t even own the dress like Cobain did. Like what was the reason?????? @PalmerSaidWhat they were scrambling to come up with that I’m sure. @PalmerSaidWhat like what was the vision?! @PkTHUNDER_ it’s literally gives thrown together. @PkTHUNDER_ as fuck 😭I’m going to bed. 😭skksksks not this Roadkill Realness omg also, let’s celebrate growth. @rocketzpower 😁😁😁😁got my Waffle House tho. 😅 NOT CHOOSE ME.’s 8 am on a Sunday & I’m still mad Mooski wack ass didn’t put City Boy J in that video.lmaooo ariel would NEVER
Retweeted by tim hell. @xdxnnx I really do hate it here 😂The black gays so use to standing in the club that when you start dancing they think you on drugs. LMFAO. @DomSoPosh_ literally.People swear they don’t have Zelle. Girl, yes you do.Me when other people don't understand my jokes
Retweeted by tim hell. @ChrisPeriod_ I know that’s right! @JulianDionG @thegreatkhalid @BBBrrrandonn he is!😊 @thegreatkhalid @BBBrrrandonn I kinda see it
@thatstharon Thanks friend“A messed up man is redundant”has my package been SHIPPED or did the shipping label just get PRINTED?
Retweeted by tim hell.Too bad she’s transphobic and homophobic and nobody cares
Retweeted by tim hell. @Flo_Mealy Sksksksskk go to hell 😭😭😭 @Flo_Mealy @curlsnmelanin_ 🗣 they need to get over it. @curlsnmelanin_ just fine! @imakeelit skskskss it’s gives sneaky @imakeelit too dark? @imakeelit I got you 🌚 @softhomothug @softhomothug what do you consider a car? 🙃 @joshuahaIe it’s lit! 😁 @joshuahaIe @joshuahaIe memories.April 12th! @ourbaratl I’ll be performing hoessssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥see ya there ❤️sounds by @AsstonKusheR da goat
Retweeted by tim hell. @imakeelit canNOT relate @hoodopulence @1fauxtograph ouchdidn’t pack a single jacket 🤧 @kold_sun Thank you 😁Casamigos had me feeling my oats last night.these wigs be plopped. 😂 @MaybeMorque Jill Biden tryna wake the girls up @DLuxxx you smoke? @kirstnxo 🥰🥰🥰 @JadaJuice_ you know I love me a purseLiterally fuck anyone else’s opinion. Is your inner child proud of you?
Retweeted by tim hell. @lifethruglasses thanks friend @Rodd18 Ugh! I wanted her in the Top 4 so bad. 😭 @imakeelit I was so faded chile skskskme being cute. footage of me right now. not sure why tho. wish I could unsend text.Adulting gives you a greater appreciation of why Big Worm wasn't playing with Smokey about his $200.
Retweeted by tim hell.Skskskssk @taayanthony I’m in your city. You tell me 🌚I don’t. ❤️ really be caked up and I love it.lmao do not fall in love with me. 🤧omg I’m so cute.I wanna [redacted] in someone’s [redacted] @abacus52_ @okayserg @Decodnlyfe1 @FirstGentleman @off_BAMBOO period. ✨Elevate.
Retweeted by tim hell. @abacus52_ I definitely do the same or like them lol @thefatagenda these labels don’t playy’all upload a full music video every two weeks & wonder why you keep getting suspended.
@curlsnmelanin_ @shutuptayy_ @bawllms @nizombiee_ @fkinLIVE not a tweet & delete @shutuptayy_ @curlsnmelanin_ @bawllms @nizombiee_ @fkinLIVE no thank you ❤️ @InThierry TOO MUCH @InThierry I’m fucking weak!!!!!!Sksksksksks y’all are plaaaayinggg!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @its_dryx oh she gotta be high. 😭ate this. @legallyPIERRE RIGHT THERE! @Theregoesfuzz We love the growth.they should form a little duo. Maybe they’ll chart if their fan bases come together. @VanDerek__ bye @SUNNI_MONSTER 🤔 @okayserg (soft yes)still gaggin @MonclareTheDivo I just don’t get it 🤢listen .......... defending Philip and Elizabeth being cousins by saying they are “actually 3rd cousins.” Baby, I don’t even l… @local_champion period. I got you when I get back. @local_champion coloring yet, I’m learning how to retweet now.rare footage of my great grandma’s first cousin after getting the first silk press ever done (Louisiana, 1903)
Retweeted by tim hell.I truly love seeing the gays happy. @jaeearee I def won’t watch but I’m peettt sure Gottmik is gonna win.this is def a stunt they would pull way I learn from my travel mistakes >💀💀💀💀💀 @shaktischild find a recipe and make some for us.the asses here are huge. I totally forgot. @shaktischild you missing out sis.