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@JoeyTheSuperJew @OnTheFlyTwitch No proof @OnTheFlyTwitch fucking idiot @waitdremo twitter prayin on all our downfalls, they dont care @HarryButAverage the guy laughing in the clip @Froste @JeffGrossPoker oh shit this is pog @JhbTeam WHAT?????? nah they've gone too far now @JhbTeam no fucking way, fuck twitter man @Hauntterr iconic clip LMFAO @VinkolaJokic KO in 60 seconds @Layymooon @Avalanche100T @koordell i see the vision @koordell cryptic so fucking talented, dude sucks at every game he plays @OnTheFlyTwitch holy shit ur face is so punchable
@100Thieves @JBLaudio @RohnJobinson @JhbTeam yooooooooo this was so good @OnTheFlyTwitch ACTUAL HEATER INCOMING 🔥 @xLambo_ End my life rn @Yuhuuur ur so good holy shit @FuzYKarma ill be on in like 20 ish mins
@Mako sorry for you loss brother, sending my condolences to u and ur family 💜 @BBCSport Should be worried about his job @SkreetMan @Yuhuuur @xoxabstract @Layymooon mfer we know that aint happening, who wants to be constantly tweeting t… @SkreetMan @Yuhuuur @xoxabstract @Layymooon its honestly chill, its not drama filled like you might think it is, make one
@Wis_Alt @Layymooon @JeffThrow congrats Jeff, you earned that partnership, you been grinding for so long and im happy that its paying off for u
@yungl10nel @sportbible SAF Paisley Jose @sportbible he isn't even top 3
@Connugh @scruched This app is so dogshit LMAO, same farmed viral tweets every month @ExoSuckss @VanishingTerror @OnTheFlyTwitch @Layymooon @BrenBrenlol ur so mad rn @VanishingTerror @OnTheFlyTwitch @Layymooon @ExoSuckss @BrenBrenlol LMFAOOOOOO, nah im kidding i just wanted to be mean @BrenBrenlol @OnTheFlyTwitch @Layymooon @VanishingTerror @ExoSuckss ily2 bud, gj @OnTheFlyTwitch @Layymooon @VanishingTerror @ExoSuckss @BrenBrenlol ggs & congrats
@Blankzy_ @KnownAsLit @nbltmd I went from .55 to .4 to .35 to .33 back to .35 @KnownAsLit @nbltmd its the most elite sens bro, I've tried changing it before and always end up going back to .35 @nbltmd is .35 on 800 low ? @nbltmd whats considered low sens, what edpi @Boy1drr @PlayVALORANT this dude in diamond 3??? MFER SUCKS ASS, DUDE SHAKING HIS CAMERA FOR NO REASON HAS NO GAME… @Avalanche100T @PowerGPU no more scuffed streams LFG
@xbarkoo @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh @koordell @Avalanche100T @CrypticNotAlone @Mako yo… @LazasBautista bro I actually cant wait to see how bad he is @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh @koordell @Avalanche100T @CrypticNotAlone @Mako this team gonna be jokes @OnTheFlyTwitch corpse is in the tournament? @HarryButAverage you haven't watched a streamer in 8 months cos of ur MASSIVE ego that you only just now noticed the layout change @JoeyTheSuperJew @charlieINTEL Now they can stop bullying you @CrypticNotAlone @mvrcusy Mfer what are you smoking @exJackiee @Luciid23 this is actually so fire and clean @OnTheFlyTwitch We zooming 🚀 @j4zzyko @OnTheFlyTwitch lol @j4zzyko @OnTheFlyTwitch uhh... @exJackiee @JoeyTheSuperJew @OnTheFlyTwitch like fr, on the stack they won't be ready @JoeyTheSuperJew @OnTheFlyTwitch Like no one seeing this one coming @OnTheFlyTwitch they ain't ready 👀 @HarryButAverage yeah I'm done hyping you up @HarryButAverage Ur gonna be so big by the end of the year @justdededeok @KSI nah twitter is just a plague of shite, so i dont tweet much anymore @PerkPurple @Crroee @KSI didnt ask g 😹😹😹😹 @Crroee @KSI haha get ratio'd bro 😹😹🤪 @KSI ur twitter replies are so fucking bad @ijdawg998 @OnTheFlyTwitch @Grahamalott you a furry too? @OnTheFlyTwitch @Grahamalott what the fuck is wrong with him @xoxabstract right looks better @Grahamalott @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
@JustThatFishh shit broke me fr @oFabz my man 🦍 @may_wedda @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh you have to be a dropout, you cant be this stupid @may_wedda @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh MFER HOW, 2 Radiants with a silver and gold play… @may_wedda @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh one is on 100+ ping and lexie doesnt play the ga… @shivisdumb @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @Schovee @lexieyuh it was Joey LMFAOOOOOOO @JoeyTheSuperJew @exJackiee @may_wedda @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh he's fake ong @may_wedda @OnTheFlyTwitch @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Schovee @lexieyuh I think its fair tbh, they got a major nerf @Boy1drr yes 😈 @Boy1drr what the fuck am i seeing right now @ELPWSwastaken @OnTheFlyTwitch @iMercii_ @Gavpai @FuzYKarma @rickyreapers ur so mad rn
@Javan_Murphy @OnTheFlyTwitch fabio got that @Javan_Murphy @OnTheFlyTwitch BRO????????? @OnTheFlyTwitch @HarryButAverage true @HarryButAverage BRO??? LMFAOOOOOOO @D_Tank__ @OnTheFlyTwitch Have some faith in us @OnTheFlyTwitch Ready to take over the world @OnTheFlyTwitch @SkreetMan @may_wedda @Javan_Murphy @nCaustic_ Insane edit holy shit
@Treyarch its about fucking time @HoodieXF @OnTheFlyTwitch @oFabz AYO? @OnTheFlyTwitch @JoeyTheSuperJew We're never hitting 1k now @Ethoz u deserve it
@xbarkoo FR WHATS HER @ @EhmD__ @HarryButAverage oh shit, idk why that was there, thanks @HarryButAverage y cant i see other streamers from other countries, its so annoying @yodogloI This shit still makes me laugh everytime I watch it LMFAO @bananainmyarse u dont miss @bearbubb hi @OnTheFlyTwitch If someone donates $100 rn that would be crazy
@yNope_ @OnTheFlyTwitch @saburo2k @KnownAsLit @xkendizzle nahhhhh @exJackiee @OnTheFlyTwitch @saburo2k @KnownAsLit @xkendizzle @yNope_ why u gotta be so loud for @yNope_ @OnTheFlyTwitch @saburo2k @KnownAsLit @xkendizzle idk man, whoever edited this is a piece of shit @HarryButAverage Oh my god BAHAHAHHAA @HarryButAverage yh fr
@OnTheFlyTwitch Actually true @Ultra15151 @OnTheFlyTwitch @Froste @bopndop @KityZorb @nbltmd Take a guess @OnTheFlyTwitch @Froste @bopndop @KityZorb @nbltmd This is my first time watching this, what the fuck IS THIS