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Alex Van Aken @itsVanAken Boulder, Colorado

Video Producer & Podcaster. Musician. Cat Lover. Managing Editor @OKBeastNow | Host: #OKBP, Jump Master | He/Him | Press:

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A group of white people showed up in Oakland armed with hammers and started destroying shit as people of color loo…
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@gankstrr I’d listen!We need more like you fam! #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #icantbreathe #chasewellness #neverfold 💎
Retweeted by Alex Van AkenLet's Fackin Go
Retweeted by Alex Van AkenNEW: Derek Chauvin is charged with third degree murder and manslaughter, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says.
Retweeted by Alex Van Aken @Kahjahkins @Nabeshin186 @ALFighter27 Good luck. Audio issues are so frustrating haha. 🙏🏻 @Nabeshin186 @Kahjahkins @ALFighter27 I was dealing with this same issue after moving. Make sure your XLR cables ar… @CGRRRRRRRR desperate for noonDonate to help bail out protesters in Minnesota: Every little bit helps.… statement on the death of George Floyd:
Retweeted by Alex Van Aken @dannyodwyer Envato presents the Shotgun Butt Transition PackIt’s good to have @patriotact back. @Valkyrae @IanWhyNot
@SadBoyBarrett I’ve had a fantastic experience with the Razer Blade 15 (1080p/144Hz screen) with both video editing and gaming.what you as a non-black person can do to support #BlackLivesMatter : a thread.
Retweeted by Alex Van AkenWhite supremacy will do anything and everything to protect itself. Peaceful protests won’t solve that and if you’re…
Retweeted by Alex Van Aken#JusticeForFloyd #icantbreathe ... you should be alive. you deserved so much better. your life mattered. SAY HIS NA…
Retweeted by Alex Van Aken#GeorgeFloyd screamed #ICantBreathe before dying at the hands of #MinneapolisPD. Being Black in America shouldn't b…
Retweeted by Alex Van Aken @nickchester I’m never swimming in the ocean again @Lenny54_ @IanWhyNot Yessss @Ejsponge61 @IanWhyNot Yeah I beat the run right after this screenshot! Emmett we should play @IanWhyNot DO YOU SEE THIS ROBOT FRIEND
My 23-second Risk of Rain 2 review called a half-awake @IanWhyNot who told me “I’m in the dream realm and punched a raccoon.” I hung up and let him go back to bed.We go The Extra Mile to bring you our full REVIEW conversation for #MinecraftDungeons! We're hopelessly addicted an…
Retweeted by Alex Van Aken @thexboxdrive @XboxCanada @Xbox @Mojang @dungeonsgame Very excited to listen @rabidya @ham_panther No turnips this week :( @Th3HoopMan @yrokaz_nworb I’m not sure how rare they are, but the price has been inflated like crazy over the years.This is the sole reason why I hate fortnite
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@jcruzalvarez26 @BensGameZone Dang that diddy kong @jacobdekk Congrats dude. You’re killing it! @jakejameslugo Nah the bundle goes for well over $300 in many cases @LilSeadog Can’t go wrong with either! @PapaDrewBear ‘Twas @TimGettys Putting this thing in a frame for@how much it cost me lmao @Jerrad_ As a kid I owned Gold first and eventually Silver. Gold is my personal fav :) @RR_Efase Yeah dude I’m so mad I used to trade in games so much but that was the only way I could afford to play stuff @djKENTOLive @jcruzalvarez26 That’s about right. 😭 @Nabeshin186 $130. I’m using it for a video and then adding to my personal collection. Figured I never buy special… 🥰づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ @PapaDrewBear @xShawnThomas back in my day we went outside and stuff. we didn't need phones. @xShawnThomas am I? lemme go check @xShawnThomas :wave: @crowsmack This would take me hours 😂😂 @crowsmack How long does a thumbnail like this take you?
@xShawnThomas It’s great dude. I might like it more too @mistermegative “Evil Boobs King” @jcruzalvarez26 It’s a long story. I sold it to afford a Switch and regretted the decision @stevesaylor @VICE Congrats Steve! @jcruzalvarez26 My search history @IanWhyNot tonight and he immediately made me not regret it. Follow him on, he’s so…
Retweeted by Alex Van Aken @davidportnov I’ve been LOVING Kim’s Convenience. My new favorite show, but my wife is busy today and I don’t want to watch it without her. @thomniscient89 I’ve been meaning to check that out. Is it on Netflix? @ryyydizzle Oooo Dave might be on the queue today @towtansua Love that show. Haven’t watched the final season @BrianMakesGames @joeynoelle @BlessingJr Ive watched all of these except Never Have I Ever, so I’ll check that out… @TheCinephileGuy Those are great recommendations. Thank you! I may also check out Booksmart finallyKinda on a Middleditch bandwagon right now. Maybe I’ll check out that new animated show he’s doing with Roiland?Tomorrow I’m sitting on the couch, playing WoW, writing scripts, and watching sitcoms / comedy shows in the backgro… @begroom gorgeous
@nerdy4tw @lefran Yummm @SanchoWest @JoshOneSix @PapaDrewBear I miss you Josh 😭😢 @alextotheandru Hahaha pretty spot on“Hey, so it it looks like my audio stopped recording 12 minutes in.” @DashGamer Good luck! @Batchild27 Weirdly, the Will is written in Swedish too @Th3HoopMan @JacobMcCourt @CSGThomas @N3r0TheH3r0 @Zero_Score @faintestofheart @Cyndifferous @Marvelousiggy @LPPanther @PoundJayYi Yup that’s correct! I grabbed them for 75% off :)
@PapaDrewBear I think they sold out :/ @eyyohbee I used to not care about physical boxes, but lately have enjoyed having a physical representation of my fav games @TheLHZ @rava Love thee to be blasted with baja @eyyohbee These are the Lifeline and Bloodhound edition of the game, which are just boxed codes for some sick skins… Legends is one of my favorite games ever, but I just needed a break for a couple of months. Feels good to be… @RianaTweetsNow ❤️ @rebelredsix @TheGGApp Add me @pmejib @seancapri Sounds fun @pmejib @seancapri Mine :) @TheMistaJ_ @maneatergame Hell yeah @seancapri oooo once i finish it up that'd be rad @eyyohbee thanks dude :) @Playalotta @johnsbernardo @PanelPod Lol same here! @WillWulffDamnIt That’s what I like to hear @johnsbernardo I bought it because of you and @PapaDrewBear. Very excited 😊 @TimGettys I might go ahead and order volume 2 so I have it queued up @KNEELB4BORT It was! I just bought it during a Comic Book Sale Stream from my local shop for $3. Idk if I’ll even r… @rebelredsix Steamed 🤤
Ready for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to blow me away. #PullList @NicolasVerge @tribandtweets Diving in tonight 😊 Very excited. I loved what I played back on Apple Arcade but decided to wait for SwitchSwitching over to Apex Legends with @othtober & @MrBadBit. Come hang out at! @Austion_Ernie Within the last year or so :) @Austion_Ernie on stream? its a new thing. i've been playing music in general since 2009 @WesleyJBray bacon and gouda sandogoing live!Picking up coffee & breakfast right now, & then will be streaming over at in ~15 minutes!… @jacobdekk super excited :) and yeah, I'd love to see Johto re-imagined in the style of Let's Go! @jacobdekk I actually have never played HeartGold. I only ever owned the original (and almost grabbed that box), bu…