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@RahulKohli13 where is your big bank challenge?????? @workingoncrying no like... ain’t no way i’m showing my face ever againthat’s literally so embarrassing omg like what...if a white person beat me up i would disappear off this earth.HE HATE CRIMED MY BROTHER??? @omare_rdz i actually completely understand ppl not liking it cuz it took me a minute chile but boring...... yeah y’all just contrarians!certain words be letting me know y’all just be hating just to hate cuz of all words you chose boring?!you can think sawayama the worst album ever but you cannot call it boring... especially considering the other artis… @hassassinate_ you know i’m a child of god i’m not speaking #that way on the timelinepopeyes biscuits cut in half with some of that chicken skin and some honey??
Retweeted by zaepopeyes biscuits get the slander kfc biscuits deserve! @hassassinate_ yeah...
@garontherun me typing in “james maslow shirtless” on google when i was 10 @garontherun james when i was younger, carlos now🙏🏾 @im_koreyy ALSLSLFFGLGK YOURE SICK @whitIeysgilbert do it it’s my fave @yalozai011 TO SEE YOU HAPPY WITHOUT MEEEEEE @arisonly1_ should’ve gone number one it’s true! @theesudani NOT THIS @MusicBryn bae! @keincolor why i yelled omg @dreamIover_ WHATive had that song on repeat for almost a year she is so sickis if it ain’t me on there? answer quickly @omare_rdz Right! the rest not really giving #tomewhen they get my mutant brothers and sisters in the mcu >>>> yeah i’m ready !the interesting stuff in marvel phase four *to me* is the new stuff like wanda-vision, the eternals, shang-chi, etc… @knowleskravitz LMFAO u know what i meant! @szaiana disney plus! @dearapriII no cuz ain’t one of them gay in the comics?! i need that ASAP @knowleskravitz IM SO EXCITED FOR THE 70’s EPISODE @dearapriII NO SERVE INCOMING!!! It’s giving a jean grey type beat but better omgthe theories i have>>> streets saying wanda finna be the reason the mutants come why i’m so excited y’allthose two episodes of wandavision are so excellent. the marvel girlies in they berkin this time around baby i’m SORRY! @angrybIackgirI it’s sick sista it really is omg @koralinadean no cuz why i was going around telling ppl that movie changed me... EMBARRASSED!Shake It Off still HITS to this day
Retweeted by zae @Zayy892 i still look on that like movie experience so fondly like i truly was so excited and happy. we need more omgThe Experience™️ of being in a movie theater really elevates most films because I’ll watch them later on and realiz…
Retweeted by zaei saw love simon in theaters and you couldn’t tell that wasn’t the best movie ever released. imagine my surprise re… @dearapriII on first watch i loved it and said it was one of my favorites of 2018. on second watch like a month ago… still think about how First Class took the one mutant who's power is they can't die and made sure they died.
Retweeted by zae @sad6lackboi what you mean i can tell you what it means i was so hot i thought i was IN HELLno cuz i woke up sweating like why that woman tried to cook me oh my god??? it’s the way my thermostat never above… grandmother is visiting me and she’s anemic. her ass WILL be delt with cuz i just KNOW it was ha!i had a dream i was in hell and the devil was cooking me chile only to wake up and find the thermostat on EIGHTY SIX DEGREEShow do you like they/them apples
Retweeted by zaeIn a pandemic?
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Retweeted by zae @cursedhive lordOne day 🦋
Retweeted by zae @laylasbrooke this! @DimitriMiller8 yeah..... yeah..... @aftergIowrue i’m CRYING LAUGHING WHY ARE U ME DEFENDING MY SHIPS LMFAOOO @marioknowIes HELPthe couple in question: I have some bad news
Retweeted by zae @TheBlacDaria I JUST FOUND OUT I DIDNT KNOW😭😭😭 @MusicBryn yeah @niyatsiyum THEY LITERSLLY BE SPREADING PROPAGANDA like that stuff do not be real i can SMELL a pr stunt @gettwellsoonnn2 I SAID WHAT I SAID🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣blaine and sam being together is honestly much more believable to me than blaine and kurt! it’s true it’s true!i agree ppl will argue but i agree
Retweeted by zae @notstorybyleo especially if they white baby what you finna tell me that i don’t know @notstorybyleo i keep tapping chile @onlychloexhalle i laughed out loud BYEbillionaires don’t even defend billionaires as much as some of you hundrednaires lord save us @marioknowIes U SO SICKHe got mad cause I told him Happy Birthday 😂
Retweeted by zae @ANTWTF MY GOD @Dayonsfuneral cuz i ain’t wanna get attacked by the heehee’s u know they got beef w me😫 @Dayonsfuneral no i laughed so hard at that omg @marioknowIes ASAXPSPFPGLHL @mk2timess @The_Talko WAIT FUCK @teenage124 UR SICK AND TWISTED!my coworkers just found my twitter EVERYONE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR‼️ @babypink410 @chloexhalle IT ISme digging up beethoven so he can hear ungodly hour by chloe x halle JUST got it omgWAIT HER MIND????? @TheHornyRoom you too grown @teenage124 you going to hell gone head and pack your luggagemy brother artie was rolling across that glee stage every number outshining everyone with just his FACE y’all gone…, britney , and y’all hate to hear it but ARTIE🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 haw
Retweeted by zae @yngjcb baby you ate this @childofGeb qt!!!!!Y’all be pro-Capitalism with no capital. God bless.
Retweeted by zae @marioknowIes @loneamorphous EXACTLY!Chloe being able to post their unreleased music and samples because it’s her who produced it AHHHH. The power that…
Retweeted by zaei know y’all got a deluxe album in the vault @chloexhalle i’m on to y’all HOUR DELUXE WHEN?! @sl_ug0 ME TOO like i love an artsy boy teehee!!!i eat up corny shit like omgi’m sorry but this happened to me *once* and you couldn’t tell me that man wasn’t my prince charming i’m SORRY! kinks are ...... bad
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@dearapriII not it being PURPLEi put $6 dollars in bitcoin and now it’s at $5.44 i’m down TERRIBLY