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@julidoodledoo Oh nice! Yeah I play a lot but I have my specific guns I use and never really use any other ones. I… @julidoodledoo You’ll get there! LmaoI finally did it 😭 using the m79 is PAINFUL I STG. But I did it @FallGuysGame I am ready to solve the #FallGuysSeason3 #JigSawus 😼✨🚨 Operation: Jig Sawus 🚨 We've got a Fall Guys Season 3 puzzle for you... We need 300 volunteers To volunteer:…
Retweeted by lae @scarn0ne You needed help long ago but this is the last strawThis has depressed me @Class. I knew I wasn’t goated but you didn’t have to do me like that man 😭 no more subs for… @crypticsrporter GoodnightCan’t wait until I don’t have to wake up at 6am anymore 😭😭 @Syncrohs Bet
@julidoodledoo Gooooodnight! When we travelling the world btw?? Lmk!Goodnight cuties! (Thank you for all the unfollows, you will not be missed 😘) grinding zombies camos is exhausting!…
Goodnight to all you boomers 😘 @OinkAnubis Umm yes.. @mialovesbread NO SMH @Kirkabeast It was very fun thank you! @Kirkabeast Good morning :D @jelloish_ I was wondering what happened to u @scarn0ne @scarn0ne Yeah he’s got problems 😭 @scarn0ne I’m following Sam’s playlist and it’s 129 hours long @scarn0ne Need me a playlist like that @scarn0ne My playlist is 14 hours and growing @nathanrob__ God no that’s depressing. Laughing is so much fun yet can be so much torture when it’s too much 😂 @nathanrob__ All the time. And always at the worst times too @FallGuysGame Me! @fandomhuub Lucky fuck! I only have a gold knife and that’s it 😭 @showkillerbx Thank you! ❤️ @showkillerbx Bet! Sleep well @showkillerbx Omggg go to sleep! I’d love to be able to sleep rn 😭 @showkillerbx Morning! How are we today?Good morning 😴✨
@Elizattv Holes is a great movie @mialovesbread NOOOOOO @mialovesbread NO MAAAAAMMovie nightttt 🥰🥰✨ goodnight cuties 😘 @mialovesbread NO YOU DO NOT HMPH @mialovesbread NO MAAM @mialovesbread I WISH @bobbyscott04 You’re awful tho @Wizzologyy YESSIR I’VE BEEN LOVING THAT MYSELF ☺️I lowkey really wanna play fortnite @VisionEfects @austxnnn That’s usually what ‘left on read’ means... not being responded to @isthatcufs @SamjaySJ @scarn0ne Yeah, don’t @mialovesbread LMAO GIRL I CRIED CAUSE I LOOKED IN THE MIRROR YESTERDAY WYM @mialovesbread YES MA’AM, ALWAYS! 😤✨❤️ @mialovesbread WOOOOOO!!! 💜 @Wizzologyy I’VE BEEN REALLY GOOD LATELY THANK YOU!! ✨💜 @mialovesbread 😜🥰❤️ @mialovesbread WHY DOES THAT LOOK SO WEIRD “MA’AM” WTF @mialovesbread YES MA’AM @mialovesbread I SEND U A VOICE THINGY TOMORROW OMW TO WORK ❤️ @mialovesbread CRI 😭 @mialovesbread Have you not yet?? @Wizzologyy HAIII WIZZZZ HRU @SamjaySJ @julidoodledoo Forgot about me. @TwitchUKI My favourite game is the one where I love the game @Kirkabeast Tell me about it 😭 @julidoodledoo @SamjaySJ Bro I’ve been sweating that game out I stg @julidoodledoo @SamjaySJ I’m prestige 1 level 4 now 😭 @SamjaySJ @julidoodledoo I prestiged first btw. @gwinchie Yours 🥺 @Kirkabeast Me either but it would be nice to have man @isthatcufs Nothing to discuss on the tlBro how do I not have this Twitter voice thing yet tf @isthatcufs Bro he was rude to me ion care 😭 @isthatcufs One of my fakes 🥰 @isthatcufs No @Rwndz_ I know I’m a bitch. And this you?? @Rwndz_ I would but I don’t want ur tweet to do well :) @Kirkabeast You ain’t wrong tbf @Rwndz_ At least you have over 1k stfu hoe @Kirkabeast LMFAOOOO true 😭 @Pxggers I saw you did 😭😭 @GG_Lovey I’ve levelled up my knife in zombies LMAO. Almost level 34 and I grinder to get the gold camo for it 😂 @Jxykz Yeah I agreeDamn bro I used to play on this shit 😭 @stroofinati @mialovesbread You’ve never been nice to me 😤 @Jxykz Yeah that’s what I thought but if ur ok with it then it doesn’t matter too much for that person but if other… @mialovesbread @stroofinati Stroof being nice? No fucking way @DCTheProphecy A like on this tweet @Wizzologyy HEY @sloppyJerome No I know, I’m just wondering how guys would feel about this cause I’d find it weird without consent… @Glikoth I definitely agree @big666ontwitch Yes I know 😭 @DJPlayys Gotcha! @big666ontwitch Yeah that’s what I mean @big666ontwitch MaybeI’d love this but like.. isn’t this some kind of sexual assault since he’s sleeping 😭 or do you guys not care @SamjaySJ @luanajaene Yeah but I replied in public, not dm’s. I have more of a chance of getting reported. But I know I was js @luanajaene @SamjaySJ I called one of them a retard and idc if I get some kind of ban, they deserved it 😂 couldn’t…’d like to get back up to 550 again pls 🥺 @Shez247 @Victor_Ade_9 Well I got that 😭 but no sorry I dislike football even tho I watched a match yesterday @Shez247 @Victor_Ade_9 No I have no idea what you’re on about tbh @its_a_Boi_Pow Ay your dm’s ain’t even open to people you fucking pussy. @scarn0ne @SamjaySJ Wait... he doesn’t follow you? You must not be special cause he follows almost loads of ppl 😭😭 @Samir_The2A_Guy ‘Consonant’ LMAOOOOO you retard @scarn0ne @Yiibs Yeaaaa @scarn0ne @Yiibs I think it is, I love it and it's really fun in my opinion. Definitely better than MW if you got that @scarn0ne @Yiibs wassup