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2023 obsessed?????? with u?????? yesi wanna cry of how tired i am. if you miss someone right nowi feel unappreciated, but it’s okay. broke my rules for you.when i love, i love really forcing, what flows, flows.
me??? tired??? stressed??? exhausted??? i wanna cry??? yesit’s hurting me but nvm. matter how strong i am. i have limits too. please don’t test me., I wish I was better.if u want long term relationships make sure that u're ready for the boring days, tears, arguments, it's not all about happiness.i always pray silently for your safety and happiness.
Find someone that stays obsessed with you, not just in the beginning.i hate the nights where i can't sleep because i'm overthinking way too own expectations hurt me. me and tell me you miss me.i have feelings too, but people seem to forget that. my tweets are messages for you.i ignored everyone for you.never force people choose you.we are all bad in someone’s story.
it’s difficult to explain so I stay quiet. just wanna be happy. not confused, not hurt, not stressed, just many different mood in one day.0% energy for everything. overthinkers, we're gonna be okayi never faked my love and care to someone.remember that the right person will never get tired of you.with you, i am home.
reminder: in love when you're ready, not when you're lonely.Reassurance hits different when it's not asked for.i wanna hug you for hoursi miss youwe're too young to be this sad & tired’m losing interest in everything again.i did my best. woke up and u were my first thoughti'll never forget the day we met
I'm glad I met you, I hope you know that.choose people who choose you.dear brain, please stop overthinking. i’m tired.You’re my favorite notificationⓘ This user doesn’t know what to do anymore. can feel myself breaking, piece by piece.i miss waking up being excited about something.may our favorite people never turn into know i love you.
i need a person who can hear my voice even if i’m silent.i wanna sleep and never wake upis your heart okay?eye contact, then that little smile.I want to be heartless but that’s not who I am don't want other's attention, I want yoursyeah i think im lost againwaiting for the day when i can finally say i’m genuinely anyone who is carrying a heavy heart in silence, it’s gonna be okay someday.
sleepy eyes, busy mind.the problem with me is me.Songs explain feelings.“u look tired” I’m literally going’s hard for me to express what i feel. my phone vibrates , i hope it's you.i want to see myself happy again.Unexpected selfies from the person you like >>>>>dear me, i’ll make you proud one day.i hate how sometimes i can’t find the right words to describe what’s going on in my mind.
we all broke our rules for someone.too many ''what if's'' on my mindi hate being so sensitive