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Me1o🥀 @itszeke8_ Chicago, IL

I talk Animanga and push my agenda🌋 |propaganda sometimes |Aspiring Youtuber

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@Mercy_Jahad @SkillamTOG @3iceReborn I wasn’t caught up bro that’s why I wasn’t active 😭 wasn’t tryna get spoiled at all 💀 @SkillamTOG @Mercy_Jahad @3iceReborn I wasn’t caught up I told you this⁉️ @Mercy_Jahad @3iceReborn Appreciate it bro @Mercy_Jahad @3iceReborn Dm ToG raw links? @3iceReborn Can’t wait for you to catch up @Mercy_Jahad @3iceReborn Fr @3iceReborn Solid.where you leave off? @DemonSlayerJon GOAT @3iceReborn ToG @Nairoda1 Gn 🐐 @_DIVlNE Definitely valid Ongcan’t thank kubo enough for creating my favorite female character in manga 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @ch0ppakun I believe it’s better as well but it’s not that big of a gap imo. @Crain1Art You’re amazingThe World... Berserk - Coloring Done by me #Berserk #ベルセルク
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @yukuzai If you had one @MunstaMasta Didn’t fw roller coasters for while cause of those movies ngl lmfao @ch0ppakun @reaper_szn Y’all looking clean yessir 🔥My brothers 💯
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @ItsuSimps @ItsuSimps Worse time to be on anitwit @ItsuSimps Hate it @Nairoda1 @3iceReborn You good don’t worry @Mercy_Jahad @The25thMori 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @3iceReborn Wasn’t talking about all but few of them are unfortunately @JxD_Bko @Mnny_Tz @Mnny_Tz PEAKKKKK#FireForcespoilers what a conclusion man 😿
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @NixkSenpai Same bro literally was my childhood 😭 You’re truly cultured @NixkSenpai You got to start from kanto bro it’s only right @Nairoda1 Thank you goat @NixkSenpai Peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak @Nairoda1 Chosen a fool lmfao @Nairoda1 Fr we built different @ghostofshonen It was crazy yoGuts Berserk - Coloring Done by me #Berserk #ベルセルク
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @cozycooler Lmfao bro coming for headsJigokuraku is peak fiction
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @ItsuSimps Pain just pain @mateooo72 2/4 @ItsuSimps So what’s the word with the anime wasn’t it suppose to be this year?Chinatsu Kano | Blue Box #アオのハコ #BlueBox
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @3iceReborn Imposters @3iceReborn Respect me?#Bleach #BCSpoilers
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @rothoslash LMFAOOO @comfortlocation @SpaceMageAnime ^^ @SpaceMageAnime True Spatial magic go brr @KebabPeakFood Smh lmao @mateooo72 @SlasheerrKing 😒😒😒😒😒😒 @DemonSlayerJon The parallels and the fight overall was great Ong @Ietsgetcozy 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @WriteRay2 @Exorcistdxwn @ItsuSimps You should’ve used a better comeback bro bro that’s ass @Mercy_Jahad Felt this @Exorcistdxwn @ItsuSimps @ItsuSimps Need you to be toxic @WriteRay2 @Exorcistdxwn @ItsuSimps “Number 1 anime freak 🤡” @ItsuSimps What it said @Exorcistdxwn @ItsuSimps Cry harder @Chaos3109 @Exorcistdxwn @ItsuSimps Chaos finally tweeting some good lfg @ItsuSimps You’re boring bring back the old buttsy @Exorcistdxwn @ItsuSimps Ok evil villain head ass @Boomboom_editz @ItsuSimps Obviously I did @Exorcistdxwn @ItsuSimps Nigga you didn’t even use the term rightHimiko Toga
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @ItsuSimps Monogatari still clear @ItsuSimps LMFAO LMFAO LMFAOOOOOOO @Beautyyy_Meee Stop lying on this platform @Beautyyy_Meee You sent me off yesterday so yeah @Beautyyy_Meee Big head ass @Ietsgetcozy You on some 4d checkers @finralnation All that discourse wasn’t even needed hate to see it fr @ItDoBeLikeItDo Idek lmao it was a good attempt tho @ItDoBeLikeItDo Bro I was telling Mfs in March @Black_Savi Spitting so hard @rothoslash You tryna start a war lmfaooo @ItsuSimps @Unapathetic Fr @ItsuSimps Facts lolBeing able to accept different opinions without sorting to name calling is something many of you need to acquire. Not a good look tbh
Retweeted by Me1o🥀 @iamichigo7 Rare L @GhoulEyedKing It was the no relevance part that did it for me tbh @T_RedCloak Dead ass @sinnnbaddie At all lmfao 😭 each death had a point. @r1ndie MenaceCause no way homie actually read and said that with his chestRemember when I said black clover “criticisms” exposes lack of reading comprehension….. @r1ndie @Beanlozy Yeah this nigga definitely not reading 😭 @Charmy_4ever Yessir @AceX_50 Honestly didn’t see this bro I got you @ItsuSimps This stb right? @xValClover @finralnation Sorry chief @Daisenpaii I’m 2 eps in and it’s so good famWas doing some practice recording for the video and it did seem a long transition tbh but I’m compromising well thoughThanks for the feed back about the intro fixing it up when I get off work today. @finralnation Licht honestly @ICANT_DO_THIS_ LMFAOOOO @Reiikio Gm wayz @DrippyKazuto Can’t wait to peep it the anime finally done? I left off on ep 22 @NixkSenpai The real felt this