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We've watched lots of #CorrieWeddings in tonight's special episode but whose big day would you like to see more of?… @OliReading Oh yes...! 😅22million watched Curly & Raquel got married!! Wow. #CorrieWeddings @itvcorrie
Retweeted by Coronation Streetthe #CoronationStreetCompiltions continue @ITV Now with #CoronationStreetWeddings with lots of classic clips from…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetWatching @itvcorrie weddings , some amazing weddings 😊
Retweeted by Coronation StreetWhat is Geoff's end game?! For help and advice on issues surrounding Yasmeen's story, please visit:… @rkathryn_goode Thank you! The make up and costume departments have had a busy few weeks! ❤️I'm saying it again but Leanne and Toyah. 💕 #corrie
Retweeted by Coronation Street @NiickBoii That's his actual middle name you know! 😉I absolutely love Sally! Come on Tim, I know he's your dad but please wake up and smell the coffee... @itvcorrie
Retweeted by Coronation StreetWe ❤️ a good #CorrieWedding, so much so that we've made a show all about them! You might have guessed, but this g… up tonight: Geoff tells Yasmeen that he is willing to forgive her and drop the charges if she agrees to be h… to have you back! ❤️ to take a trip down memory lane? @mrkevkennedy celebrates his 20 year career on the cobbles as Curly Watts a…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetDay 120 in the Brocklebank house... And I’m soon about to leave it & go to work for the first time!!! Proper fi…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetWe're back in the studio! Join @reallorraine at 9️⃣am with @lottietommo, @itvcorrie's Kevin Kennedy and…
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Preview pictures 👇 Coming up: The walls are closing in on Gary, but what measures will he take to ensure his secre… up... Coronation Street: Weddings Celebrate 60 years of iconic Corrie weddings with us on Monday evening at 8…'s only three days left to vote for this year's @BAFTA Must-See Moment! Show your support for @KatiexMcGlynn,…
Fancy a sneak peek of next week's episodes? You're in luck! >> #Corrie | @ITV |…
Oh no! What will it take to finally force Geoff to stop meddling?! Missed any of this week's drama? Catch up over… up tonight: Geoff returns to work at Speed Daal, much to Alya and Ryan's dismay. What is he planning?…
ICYMI: We've been shortlisted for four of this year's @tvchoice awards! Let's take a look back at some of the hig… this week we asked you to choose one of your favourite Classic Corrie clips, so here's the legendary moment…
Celebrating the lives and culture that shape British TV. Our stories are your stories. #OurStories @BBC, @Channel4,…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetWe’re excited to let you know that we’re hosting an a Q&A with our BAFTA nominees @KatiexMcGlynn and @Rob_Mallard!… is all of us 😂 #Corrie up tonight: Roy realises that Evelyn feels too old for romance, so he assures her that age is no barrier. W… change things and help us see the world differently. These are #OurStories. Tonight 8.58pm. @ITV, @BBC,…
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Uh oh... how much did Tim hear?! And will he finally see Geoff for who he really is? Catch up on last night's dram…'re over the moon to let you know that we have four shortlisted nominees for this year's @TVChoice Awards! Tap… you concerned about travelling abroad? ✈️ @SimonCalder is on hand to answer your questions. Plus, real life…
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We saw lots of memorable moments in tonight's special episode but which scene would you like to see more of? Get y… Street: Stories That Gripped The Nation. @itvcorrie @ITV #aidanconnor
Retweeted by Coronation StreetRoy in skates is something we all deserve to see! #Corrie #Roy @Alison_King_Fan Happy birthday! 🎉Here's a little message from William Roache about our brilliant new series - Coronation Street: Stories That Grippe… up tonight: Sally visits Yasmeen to see why she attacked Geoff, but will Yasmeen tell her about the abuse sh… can’t tell you how happy I am to be back at work @itvcorrie 🌈📺
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Preview pictures 👇 Coming up: Geoff is on a mission to manipulate Yasmeen further, but will his methods success or… Coronation Street: Stories that gripped the Nation Celebrate 60 years of iconic Corrie storylines…
Coming up next week: Evelyn feels too old for romance, Sally visits Yasmeen and Geoff is back at Speed Daal, but wh…
Peter offers a surprising shoulder to cry on for Nick 💔 For help and support, please visit:… everyone else just as excited as we are right now?! 😅 #Corrie #Evelyn #Arthur up tonight: Scott is intrigued when Jenny explains that Johnny opted to stay in France. What secret is John…
Did you know that custard tarts and skinny lattes are the perfect accompaniment to watch Corrie? Evelyn knows... C… @ConversationStr Happy birthday! xIn a week when Tyrone and Fiz worry they're turning into Jack and Vera, let's go back to 1991 and a classic clip of…
Will Simon tell Leanne that he overheard what she said to Steve? Join us at 7.30pm on Friday to see what happens ne… Roy and Arthur just become best friends!? 🚂 #Corrie #Roy #Arthur #Evelyn @Philip040962 BREW!!! ☕️😂 @alisonsdani Big delivery - Chesney said he'd help out 😉Coming up at 7.30pm: Simon overhears a distraught Leanne tell Steve that Oliver is all she ever wanted and when he… Canada Day or all of our Canadian Fans - have a lovely day! ❤️ #CanadaDay2020 #Canada #1stJuly #Corrie'Jack and Vera are up there on a pedestal, way above us all!' We chat to @ITVCorrie's Fiz and Tyrone (…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetTune in for our brilliant @jenniemcalpine & @alanhalsall on @thismorning talking all things Fiz and Tyrone and film…
Ty's impression of Jack is pretty good if you ask us! Keep up to date with Corrie >> like Tyrone! Here's how to get the Jack Duckworth look > #Corrie #JackDuckworth
Retweeted by Coronation StreetTo celebrate Pride this year, we've rounded up some iconic moments from our characters in the LGBT+ community 🏳️‍🌈…
💔💔 You can catch the lovely @RealGeorgiaT on tomorrow's @lorraine where she'll be talking all about Toyah's involv… you have been affected by Oliver's story or if you'd like to learn more about Mitochondrial Disease, please visi… up tonight: In support of Emma, Alina cancels her drink with Seb and insists that they can't sneak around.…
Preview pictures 👇 Coming up: Sally visits Yasmeen in prison, what will she find out about Geoff? Also: Leanne str… the #SoapAwards special has got you in the mood for awards season you can help Coronation Street win a @BAFTA!… @connor9mcintyre still one of my fave villans!!! @itvcorrie #SoapAwards !!
