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Through the ruin of a city stalked the ruin of a man.

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@withoutaplain I have a little bookmarklet that reenables right click, it’s handy @MancTories @petridishes the new nermal @MaxCCurtis Democrats stop giving jobs to Republicans for no good reason challengeActually my face tattoo means ‘❤️Helping Immigrants? Then Let’s Eradicate Racism’, but for space reasons I had to go with an acronym @kazmahoney 23/16 = WP = White Power
@Harkaway @NakedSasquatch @GreatDismal @Scriblit @CharlieEdmunds Fantasy TV is a lot better at this than SF. For example, a Lannister always spays his pets @CharlieEdmunds @Scriblit Memory Alpha says there were twelve male cats aboard the Enterprise at the time. Yes I'm a huge nerd @Scriblit Spot gives birth in season 7! @SpinSwimSam @GailSimone I loved the jokiness but the odd thing is the rest of the cast doesn’t seem to notice or c… @GailSimone My suspicion from having seen it a few times is that Spader did a straighter performance and it wasn’t… @ODerigRulez @cstross “What’s the Worst that Could Happen? With Charles Stross” @jonburkeUK @GarethIsaacs @EdDavie @jonburkeUK @GarethIsaacs @EdDavie Gareth doesn’t work for Imperial College, as they have confirmed.
Everything was going great until Gareth Bale came on. Probably time to sell him @jonronson INDEEDAt least it wasn’t VAR is set up for some kind of excruciating VAR nonsense @petefrasermusic I was idly checking if I could remember how the date search worked while waiting for the footy to restart! @petefrasermusic You overheard it in the pubHarry is quite decent isn’t he @GailSimone you’re not supposed to feta an Amazon I think @jonronson What’s weird is that French hydroxychloroquine Doctor Trump was smitten by looks practically identical.… @jonronson Go for it Jon! @Brainmage Completely brilliant. Best thing for ages. Having got it for a fiver I feel a bit like a burglar. @dtHeslop @Louiestowell There is Stardoll (online)? Dress up dolly game basically, pretty harmless except for it ma… dude homebrewed a fucking bioweapon and Trump/QAnon people are just letting him shoot it in their fucking face…
Retweeted by iucounuOh for fuck’s sake Tutu on Anchor Island on Thursday. Last week we transferred 20 #kakapo among 4 islands, to optimise the p…
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@Tom_Fowdy @spectatorindex @nathanking No we didn’t. 538 gave Trump about a 3:1 shot on Election Day. The 3:1 shot… @davideastUK My sister had a Russian Orthodox ceremony and it was the most epic fantasy wedding ever. Besides the c… @MikeNewswriter @Nadia2887 @Lubchansky hey, we're already doing our level best to do that over here, OK? @OisinMcGann Oisín, it would make me so, so happy to see that @cstross @Dorianlynskey @OisinMcGann yeah I've considered putting a few quid on Trump to soften the blow if he wins. But las… @winenotme1 @EricTrump it would definitely go further in 1974, when he bought it, or indeed in 1990, when he sold i… @Ben_Aaronovitch Both would work! Riffle if you see it like riffling through a deck of cards from one end to find a… @ixi0310 @MrsC_46 Oh look, racists! @firmamentalist @RachaelAtWork @Brocklesnitch @Lubchansky Uvavu @LDLDN It turns out that if you have the ability to detect people being a cm offside or very slight technical handb… @Louiestowell Basically the same show as Lucifer except he is Derren Brown rather than the Devil @Louiestowell Travelers? @Louiestowell The Mentalist is fun too @Louiestowell PERSON OF INTEREST
@DjangoWexler Have been waiting for a sale! @Beardynoise Go and look at a kākāpō @redbreastedbird Try Rusty Lake’s Cube Escape series, they’re weird and puzzling. Like a David Lynch escape room.
@T_mcilhatton I would say the flak he’s avoiding is in the press more than from the Tories but yeah none of that is… @T_mcilhatton I don’t much like these abstentions on things but am not entirely convinced that they’re bad strategy… @T_mcilhatton He’s not exactly magnetic but he seems like a good and decent person to me. I feel much the same abou… @T_mcilhatton 🖐 @DavidHHeadley @Jimmy329 @MarkCunliffe76 @SuperRetroid This is a joke account guysHere’s an exclusive prelude story that frames the collection, featuring a Museum of Impossible Things. ‘Canaries’ you’re a fan of the show, or you have a fan in your life who needs a Christmas present you have to pick these bo… it was, because TWP is I think even better. Dave has given us thirteen gems of stories, fizzing with ideas and u… adored Twelve Angels so much - I think the Goodreads reviewer who said Dave writes with the wit of Steven Moffatt… congratulations to @d_ruddenwrites on the publication of his new and mind-bending collection of Doctor Who sho… Publication Day to The Wintertime Paradox! This festive anthology of Doctor Who Christmases past, present an…
Retweeted by iucounu @petefrasermusic My phone is quite the archive of UKHH... @petefrasermusic Definitely. Those were the days eh? £10 Bag etc @petefrasermusic I wonder how Chester P is these days. We used to follow each other on here but he seems to have disappeared @petefrasermusic Same. Always a distinctive figure @BtGS_pod @EwaSR The TV show doesn’t really make clear that it’s literally supposed to be 9/11, which feels like a mistake really @Red_68 (Parody account)
@thebrainofchris about as predator-resistant as a potato also, which is the main problem @thebrainofchris they are so beautiful but also yes, somewhat potatoesque someone offered me a job looking after them I would snap their hand off like a crocodileI am not feeling great, to put it mildly, but something that gives me unalloyed joy is seeing all these dedicated a… transplant news a minute! If consciousness is just an epiphenomenon of the brain, trapped inside a radically unreliable sensor…
Retweeted by iucounu @LewieP Reminds me to reread the books, where he does come back @quillconfirmedd @9_volt_ the downside of this is that when I ran into a game-ending bug 90% through Fable 2 for Xb… @Wangleberry @FoodPit hahaha @Brainmage @FoodPit he will know your menu as if born to it @FoodPit the Lisagna al’Gaib is great @TheoBosanquet for fuck’s sake!What’s a hrobe, anyway?
Retweeted by iucounu @NedHartley I read Doomsday Clock and it made me properly angry @cstross 🧐 @ellardent I think you want corner screwdriver not ratchet (there are straight ratchet drivers too)Anyone wishing harm on the President of the United States should be ashamed of themselves.
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@paul_haine @EwaSR In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only phwoar @mmdotcox Il meglio! @AEHALL1983 @piersmorgan @Keir_Starmer the initial lockdown was hard but was intended to delay the virus while we b… @paul_haine oh this is my favourite thing. Who dunnit please and what's the tell-tale clue? @AoDespair i am worried that this will be a wedge issue @stepheniscowboy YesThreadddd
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@withoutaplain how is he going to vote it down...? The Tories have an 80 seat majority
Oh to be a kitten in the cheese aisle of a supermarket being fawned over by a man with a heavy Long Island accent
Retweeted by iucounu @unfortunatalie in the comics Hughie is literally drawn as Simon Pegg, so yeah. But I think the comics are fascinat… we, like, report any of this stuff to the police? I sort of feel like the busted-out restaurant owner in Goodfe…’s only about 12 years old and he plays like RonaldoErling Haaland is just a monster @RepJasonSmith As a Brit who has watched this unfold from over in the UK, I would like to invite you to go shit in… @DjangoWexler @RocketPatrol 98 runs here and there's still new dialogue coming @DjangoWexler It’s such an incredibly smart piece of design that I think perhaps it’s a case of nobody having thoug…