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Boltzy @ItzBoltzy New Jersey, USA

17 |🇵🇷| IGL @GoblinSquadron_ | @CarterPulse

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@Jonaaa6_VAL just wrote it down in my notebook 100 times. Ur losing every game. i have manifested it @Jonaaa6_VAL i hope u lose every game @Jonaaa6_VAL wont q with me cause of my elo gg. going on 50 game win streak now @902macky @19 @20 hbd mackyPlaying The 5k this weekend w @jet_fps @maazy4PF @tetchraFN @KillerMillerGG @vinnerwinner (fill) @DENYAof denis carry me pls @Jonaaa6_VAL I NEED UR CARRY @menace_val if it works dont change it @Ban_Val nice tweets ban lets Q later man! ALL POSITIVITY! @HUYNH_CS danny😮 @Warbirds_ no sir i didnt know what LoL was til i switched to val lmaooo @Warbirds_ riot cant control twitter 😈 @Warbirds_ fucking asked evan. get shit on LMAOOOO @Warbirds_ who
@st9llar @ryannn @maazy4PF LMFAO @kissubie @SicK_cs u owe us phoenix cosplay big dawg🤣 @FrostyValorant @katsumiFPS kat dont do me like this @RESHURAA @Ban_Val @katsumiFPS ayo? duo? @GhostGaming @ryannn dat boi a baller @ryannn better had signed him @ryannn YOOOOOOO LETS GOOO @maazy4PF @rikugoat @ryannn ^. 5k camera bro @Vanityxz Daily motivation by anthony @Vanityxz on god get bullied by these mfs on the regular... @ryannn @maazy4PF @1dianazzz proud of u @1dianazzz WOOO @KillerMillerGG @belladominguez0 ayo i see a nipple david chill xD @Yazzers @frostyZK its like babysitting a little brother bro.LFT guys. only requirement is be able to read @careertwitch @Ban_Val @Jonaaa6_VAL this was before they realized they were toxic for each other in ranked 🙏🏽 @RossyUA noti @thi9f 🥶🥶🥶 @WedidOfficial sign my xset jersey😩? @minaweeb @brinwastaken yo mina what the fuck bro? how dare you! @jcrueL_ the caption LOLLLLLLLL @crunchyyworld @katsumiFPS controller mains are best duos cuz you can lock in anything & know you’ll have smokes ;)never been more excited to play in my life. The demon returns tomorrow @Bjorlulu @Kasche1x ours is 66% cause u picked breach @branted707 u2We are looking for a coach, Please DM myself or @ItzBoltzy . - Super vocal - Good availability - Past experience…
Retweeted by Boltzy @Jonaaa6_VAL homie buff ? @witmer @RossyUA do i @ her doe @khanartist9 @BlackHeartGMG samir deez nuts on ur face @khanartist9 @BlackHeartGMG soace for who?? casper ??xD @BlackHeartGMG @khanartist9 drop this guy asapsee you guys there ;) @1flyuh @Yazzers @tetchraFN @YodaVALORANT @HitBox_Hiros candice @DerrekOW @Jonaaa6_VAL i yelled at him for it its okay derrek @RurouniRichard phoenix isnt good in comp bro actually so hard @NotReduxx @RealStrongLegs Top 2 for sub 16 w @sevvn . Great comms & mental. Use this zoomer @ScrewFaceVAL @andersin_val hbd andersin @Governor_Val @frostyZK @tetchraFN you see this man tryna cap? as if he aint one of us @ohaaiii @dudeitsaduck dat boi grindin @mayuhri_x1 you’ll get repaid in another way. God does good things for good ppl:) @shotoftodoroki @zander_fps LMAOOO @mayuhri_x1 nah what you did was great. We love you for that cuz fk resale prices lmaooooooo @st9llar @JimMcGrath22 bden 😦😔? @JimMcGrath22 @mac1_val @st9llar @thi9f @OfficialAproto yo bden let me tag along 😤 @Glorinsz bro? @tetchraFN @ScrewFaceVAL @b0ssyCS @crunchyyworld +1. Great sentinel wish i had the dedi to main them that hard but… @Justinovah @uhjakee keep pushing for shorter they’ll fall into it @ParallelEffzy @CasperrFPS @Critical_Val @b0ssyCS bbj lol @FreakazoidA check dmsss
@XSET @xsetnate make this happen pls bb @PronoiaNA @480Wrap @Glorinsz hope ur day is good too thanks for blessing us with these facebook dad pictures @Immortals @AmericanExpress @ShoT_UPcs no val camps ? think you need to take this up with management 😤 @CrownIWNL @FlippyBitsGG @MLGAnakin @zekkenVAL @etohKP @L4st_v1 @CommunityGaming @HitBox_Hiros im taller then him lol @frostyZK @zekkenVAL SEND ME THIS ROUTINE PLS :( @FlippyBitsGG @MLGAnakin @zekkenVAL @etohKP @L4st_v1 @CommunityGaming @HitBox_Hiros its okay if he does ill just pour water on his pc 😎 @MLGAnakin @zekkenVAL @etohKP @FlippyBitsGG @L4st_v1 @CommunityGaming @HitBox_Hiros ZEKKEN CASTING MY GAMES ? YOU B… @Shanks_TTV hbd ryan @Vanityxz goodnight anthony @madacsgo god ur so handsome @steeFPS ion anything with that blue spike ball @zekkenVAL cause im jobless ik ty @Vanityxz @jammyzx *gets laid* “poggers” @zekkenVAL so i guess im non existent now ? hello?? @zekkenVAL ur the uglier sibling for sure @mintaims @desperadoval @crunchyyworld we love you too @khanartist9 the fact that you repeaked before healing and didnt get the ace bc of it pisses me off 😭 @ChoicePlays @vanguardwins @GameArenaCBUS WOOOO @G2Jahq i miss u jahq @hyjinxVAL @itskaplan before our match vs Frail males sunday i drank 5 bottles of water ate a meatball sandwhich an… @itskaplan I could pop a monster in cs and go 25-10. I pop one in this game and i go 10-25 @zacklombardo @leaf_cs lock in ur character noob @Shanks_TTV wait if you stream on a different platform you cant play with certain ppl??? @tetchraFN get on ur main lets play our sorrows away @Glorinsz my mom is literally unbearable. Every conversation somehow turns into an argument because she’s extremely ignorant lol @claudiavalorant i cant stand either of them :(. They both constantly play the victim in every situation & are negative people.anybody else have a terrible relationship with one or both of their parents ? Am i weird or is this common?
@BlackHeartGMG @khanartist9 IN 4KNeed a smoker for a 5k this weekend one of our guys is busy (sat & sunday). Dm me @jet_fps @KillerMillerGG definitely dont ive been hot ass🤣🤣 @KillerMillerGG @jet_fps ok coach & jett crutch 🥱🥱 @koalanoob happy bday bb @MazzaaVAL @temcsgo nah bro reyna. @Bjorlulu knows🤫