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i’m sorry but this is so funny
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capitalism breeding innovation, part 926815: @ranyaodang trader joes chocolate hummus slaps ngl but this looks awful
.@DuaLipa looks beautiful on the #AMAs red carpet. 🔥
Retweeted by ugurnot me thinking this said "Erdogan" 😩 concert ticket I bought in 9 months let's gooooooo
Retweeted by uguri wish i didn’t have a body odyodyodyodyodyody
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People who argue that dramatic changes to policing, including budgetary ones, will mean “violent people will be let…
Retweeted by uguri would like to introduce you all to one of the funniest tik toks of all time
Retweeted by ugur.@kaitlancollins is an activist for the truth and for facts. And she will still be in that room after January 20, 2…
Retweeted by ugurracism isnt even real to these people.... just something they can weaponize over others for petty fights
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susie backbreaker-cole stanning megan thee stallion, I see😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by ugurend of the quarter vibes Biden every time he wins Georgia
Retweeted by ugurtoo loud'd like to know if rihanna and jim parsons are still friends want to work on this paper but my brain is too busy thinking about Dua Lipa and Miley CyrusHarry Styles is now a progressive icon for doing shit that Young Thug did 4 years ago. For doing shit that Andre 30…
Retweeted by ugurstep on my neck @_annstrong I know right @_annstrong yes!!!my feed looking cute af after @ArianaGrande week hehe (also go check out my #GRAMMYs picks on my latest post!)
@Michael__Esp @ranyaodang that's very tender but I'm still taken aback by only 4% of the flakiest population on ear…'t remember the last time I was so excited to listen to an album... PINK FRIDAY @NICKIMINAJ !!! so excited eek!
Retweeted by ugur @ranyaodang lmaooo like????'m sure dead people did vote –– early voting began on Sept. 18 and 50,000 Americans have died from coronavirus since then.
Retweeted by ugurmy brain is in 7-week winter break mode already, fuck30 million people in this country are at risk of eviction. Millions of people are unemployed or underemployed from…
Retweeted by ugurMaybe the Senator would be less worried about her election if she spent her time actually helping the American peop…
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Not on my calendar! #PRISONER is coming! @dualipa 🍒🩸💋
Retweeted by ugurThere are certain things that are just part of the human experience. Falling in love. Growing distant from a close…
Retweeted by ugurWhen I hear "socially liberal, fiscally conservative"
Retweeted by ugurIf you’re not mad at this, get mad.
Retweeted by ugur“capitalism breeds innovation” the innovation:
Retweeted by ugurAgain: An edit button on a social platform that already has a huge misinformation problem is a Pandora's Box
Retweeted by ugurI was going to sleep at 10 but I can’t stop listening to music helpAbsolutely not heartwarming
Retweeted by ugurthe evolution of miss ariana grande
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"u look tired" bro i don't wanna exist anymore
Retweeted by ugurIt’s Covids 1st birthday wtf
Retweeted by ugurso which one is it? are they us or??? @HOWDYBINCH these tweets scream “we want backlash” accomplished i've felt in weeks @erinkwoo
ben you're 5'3, can't grow facial hair and weigh 100lbs soaking wet. if we can both be considered men, you should p…
Retweeted by ugurHow many uniquely American failures can you fit into one sentence?
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Retweeted by ugurdon’t hit me up if your name isn’t chloe or halle baileyPeople’s Choice Awards Performance 👽🛸
Retweeted by ugurhello america this is what happened with canadian thanksgiving
Retweeted by ugureach unsolicited dick pic I receive makes me question whether i’m even into men and why
Have you pre ordered GOOD NEWS yet ? #GOODNEWSMEGAN
Retweeted by ugurif capitalism breeds innovation how come anti-communists only have one joke
Retweeted by ugurre fucking tweet Bridgers & Maggie Rogers’ #Iris cover is set to be one of the week's best-selling songs
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this is the potential break up song please, just admit you're wrongyou're not livin till you're livin, livin with me you're not winnin till you're winnin, winnin me you're not gettin… next business idea is being a private tutor for hot people to build some characterTrump won’t concede so I decided to do it for him.
Retweeted by uguryesterday i found out justgirlythings is still active on tumblr and she’s wlw now
Retweeted by ugurlydians really fucked up when they invented coinsDuring Congressional orientation, several Republican leaders thought @CoriBush was Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by ugurthe only thing giving me stimulus is tequilaRT if this offered you a glimmer of hope!!!
Retweeted by ugurcan instagram users just migrate back to facebook or something because I don't want them on the bird app
the bimbofication of taylor swift
Retweeted by ugurthese people cry about AOC and socialism and then turn around and throw an event like this in the middle of the pan…
Retweeted by ugurThe DNC
Retweeted by uguroffff ivy park almis hadise bile“iris” with @phoebe_bridgers alive for 24 hours on bandcamp proceeds benefit @fairfightaction 😎 thank u goo goo…
Retweeted by ugurThis masterpiece
Retweeted by ugurme introducing someone who told me their name 2 seconds prior
Retweeted by ugurstanford: no finals weeks this year to make things easier for you!!!! also stanford: here have three final papers…
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Compare music tastes with me ✨! @advancedjesus ohaHey maybe our justice system is completely terrible and unjust and inhumane
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@HOWDYBINCH @sarahtheevirgo brb channeling my muslim roots didn’t announce a vaccine, they announced promising preliminary data and the CEO of Pfizer told Axios, “I lear…
Retweeted by ugurI think this everyday are men @katherout @hasanthehun no he’s my daddy 😤every white person who comes into contact with this video should watch it and really really really consider how we…
Retweeted by ugurI hope people realize that the same Republicans who are refusing to acknowledge the results of our elections also c…
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@sharonperez__ my greatest fear @messymaricon I used this website. it transfers your playlists & “likes” everything in your apple music on spotify… @elayykarakas ben bunu W.I.T.C.H. le yapmiştim gecen yıl çok iyiydieating cake for dinnerstream kiki girlies
@kmacfong noooooooooooooooooooooooonobody: me when my tweet gets 2 likes instead of 9: beauty gave me a brown lipstick for free and my life has changed foreverall I do is smoke, stream charli xcx's discography, repeat
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