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@Boy1drr @ripxRain he snappedddddddd @silvasalavisa @oFabz i mean it does, if you just give up then you would obviously concede more goals @oFabz mentality ting probably @oFabz you caused this @Blankzy_ @Oreologist Banger you can't relate to this greatness @Oreologist @Blankzy_ You never miss @pdotsully stay strong king @HarryButAverage LMFAOOOOOOOOO THIS IS SO GOOD @Jay_RMA LEVELS @TeamCRonaldo who's the real GOAT @Avalanche100T nah both should join a real big club like man united instead @blursettRL @SamjaySJ hahahahahahaa I'm crine rn @JamesTheBoi yeah i hate him man @sonaata_ BANGER @ascxndingz LOOOOOOOL, I feel bad for him bro @K3rrmckay every other club are fucking shitting itVidal is never gonna be able to live this one down @Blindage_ he will never hear the end of this LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @SamjaySJ they all on suicide watchBarca fans rn @CrypticNo THE BEAUTIFUL GAMEEEEEEEE @CallumMCFCDonk @Castro1021 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @SamjaySJ MADNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS @Yuhuuur @FCBarcelona HAHAHAHAHAHA BARCA FANS ON SUICIDE WATCH @oFabz YOU LOST 200 ON THE BET HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @LazasBautista THE SCENES RN KDAISDKISAKDSADI @Avalanche100T THIS IS SO GOOD TO WATCH MAN @ItsOsmail THAT WAS MENTAL @OnTheFlyTwitch i beg this happens @Yuhuuur LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Yuhuuur you should of started griezmann, ur manager is washed @LazasBautista class from suarez @OnTheFlyTwitch ^ @Avalanche100T im watching this with 40 other mfs in discord rn, im loving this @Avalanche100T HAHAHAHAHA THIS GUY GOTTA STOP TALKING @Yuhuuur LOOOOOOL, I feel bad for you lot at this point but we all saw this coming @OnTheFlyTwitch We're all in disbelief @Avalanche100T I CANT BELIEVE WHAT I AM WITNESSING @JhbTeam YES LMFAOOOOOOOOO @Boy1drr @OnTheFlyTwitch Join broo it's so hyped in here rn @OnTheFlyTwitch TAP INNNNN @Avalanche100T I LOVE THIS GAME @OnTheFlyTwitch IM CUMMING @OnTheFlyTwitch BIGGEST MATCH OF THE YEAR TAP IN LADSSSSSS @brfootball flop @LazasBautista getting destroyed tonight @FIFA21BetaLeak dog shit fucking dog shit tracklist @gentlm4n @VanillaBepis yeah but u didnt tag fabio bro, wrong person @may_wedda another game to play for a few days and never again @nCaustic_ @HarryButAverage cool, just followed and unfollowed this account @Glikoth @ManUnitedZone_ @masongreenwood they didn't even try bro LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @Blankzy_ fuck off you wanker @Blindage_ was just sharing my thoughts on this bird app @ManUnitedZone_ @masongreenwood what the fuck is this shit man @blindmanwalkinn sup @SamjaySJ no, I'm Waddles @downbadglyph @xLambo_ proof or blocked @Magus_Ignus im sorry LMAO @brfootball moved to a bigger club, W @xLambo_ you're just lying, daymeein laughed fuck you @Brundoooo NAHHHHH BRO THAT SHIT GONNA RIP U NEW HOLE @ventuos @DannyDrinkss @akaAced thats cheating @rjcabby gotta take notes from froste @RCrabbioli YOOOOO UR SO SMART @K3rrmckay my ass so big its hard to reach that region bro @DeTaaiL how do i get better at it @kawhi_account whats that dripping from his mouth... @Scroid_ yes... @relexlol u heard me @DannyDrinkss shit dont fit, got any tips? @RCrabbioli teach me @shivisdumb go baldphone sex aint that bad but i can never fit it all the way up my ass @KSI 🐐🐐🐐 @Froste LETS GOOOOOOOOO @oFabz @yNope_ go find him @WhosBreezyUK Decent the song was a minute too long tho @WhosBreezyV2 Good good, it honestly wastes so much time it's very unproductive @OffbrandMilkbag @WhosBreezyV2 true true, I mean I'm okay with it used to think it was sad but not really, it makes… @WhosBreezyV2 It was shortly after I tweeted this @WhosBreezyV2 I remember when 10 mans brought the cord back for a few good months then it inevitably died again and… @tacodoh @Chriztopha_ v good mic would recommend or the AT2020 @oFabz expected better from u
@SamManlol @Froste true LMFAOOOOO @SamManlol @Froste hope man utd get relegated this season @Yuhuuur @Froste i hope barca lose 6-0 tmmrw @SkreetMan @Froste man @Froste im glad, i hope yall propser in this new house @Glikoth @OnTheFlyTwitch LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch thats a pretty mad statistic, ronaldo has been atletico worst nightmare for years man @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch CHILL CHILL @may_wedda HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch NAH PSG GONNA DESTROY THEM @SamjaySJ @OnTheFlyTwitch i have decided i will be rooting for bayern so we can clown prince & other barca fans when they lose LOOOL @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch everyone been chill in vc, no weirdos yet bro its actually surprising LMAO @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch LOOOOOL, I mean you people can deafen if they dont wanna hear us @Leopard100T @OnTheFlyTwitch lets goooooooo @NicholiFNST @OnTheFlyTwitch real one @OnTheFlyTwitch i better see 50 of you mfs in the watch party tmmrw