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Boltzy @ItzBoltzy New Jersey, USA

16 || 🇵🇷🇺🇸 || IGL/Smoker for “Project” || Business : @CarterPulse

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vic go live pleaseee?!! @food_cs @Hayhaybirm1 thank you @Jonaaa6_VAL @Ban_Val what he said ^ @Jonaaa6_VAL Ur famous! sign my steam profile! @steeFPS C9 working wondersVCT tomorrow first match at 6pm est beyond excited and prepared :D #ProjectVAL @WedidOfficial @fgbVAL LMFAO @THESPIKEGG @Luminosity @YaBoiDre @mooseloff LMFAOO @DENYAof @iKoniKx @jawgemo HUHHHH
@WedidOfficial @PowerGPU how long did it take ? @T1 @currydtx congrats curry! @mooseloff @harmfoo didnt until 20 mins ago cant wait to see the mald @mooseloff if the bottom two options get a single vote mfs lying @ToKacey if he was gonna put any unsigned team that far it shouldve been us lmao but anything can happen imo i thin… @ToKacey its a pug team playing bo3s if they manage to beat T1 ill be impressed. Let alone 3 signed teams @GgRunitback @ReboVAL @andbox_official @MoonRaccoonsgg rip MR @harmfoo @vanitycsgo i can picture it @vanitycsgo @harmfoo 🤣🤣 @TTVHollywood @Agility26 lol @mintaims @HitBox_VAL i like it better this way lol @temcsgo no sir. remember icebox ? @temcsgo how bout u let me do what i want bot frag🙃No stream today spending the day doing team stuff, will stream tomorrow before VCT @vanitycsgo vic looks 4ft and ryan looks like hes 17 LMAOO @Marved6 happy bday goat @pay3n Happy bday my dawg @Agility26 tons of love for RNG and EG we’ll see thursday😃 @Agility26 ;) @902Creed spent 8 hours of my life vod reviewing and counter strating 2 teams and now i have to do it again for 2 different ones 🙃Our bracket for VCT 🙃 @902Creed :( @valyngod @ohaaiii @Complexity @Karizmahkv @WintLax facts @st9llar @bearkun @vanitycsgo @nerdstgamers i was there ! @VaporLX @mintaims always held my teams to a higher standard than that. Ive done it once cause the team was W keying to our spawngood stream had some fun games :) @VaporLX @mintaims people really type in all chat??
@_Bewd no dount :)live before prac @valyngod @Complexity proud of you slime🖤 @temcsgo the one i sent duds @Ban_Val go the fuck to sleep we have prac laterhey guys just got confirmation about moving out of my house, really happy & blessed to take this step so young. Exp… @TrickVAL yikes @DerekJoon oof @gg_frantic @Apex177 @ChoicePlays in a week we managed to make top 8 twice losing to two respectable teams and a 3r… @_Bewd @miracledrake GUNNERS GO CRAZY @DerekJoon what happened @Apex177 @ChoicePlays @gg_frantic LRS is another respectable one but id like to see T2 stop getting thrown around s… @ChoicePlays @Apex177 teams and players are “T2” yet cant beat nor frag against any actual T2 team (BF , OTW , Nobl… @WedidOfficial @FinxyVAL fine example why everyone loves matt^ @FiENDval HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FUCKING DAWG @InshaneTM 2nd round we have 5 pistols “can we get some guns guys jeez” him : what are you black? you need guns ? @desperadoval @zekkenVAL org @Ban_Val me and @randyySAVAGEVAL own u now @temcsgo @itsfongfongg @HitBox_VAL im the nicest person in NAAJAX#001 is extremely racist and says tons of TOS stuff. Just a warning for all my streamers @Jonaaa6_VAL “lemme stay high sens and go to my go to crosshair” kekwlive w @temcsgo @Glorinsz threw stellars bread using the vandal. im done with that weaponsorry for throwing bread @ anyone in ny last two games LOLLLI WILL NOT USE VANDAL AGAIN I WILL NOT USE VANDAL AGAIN I WILL NOT USE VANDAL AGAIN I WILL NOT USE VANDAL AGAIN I WILL NOT USE VANDAL AGAIN @temcsgo in a bit gonna grab foodanybody know where i could get a 30 series card to finish my new pc? literally only thing thats missingended to test somethingranked w @st9llar :P
guys a wizard helped me a ton @coachJVal didnt get smaller just changed as i went up levels @OkeanosQT just get good @OkeanosQT thanks @Glorinsz @Crit_VAL @st9llar LMFAO @st9llar u need a boltzy carry huh? @Complexity yo @ohaaiii lets run it @mintaims @Glorinsz yeah cause i drop fps and spike lol i dont complain about my stream quality @temcsgo dont you have lineups to learn?? @temcsgo fuck no LMAOi lied guys i have something to do from 4-6 LOL will be live tonight for sure @temcsgo @Glorinsz ^ vouch @Glorinsz look at my vods glo my stream hasnt been that bad in weeksStarting new stream schedule today :D will be live from 2-5 est at the LEAST @janglerr grats jang! @zekkenVAL LETS GO ZEKKEN @Apex177 @NobleGG LETS GO @TwinsVolt official streams if they happen @Crit_VAL @LaskiCS @FtlReacts Laski & reacts are great guys fosho 🖤 @sackkbut tysm @arcvalorant thank you!52 as of 5 mins ago LOL but we'll be sitting top 20 at least very soon :pFirst week as a team and we placed in 3 events with very little prac & are 42nd in NA. Excited to play with these g… @madacsgo @andbox_official lets go madaLost in top 8 vs @LastRoundSave wish i couldve been the X factor :( my brothers @Korsonix @BearZ_VAL @jivifn @ThePureHQ @LycusEmpire took the Walways fun playing the homies @r3p_valorant & @ayNovaFPSforgot to tweet 13-4 vs @ThePureHQ 13-11 vs @LycusEmpire playing top 8 soon @r3p_valorant gg bro
@Caders_ looks good but i think the leather would be better for me @Caders_ i like the leather ones better @YaBoiDre @Immortals @XSETGAMING @shroud ur a fucking monster @OkeanosQT naw