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I miss so bad that it hits // // #TheMob

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@HarryButAverage YOU GOT THIS @dagostlno @longneckedbeck i give up @dagostlno @longneckedbeck BRO WHAT??????? WHO STARTED THIS BULLSHIT MAN @longneckedbeck idk how people still defend her @Boy1drr @100TJackiee CAN WE STOP WITH THIS PLEASE @100TJackiee they banned me cos im too good at the game @Blankzy_ DUDE WHAT DID I DO WRONG @LilNasX you actually dont miss, how do you do it
@TristanGHill @TristanGHill nah u just fake as hell smh @TristanGHill we been known this, i cant believe he is a real person still @pabszn @CrypticNoOne holy shit @Grahamalott flexing 10mans stats lol @100TJackiee shut the fuck up you ugly fuck @hasanthehun @goodbeanhype agreed, its a stupid idea @RCrabbioli @HarryButAverage LOOOOOOOOOOL @ItsOsmail I wouldnt even be surprised if man does it LOL @ItsOsmail LMFAOOOOOOOOO @HarryButAverage ur literally built like raichu, fat ass @HarryButAverage @WElRDB New kota is so good @scarrfries Need to take this advice @_rockrob Happy birthday king @KnownAsLit Valorant boutta take the dub @Classify 💜 @ReallyRichKevin @CrypticNoOne Show me where? the fact that I have you muted already says a lot about you LOL @Mojobtw @100TJackiee @scarrfries LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @100TJackiee @scarrfries @100TJackiee Why dont you just walk up the stairs surely it would be much easier to do that then trying to slide up…
@Valorant_ I JUST CAME @100TJackiee @jack this guy has been evading twitter suspensions, this is his 7th account @TwitterSupport @shagaritatv @TheMob ur joking, right? @CrypticNoOne the gaming community is just filled with kids like this unfortunately @TheMob @GFuelEnergy I CALLED IT, LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO @scarrfries damn, you talented @zsqoof @LilNasX real shit @ELPWSwastaken how is it @SamjaySJ @IIDaraII My phone used to be so hot and felt like it was gonna explode too LOL @ZenDarKritical I be no fapping a lot @cizzorz Oh no @PeanutTime2 Fr man @PeanutTime2 I just installed it bro @xdroook You just live near a beach? Lucky shit @TraSh__Legend @YourAnonNews nah the other page retweets this one too, they are linked pretty sure @Oreologist @100TJackiee HAHAHAHAHHA HE LITERALLY SAID HE DID THAT IN THE DMS OMG @OffbrandMilkbag Missed out bro, cant lie to u @YourAnonNews you mfs gaining like 500k followers a day, holy shit @100TJackiee and now all you do is sit inside inside all day and eat Mcdonalds everyday, where did it go wrong man @100TJackiee TALK YO SHIT BRO 🗣💯 @YourEmbracee you do??? Yoooo that's kinda cool tho @100TJackiee OH SO U WERE GRINDING GRINDING @critiquaI Let's start the movement @realJBA One of the best summers 💯 @Blockingthings shows how good valorant, for a new game this is insane @MuchoGG aww @SteadyCam_ damn you didnt? :( @HybridPOG LOL FR @Xotic still my favourite uzi project, so so good @Hehe_TV TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @Doc_Gore yeah i thought so @EsmeeRosexo dont listen to all the people clowning you queen, in my eyes ur a real gamer, i would definitely play with ur ass haha @Blankzy_ its tempting lowkey, people who still play say its way better now @syhrhys yeah the hype was there cos it was something no one has ever seen before, now its like whatever @LuckyMiniMatt some of the best times @HexbitsV2 word? i heard that from a few people @SamjaySJ MMMMMMMMMMMMMM @Blankzy_ So many good memories playing this with friends that summer, music was fire that summer tooWish it was summer 16 and we were all playing this again @illSuga its an auto bot thing u cant retweet too many things or else twitter thinks ur a retweet bot unfortunately @pogstad @NotRxven just a coincidence @Connugh what do u have more fun playing tho @lemiwrap @oFabz @Blankzy_ @SamjaySJ OH MY GOD @alexruss98 50/50 rn oh no LOL @KnownAsLit you think movement is worse on cs? damn thats the first person i heard say thatLet's do this, what do you have more fun playing @endeylol yeah I was playing a lot of CS before the beta drop but now going back to it just feels so boring and dull to play in comparison @xLambo_ me neither bro its gonna be so fun to grind, i hope they drop ranked fairly quick @bikeb0i yeah I guess its just preference @vennymeister movement is definitely better, I agree on that @lexieyuh I cant wait for tomorrow its been only a few days and I miss playing already @waffsama @Ninety9us i deleted it cos its probs cos of the anti-cheat LOL @aplwtf yeah im playing rn and its just not as fun to play and im shitting on kids too @jthot_ Riot Games deserve major props for making such a good game so quickly, it has so much potential @weebylol this is exactly how i am rn @lmfaozack seems like its 50/50 some people still think CS feels better to play @Dravorr yeah nah i agree the spray patterns are better on cs, valorant spray patterns are hella random after a cer… @optiuh yeah thats true but im talking bout how smooth it feels, i feel like valorant actually feels smoother and runs better @lilbozovert you really think so? im pretty sure valorant is 128 tick and cs is 64 tick and i can feel thatHopping back on CSGO after playing Valorant a lot just feels like a massive downgrade, it feels worse mechanically… @Blankzy_ @oFabz @SamjaySJ BLANKZY SHUT THE FUCK UP @oFabz @Blankzy_ @SamjaySJ LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @Blankzy_ @SamjaySJ what the fuck is wrong with u both @txchnxlxgy thanks king @illSuga what the hell did i do to deserve this @cufsie @SamjaySJ why he look like that @denis69420 sup @lemiwrap no snitches @SamjaySJ im actually getting worried now, i dont think ur joking anymore LOL @SamjaySJ perish @VanillaBepis that ain't the only thing being clapped @kirstyjjb we're now fapping for them too?