Retweeted by Coronation StreetDon't think that the party is over just yet! NEXT UP we're celebrating 21 years of The British Soap Awards! 🎉 Watc… original 20. This photo was taken between rehearsals of the first episode of Coronation Street back in December…"Save your breath, I know all about Ena Sharples" Careful Tony, she might smack your bottom! 😅 #EnaSharples how if #coronationstreet had continued under its original name, we would all be calling it "Florrie."…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetMy mam @dameenid being brilliant in The Road To Coronation Street, as Agnes the tea lady.
Retweeted by Coronation StreetWatching the road to coronation street, not seen this before it's brilliant #Corrie
Retweeted by Coronation Street"It's only a week, what harm can that do?" Nearly 60 years later and Ken Barlow is still the King of our cobbles!…"Good enough for you?" #ElsieTanner #PatPheonix @JessieWallaceUK #RoadToCoronationStreet #Corrie @itv @WeAreSTV from the past. It’s a beautiful script, and it’s back where it belongs. The Road To Coronation Street. Look o…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetDoris Speed played the original Rovers Return Landlady Annie Walker for 23 years and 1,737 episodes! @celiaimrie start to The Road to Coronation Street! Compelling viewing from @ITV #Corrie
Retweeted by Coronation StreetIf you’re a #Corrie fan you need to be watching this. A cracking drama about how it all began #TheRoadToCoronationStreet
Retweeted by Coronation StreetEpisode One of Coronation Street is about to go LIVE! 🎥 Creator Tony Warren is being sick in the toilets, Pat Phoe…"A Manchester accent doesn't exactly lend itself to television, no one in London will know whats going on..." Watc… happy memories from last year goofing with these lovelies! ⁦@CorriePride⁩ ⁦@Dan_Brocklebank⁩ ⁦@CharlieDemelo⁩…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetHappy Pride Day. Sending love to the LGBTQ+ community, especially to anyone who may be struggling during this stran…
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Wondering what’s coming up in Corrie next week? We’ve got some sneak peeks for you! 👉 up to date with Oliver's story by watching all of this week's episodes on @itvhub >>
I flipping love Audrey. 💖#CoronationStreeticons #corrie #CoronationStreet @itvcorrie
Retweeted by Coronation Street @itvcorrie I’m watching! It’s so wonderful seeing her beginnings on the show and before the show...and seeing chara…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetThe Audrey Roberts Noise via @YouTube from the lovely Martyn Hett #Audrey #Corrie
Retweeted by Coronation Street @Eley01 over 40 years of Hmmms in Coronation Street Icons: Audrey Roberts! NEXT on @itv, @WeAreSTV and streamin… @SimonMaslakArt We'd go with Roy on this one 😉 @OliReading @macnamara60 We have trouble with that ourselves... 😂 @TheAcrobattys We got hit with that bombshell too! 😂"Don't get arrested!" Strong legal advice from Imran tonight, but will Toyah listen!? 😅 #Toyah #Imran #Nina @baileysbarlow @Alison_King_Fan 🐮 @too_manyshoes @ITV Hmmm! 😅📺Stay at Home guide episode 10📺 With no @SoapAwards this year, TV’s @RichardAArnold is delving into the annals of…
Retweeted by Coronation StreetComing up in tonight's episode: Having been invited to the flat by Shona, David is hopeful that maybe things will g…
It's true... we'll love you forever if you vote for us in this year's @BAFTAs! Show your support for @Rob_Mallard,…
Catch me tomorrow morning 9.05 ish on @lorraine @reallorraine @ITV talking all things ‘Nicky & Daniel’ @itvcorrie
Retweeted by Coronation StreetThe true story of the show which changed television forever. Watch 'The Road to Coronation Street' - This Sunday 2…